Pakistani top pilot: F-16 will smash Russian Su and MiG fighters

ISLAMABAD, (BM) – Retired Pakistani aviation general Kizer Tufar, considered the best military pilot, said in an interview that Russian-made Indian fighters have very little chance of winning battles against Pakistani planes, learned citing Free Press.

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Talking about the air battles that took place in the skies over Kashmir, Tufar named an invincible combination in the form of a light F-16 fighter and an AIM-120 AMRAAM medium-range air-to-air missile, which Indian fighter aircraft cannot cope with.

True, in the same February days of last year, which Tufar tells about, there was one case when the result of an air battle between an Indian Su-30MKI and a Pakistani F-16 turned out to be completely opposite. The F-16 was shot down near the border of the two states and crashed in Pakistani territory. The parachute of the pilot, the commander of the air wing of the 19th squadron, Shahzaz Ud Din, was blown there. The angry Pakistanis mistook him for an Indian and killed him.

However, the general talks about a completely different case, when the F-16s entered into battle with a mixed group of fighters, which included the Su-30MKI and MiG-21. Here is how he commented on the results of the air battle, indicating the main reason for the victory of the Pakistani pilot: “India in Jammu and Kashmir used Su-30MKI aircraft and very old MiG-21 aircraft, our Air Force used F-16s. Since the Su-30MKI did not have a data transmission channel for the safe exchange of information with the MiG-21, its radar was unable to help the MiG-21 in the confrontation with Pakistani Air Force fighters. A Pakistani F-16 fighter launched an AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile during the conflict and shot down a MiG-21 in one fell swoop”.

All this looks so logical that it immediately becomes clear the reason why the Indian Air Force bought French Rafale fighters for a completely exorbitant amount. Although for many years only Russian aviation equipment was purchased. Indeed, why buy cars that, although not bad in terms of radar and fire control systems, if they do not have a normal communication channel. That is, they are not able to participate in network-centric wars.

However, upon closer examination of the issue, it becomes clear that the Pakistani general, although a wonderful military pilot, who knows his technique to the smallest detail, but he does not understand the affairs of his opponents so well.

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Because to call the Indian MiG-21 a very old aircraft is wrong. Yes, indeed, belonging to the third generation of the MiG-21, the most massive jet aircraft, was adopted by the Soviet Air Force in 1959. And if in India it existed in its original form, then one could call it not quite old, but ancient. However, the fighter has undergone many upgrades over the years, which are clearly divided into three generations.

So, back in 1972, the MiG-21bis was equipped with a secure communication channel “Lazur-M”, with the help of which target designation from ground services was transmitted on board.

Well, now the Indian Air Force operates MiG-21-93 fighters, modernized in 1993. They belong to the fourth generation. The aircraft is equipped with absolutely new avionics, including the Kopye radar. It got to the point that even a helmet-mounted indication of the position of targets was introduced. Installed displays.

Replaced weapon control system. The aircraft received several modern missiles, which are used on fighters of the 4 to 4 ++ generation. In particular, the above-described R-77 medium-range missile appeared, which is in no way inferior, and in some way even surpasses the American AIM-120.

Yes, indeed, the Kopyo radar installed on the MiG-21-93 is capable of detecting F-16s only at a distance of 60 km. The range of the American airborne radar is longer – about 100 km for the Block 52 modification. However, in the Pakistani Air Force, half of the F-16 fighters belong to the earlier modification – the F-16A, which has the AN / APG-66 radar of the same type as “Spear”, and has approximately the same detection range.

So it is unlikely that the main reason for the defeat of the MiG should be considered its technical imperfection. Even if the MiG encountered the most advanced modification of the F-16 and did not have enough radar power, then, as mentioned above, it has a communication channel for receiving target designation.

And even more so, the Su-30MKI, which belongs to the 4 ++ generation, has it. The planes are flown by real people who can have different levels of both training and flying talent. There are other subjective factors that can influence the course of an air battle. For example, the negligence of the ground services preparing the aircraft for a combat mission.

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So a situation is quite possible in which the F-16A, or even Block 52, can run into the R-77 missile launched by the MiG-21-93. However, the “patriots of American weapons“, if this happened, would refuse to believe it. How did they not believe in February 2019 that the Indian Su-30MKI shot down a Pakistani F-16.

“The F-16 has high maneuverability, carries a lot of weapons and is capable of leaving only burning scrap metal from the Su-30.” “Yes, the F-16 can be destroyed, but without being attacked.” “The long-range armament of the F-16 would not have left the Su-30MKI the slightest chance.” This kind of remarks literally exploded then American forums devoted to military topics. And this kind of revelation was abundantly quoted by the American media.

Holy faith in the invincibility of one’s own weapon is a terrible force. Likewise, in 1999, the States could not believe that the Serbs shot down the F-117 stealth plane, not the most modern S-200 air defense system. Even after the presentation of material evidence to them, they stubbornly insisted – this cannot be.

Nevertheless, in the not so distant future, the situation of relative parity with the Pakistani Air Force should change for the worse for India. Because Indian fighter aircraft have robbed themselves historically. Pakistan is actively cooperating in terms of military-technical cooperation not only with the United States, which does not particularly distribute its best weapons in the world, but also with China. And he intends to purchase a batch of fifth-generation J-31 fighters from China, which will be fully ready in 2022.

India will not have a “five” in the foreseeable future. China, of course, will not sell to its regional adversary. The United States sells the F-35 only to those who demonstrate remarkable loyalty. And from participation in a joint program with Russia to create an Indian version of the Su57, New Delhi got out of their own accord, saying that the Russian plane was no good. Such a strategy, the goals of which are completely impossible to understand, will soon lead to the fact that in the region India will have the weakest aviation among the major political players.

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