‘Greek-Turkish match’: the victory leans towards Athens, because of the Rafale fighters

ATHENS, (BM) – Russian defense analyst and journalist Alexander Sitnikov reports about what exactly a possible scenario of a Greek-Turkish war in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean would judge, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Pentapostagma.

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He talks about the issue of air power, which would de facto consider a possible military confrontation between Turkey and Greece.

The Russian expert emphasizes that with the current data that will be brought about by the delivery of a batch of French fighters of 4 ++ generation, it would judge the confrontation in the air essentially in favor of Greece.

“The battle in the Eastern Mediterranean with the prize of several billion dollars worth of oil and gas fields will be carried out mainly with fighter jets and warships of the warring parties” he said.

Nevertheless, many defense experts are convinced that victory will go to the country that gains air supremacy first. The Greeks seem to be directly supported by France, and indirectly by the United States and Britain.

Therefore, the delivery of 18 Rafale (8 free) should undoubtedly be considered as an anti-Turkish measure.

Today, the Hellenic Air Force, although it does not have 4+ generation aircraft, (although the F-16 Block V belongs to this category), has very capable pilots who are possessed by very high professionalism, while it also has very good ground services.

Ankara may have more fighter jets in its air force, but that is not the point of a confrontation. According to the defense website Global Fire Power, the Turkish Air Force has 206 fighters against the 187 fighters of the Greek Air Force.

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However, the addition of 18 French Rafale to the existing force of the Greek PA will definitely be very bad news for Erdogan. “This is because Ankara cannot impose any of its defensive advantages against Athens, in order to discourage the Greeks from any desire to resist”, he emphasizes.

In this context, the Turkish newspaper Haber7, citing its sources, reports that Erdogan has already ordered the transfer of S-400 air defense arrays to SE Turkey (which will control the disputed area), while he plans to buy several Su aircraft. -57 5th generation.

“The fact is that the Turkish leader has very good reasons for that”.

First, Turkey has repeatedly stated that a possible war with Greece is not included in its strategic plans, although it will never give up its claims to the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to the American magazine Military Watch, due to the Russian S-400 air defense systems, the Turks have some lead in controlling the airspace of the Eastern Mediterranean, but in order to gain complete control, they also need a sufficient number of Russian S-400 systems, the which will not allow F-16 and Rafale fighters any chance of survival in battle, but in conjunction with the purchase of Su-35.

We are talking about the possible purchase of at least 40 Su-35s, which was reported to the Ottoman public by the Turkish professor at Bahcesehir University (Istanbul) Abdullah Agar, a recognized national security expert.

“Secondly, the acquisition of a 5th generation Russian aircraft by Ankara would mean qualitative superiority throughout the Mediterranean,” he concludes, among other things.

The crisis and the rivalry between Greece and Turkey has long ended in a confrontation between defense companies of East and West, while if it continues it can act as a springboard for a possible regional conflict between countries with even stronger armed forces from Greece and Turkey.

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Also, the West, slowly and steadily, understands, perhaps for the first time, that Erdogan has become extremely dangerous, since he is not going to stop anywhere and at anyone, since he has now disregarded, losing even the elementary logic. These data combined with the emerging state of Kurdistan mean that the sultan is counting days or a few months in power.

France will help Greece in case of war. Such a document is currently being prepared

As we reported yesterday [September 8 – ed.] everything shows that the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is entering a critical 15 days. Ankara appears determined to continue on the path of accomplishment.

According to the Yeni Safak newspaper, the Oruc Reis will be even closer to Kastellorizo ​​and Rhodes with the new navtex issued by Turkey by September 25th.

The meeting of Kyriakos Mitsotakis with Emanuel Macron on Thursday in Corsica is the most important… until the next. The two leaders, as already announced, will discuss extensively on armaments and the agreement will be “locked”, but the relevant texts will not be signed.

This is the reason why their meeting does not take place in Paris with any formality and will be repeated at the Palais des Champs-Elysees immediately after the Summit on September 24-25. A well-informed source said that there is a possibility that the signing will be done back to back with the Summit, ie the Prime Minister will go directly to Paris from Brussels, according to the central bulletin of the Star.

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In addition to the armaments, however, the Mitsotaki-Macron meeting is expected to send clear messages of support for the French side to the Greek side, which has “irritated” Turkey.


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