Turkey deploys a dozen of tanks along the border with Greece near Evros [video]

ATHENS, (BM) – According to a Turkish newspaper, Ankara is reportedly making a move that clearly indicates an escalation and concerns the transfer of tension with Greece to Evros, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Pentapostagma.

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A while ago, according to a report, we had the transport of Turkish TOMA (Armored Combat Vehicles) from Southern Turkey to the Greek border. As it seems, these images and this news are a reality and not another “game” of the Turkish media.

This news seems to be confirmed by Greek sources, however, officers in staff positions, emphasize that they do not constitute a quality upgrade that can overturn correlations in the wider region of Thrace.

According to a report by OPEN, citing confirmed sources, Turkey is trying to create a “communication storm” to benefit Ankara after the arrival of the French in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This fact does not seem to be a cause for concern at the Pentagon, as it seems to be a planned activity of the second army based in Malatya. “This is not any transfer of troops to the border with Greece,” the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported, relaying information.

According to Turkish media, two convoys with 40 TOMAs started from the Syrian border, namely Alexandretta, bound for the border with Greece in Evros. The two motorcades will arrive in Edirne by ferries starting from the port of Alexandretta.

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Dozens of Turkish TOMAs were reportedly moving from the Reyhanlı and Kumlu areas of Hatay province on the border with Syria, which, after being loaded on tankers, arrived in Alexandretta, and from there departed by ferry for Eastern Thrace and Andrianoupolis.

A large convoy of tankers with about 40 Turkish TOMAs is moving from the Syrian border to Edirne this afternoon, the article states.

After the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean with Greece, Turkey started the TOMA mission on the border with Greece. It is reported that these tanks belong, possibly, to armored units of Eastern Thrace.

It had been confirmed in the past that Turkish TOMAS from this area had been transferred to Syria to assist in the battles with the Kurds and the Syrians.

The next stage from the Turkish side for even greater escalation, would be an increased operational readiness of the Turks with armored and motorized infantry units belonging to the 1st Turkish army in charge of the area, in a well-made “show” of Greek military power. side.

In the area we have the 12th and 16th Motorized Infantry Divisions (16th M / K MP) with a Zone of Responsibility (ZE) in the northern part of Evros (from the tri-national to Didymoteicho approximately).

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It is formed by the Tactical Command / 21st Infantry Regiment (TD / 21st SP) with ZE the “Triangle of Evros” (Greek-Bulgarian and Greek-Turkish border, up to the river Arda), the 3rd Motorized Infantry Brigade (3rd M / K PZ) with ZE the bridgehead of Edirne, the 30th M / K TAX PZ with ZE the area south of Adrianople to Didymoteicho approximately and the 21st Armored Brigade (21st TTT).

The force of the 16th M / K MP amounts (approximately) to nine Motorized Infantry Battalions (M / K TPZ), five Medium Chariot Brigades (EMA) and five Self-propelled Artillery Squadrons (M / K MPB), one of which belongs to Artillery Command (D / PV) of the Division.

The 50th TAX PZ with ZE the central part of Evros, between Erythropotamos and Potistiko Stream with a force (approximately) four M / K TPZ, one EMA and one A / K MPB. [All the facts are known with special articles in the Greek press, as well as for the Turks for whom we know exactly what they have].

Be that as it may, Turkey seems to want to escalate the tension, as at the same time the Turkish Air Force sent a Boeing E-7T (13-002) spy aircraft to a flight north of Rhodes [for the third time in three days].

The Turkish media typically comment that “the mission of the French aircraft carrier” Charles de Gaulle “and the Greek soldiers in Kastelorizo ​​was the drop that overflowed the glass”.

The question mark is exactly why the Turkish officers have focused on this particular area near Rhodes, and what they are seeking. Probably, they either want to gather information, or they want to “blur the waters” for their real illegal intentions somewhere else. The Greek Armed Forces, however, are there and await them ready and, above all, determined to defend national law.

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