Reinforcement of the Greek Air Force – 43 Mirage fighters return to the air

ATHENS, (BM) – The powerful Mirage fighter jets, which for a number of years defended the Greek airspace, are returning to the Greek sky, learned citing Pentapostagma. According several experts, this is the another step to strengthen the Air Force, following the expected purchase of Rafale fighters from France.

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According to information from SKAI, which is confirmed by senior military sources, the contract for the support of the Greek Mirage was approved by the Court of Auditors and concerns the entire fleet, ie 18 Mirage 2000 and 25 Mirage 2000-5.

There was a long wait for the above decision as it was pending since March with the funds being committed.

The three support companies, Dassault, Thales and Safran are expected to submit their bids to the General Directorate of Armaments of the Ministry of Defense and the flow of spare parts is expected to begin in the coming days.

In fact, according to the same report, the repairs and maintenance of the fighters will be done inside the units, which means that very soon these aircraft, a very important weapon for the Air Force, will fly again.

The above development will be an element of the announcements that the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is going to make on Saturday in Thessaloniki.

Specifically, the first axis of the announcements will concern armaments, while the second axis will have to do with the reinforcement of the Armed Forces, as the new weapons will require more human resources to handle them. Finally, the third part of the communications will concern the defense industry and its strengthening.

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Very close to the Rafale market

As we mentioned in our article earlier, for several days now, a “marathon” has been held for the equipment and reinforcement of the country’s Armed Forces, with the focus on the French Rafale fighter aircraft market.

The bureaucratic process is underway, with the anticipation of the arrival of a French team on Sunday night to discuss the French offer that includes a new Rafale [most likely F3-R] but also used by the French Air Force.

The above multi-member group of the French will discuss a wide range of issues outside the aircraft such as support costs, new weapons, training issues, infrastructure, etc. The French from Monday morning will begin formal negotiations with the Greek side.

Greece may get the Egyptian Rafale fighter jets

As the French company is extremely difficult to proceed with the production of 30 aircraft immediately, what the two governments are considering is to reach an agreement with Egypt, so that instead of the 20 Rafale it has ordered, it will initially receive 10 and the other 10 to be given to Greece.

As is known, Egypt, after the recent order of 4 French frigates type Gowind 2500, proceeded to the order of 20 Rafale type fighters. Egypt now has 23 Rafale and one Gowind 2500 corvette in service, while three other Gowind 2500 are in different stages of testing before being officially delivered to the Egyptian Navy.

Starting in 2014, Egypt was one of the most important customers of the French war industry in the world, buying, among others, a FREMM frigate, four Gowind 2500 corvettes, two Mistral helicopters and 24 Rafale fighters. Egypt has been debating for many months about supplying an additional 12-24 Rafale.

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Israelis will produce various types of armored vehicles in Greece

According to the local media, the Israeli consortium of Plasan and SK Group has announced a plan to acquire the Greek company Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELVO) based in Thessaloniki, as we reported on August 10.

The aforementioned company is a producer of various types of military vehicles for the Greek armed forces and foreign buyers.

The Israeli consortium plans to take over 90% of the Greek company, and the decision on the future of this company is to be made by the end of the month. ELVO deals with the license production of military and civilian trucks based on the design of the Austrian Steyr or Mercedes-Benz G-class passenger cars. version of the German Leopard 2A6).

Thanks to the acquisition of the Greek company, SK Group and Plasan plan to increase their production capacity and the scope of know-how, as well as to enter the Greek and wider European markets with their export offer, through the possibility of licensed production of their structures in Greece.

Plasan has, among others The offer includes two basic types of vehicles – Guarder and Sandacat, which can now be offered to the Greek army and police as well as uniformed services as a locally produced product.

Guarder is an Israeli wheeled armored personnel carrier designed for uniformed services, which is based on the chassis of the German MAN SE 4 × 4 truck. It can carry up to 24 officers who are provided with level 3 protection according to STANAG 4569. in. field gendarmerie of the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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SandCat is an Israeli light armored car, intended for the army and uniformed services, which is based on the chassis of the Ford F-350 / F-550 civilian trucks. It can carry up to 10 soldiers / officers who are to provide B6 class cover. This vehicle achieved success in the Military Police.

Because it was purchased by the army and uniformed services of such countries as: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Chile, Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, Colombia, South Korea (including as a base for Spike NLOS launchers), Mexico, Nigeria, Poland (vehicles ” Szop “in the Military Police), Sweden and Ukraine.


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