Precision large-caliber Serbu rifles – high quality, low price. How can this be done?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Serbu Firearms Inc. from Tampa, Florida, was founded in 1996 by Mark Serbu, sports shooting enthusiast and 1990 graduate of the University of South Florida with a mechanical engineering specialization. At first, the company was a small store selling pistols, shotguns and rifles for civilian and sporting purposes, as well as spare parts for weapons and sports equipment.

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The business is located on the side of a highway that runs through the state, in a commercial and industrial park among numerous car stores. A couple of years later, the store began manufacturing small parts for repairing the weapons it sold, and soon the range of manufactured units began to include mufflers, automatic parts for self-loading rifles, pistol grips, sight mounts and even short-barreled shotguns of the simplest design. The quality of the products grew, the business grew, and soon Mark Serbu began to realize his old dream.

“At the age of 4, I included a weapon for shooting with ‘real bullets’ on my Christmas list of gifts,” this is how he explained to Serb his passion for the topic of weapons. The most “real” weapon seemed to the designer a large-caliber rifle chambered for .50 BMG [12.7 × 99 mm), which the big joker in life Mark Serbu called BFG-50 [Big Fucking Gun of 50 caliber is a complete translation of this expression into it is rather risky to quote our book. – ed.]. The first copy of the BFG-50 appeared in May 2000.

The weapon was a standard bullpup single-shot bolt-action rifle. There is no magazine modification, since the designer thinks that “the magazine is located too close to the shooter’s face” [although a magazine version with a 5-round magazine is currently being developed]. The weapon is marketed as a long-range target rifle for the civilian market and is sold as a long-barrel rifle itself and a shortened carbine.

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The campaign against civilian 50-caliber weapons, organized in 2004 by the famous “Terminator” – Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, which ended with a complete ban on the sale of such weapons in his state, significantly helped the sale of the Mark to Serb. Several months between the law’s promulgation and its entry into force, California-based “big guns” lovers besieged his company, literally unleashing a flurry of urgent orders. “It will be that way every time another state decides to ban my rifles,” says the owner of the company. “And when there are no more states with authorized large-caliber weapons, I will quit.”

Currently, the firm’s efforts are largely focused on the production and sale of the BFG-50 rifle, as well as the short-barreled shotgun. Since May 2000, the company has delivered almost 1000 units of this type of weapon to customers. Mark Serbu himself says of the sales volume: “Companies like Smith & Wesson, Winchester or Remington, with less than 15,000 weapons sold a year, consider this a complete failure. If we sell 200 rifles a year, then we are immensely happy.”

The Serbu Firearms have good accuracy. The best result for accuracy when firing these rifles is reported to be a group of rounds with a 6-inch [152 mm] spread at 1,000 yards [914 m]. A couple of unnamed customers are also known to have fired a group of shots with a 2 “[51 mm] spread at 600 yards (about 550 m) with a standard military cartridge.

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The price of Mark Serbu rifles is quite low [$ 2195 for a rifle or a shortened carbine] with a high quality of processing of the part and a double safety factor of all critical structural units. Why is that? “Firstly, our project is optimized for mass and high-quality factory production based on the most modern production methods,” says the owner himself and adds in his usual joking manner: “And then, our work team, made up mainly of young children of illegal immigrants, ready to work in hellish conditions, with only enough pay for a diet of water, rice and cockroaches.”

The latest development of Mark Serbu is the BFG-50. A semi-automatic rifle with a gas-operated automatic system, equipped with a rotary bolt with 3 lugs, a quick-change barrel and a magazine from the Barrett M 82 rifle for 10 rounds.

In the design of the weapon, many components from the BFG-50A model are used, in particular, a pistol grip, an impact mechanism, a shoulder rest, a guide for installing optics, folding bipods and a barrel with a muzzle brake.

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