Poland and Lithuania shuddered: the Russian army enters Belarus for a long time

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russian-Belarusian military maneuvers will now be held at the forefront of NATO all year round, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Free Press.

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The joint exercises of the two armies of the Union State “Slavic Brotherhood-2020”, which started yesterday on the territory of Belarus in the Brest region, were apparently planned, but taking into account the current situation, they are being held in an expanded format.

The situation is clear – Minsk is under pressure from all fronts, primarily political. The West, having miscalculated to some extent with the change of the Belarusian leader [Lukashenko remained on the throne], and at the same time the general course of the country, which was supposed to be turned in the direction opposite to Russia, continues to exert pressure, including with a demonstration of force. Well, as you know, force is answered by force.

The tracks of American Abrams tanks began to move in Poland and Lithuania, in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Belarus. F-16 fighters with the inscriptions of the US Air Force hummed in the sky.

In Lithuania, an international air defense exercise “Legacy of Tobruk-2020” started recently [presumably by the name of the city of Tobruk in Libya, where fierce battles between the countries of the Anti-Hitler coalition and the units of the German Afrika Korps took place in 1941-1942], and now there will also begin another military exercise “Atlantic Resolve”, for which an American tank battalion arrived in Lithuania.

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In general, this “w-w-w-w” sounds on earth and in the sky for a reason. We will not recall the participation of the US Air Force UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, which are now starting in Estonia, with which Belarus does not border, but these maneuvers will be carried out near the Russian Pskov region.

And NATO’s activity in Eastern Europe and the Baltics cannot be linked only with the consequences of the Belarusian presidential elections, which took place on August 9, in the end, the “muscle saber-rattling” is directed more towards Moscow, and Minsk at the same time. And they decided to defend themselves together, which, in fact, is laid down in the concept of military cooperation through the Union State.

The current joint Russian-Belarusian exercises in the Brest region, as Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed during his meeting with Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, were planned in advance.

“I will repeat once again so that there is no speculation, this is an event that was planned and even announced last year. After the implementation of the program of joint exercises, Russian units will return to their places of permanent deployment,” Putin said. In principle, I said everything correctly, the Russian and Belarusian military conduct joint exercises at various levels all the time, up to a hundred a year.

The current “Slavic Brotherhood” has been regularly held since 2015, but not every military exercise is discussed by the heads of state, sometimes the level of their conduct is even below the rank of defense ministers. And here is such close attention.

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