Athens claims that Turkey and Albania have a plan to encircle Greece

ATHENS, (BM) – Albania seems to have supported Erdogan on many occasions by allowing him to behave in the country like a Turkish protectorate, to the detriment of Greece.

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The Athenian newspaper “Estia”, in its September 3 issue, complains that Erdogan plans to send a ‘Turkish submarine to the Albanian base in Aylon’ and to deploy Turkish troops in Agioi Saranda, learned citing Pentapostagma.

Agioi Saranda is in the region of Northern Epirus, inhabited by the indigenous Greek ethnic minority which is already going through difficult times, both by extremist Albanians and by the Albanian government itself.

According to ‘Estia’ the instalation of Turkish forces in Auna and the Saints Saranda ‘in order to stop the extension of the territorial waters of Greece to Albania’. Estia covering his statements by the Albanian press.

The Albanian President is beginning consultations with the parties to determine the next elections within the coming years.

Along with the reaction to extend the Greek aqueous Albanian Type refers to statements by Erdogan that it may be installed Turkish forces in Avlonas and Sarante order to stop the expandable territorial waters Greece for Albania.

In fact, journalists are attacking Edi Rama, asking: “Who rules Albania?”. According several Turkish sources the Turkish President has been stated that the country’s warships will sail to Aulna and Saints Saranda to defend the Albanian sea, in which Greece seeks to invade.

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On the other hand, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that Greece has the right to extend its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles.

“So do you understand who rules Albania? After that, can he still remain Prime Minister?” the greek media ask.

Meanwhile, Albanian President Ilir Meta is beginning consultations with the parties to set a date for the 2021 elections, while the political scene is divided by positions on the expansion of Greek settlements in 12 villages.

At the same time, the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, in his statements expressed his belief that he would win a third term in the elections, for which I respectfully respect him.

However, on the occasion of Greece’s decision to expand its territorial waters, reports refer to the need to replace some members of the 13-member negotiating team, pointing out that at least four members of the negotiating team have left.

The government has not yet selected the new negotiators, who must rejoice in the confidence of President Meta, who must approve the names that Rama will propose to continue the talks with the new maritime borders.

Greece will lose if it continues to transfer troops and weapons near Antalya

In the event that Athens continues to transfer military and weapons to the Greek island of Meis, located 2 km from the coast of Turkish Antalya, Greece will be the loser. This warning was issued on September 1, by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu at a joint press conference with his Algerian counterpart Sabri Bukadum in Ankara.

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The head of Turkish diplomacy drew attention to the transfer of the Greek military to the island of Meis on the Blue Star ferry.

“Greece’s unilateral steps recently taken in the region are aimed at isolating Turkey in the Mediterranean. Only police or gendarmerie officers can be on this island. If the Greek side tries to exceed the permissible limit of armaments, then Athens will be the losers,” Cavusoglu said.

The Minister stressed that Turkey is ready for dialogue with all parties to resolve controversial issues in the Eastern Mediterranean. “Ankara is ready for negotiations and stands for a fair distribution of resources,” the head of Turkish diplomacy said.

Earlier on Tuesday, official Ankara indicated that Greece was transferring troops to the said island in violation of the terms of the 1923 Lausanne Treaty and the 1947 Paris Agreement. The Greek military arrived on the shores of Turkey from the island of Rhodes. Their exact number has not been announced.

The transfer of the military to the Eastern Mediterranean during the research work by the Turkish vessel Oruç Reis was perceived by Ankara as a “provocation”. According to the Lausanne Treaty (Article 13) of 1923 and the Paris Agreement (Article 14) of 1947, Greece pledged not to deploy troops on the islands adjacent to Turkey.

As reported by, Turkey has previously extended the exploration mission of its research vessel Oruç Reis in the Eastern Mediterranean, which has led to increased tensions in the region. Oil and gas exploration work will continue until September 12.

The corresponding notification was issued the previous evening, August 31, by the command of the Turkish Navy. The Oruç Reis is protected by a special Turkish flotilla. Earlier, Ankara indicated the deadline for the mission on September 1.

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The decision was made by the Turkish side after last Monday, European Union officials called on the parties to the flaring conflict to dialogue with Ankara, and at the same time demanded that it refrain from unilateral steps in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Greek Foreign Ministry called the extension of the Turkish research mission illegal and called on the neighboring country to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and continue to work to ensure stability in the region.

Kremlin’s ‘silence’ is deafening, Washington just turns a blind eye

The Russian media make extensive reference to the Greek-Turkish crisis. At the same time, however, the Kremlin’s “silence” is deafening. That was reported earlier at the Greek newspaper Pentapostagma.

The Kremlin has reportedly said it is in no hurry to take an official position on the issue, as it is an intra-Native affair and no Russian intervention has been requested from either country.

Of course, this crisis benefits Russia. There is also “silence” from NATO-US, which so far have not taken a stand against the Turkish provocations.

At the same time, despite Kremlin, the Russian media reports – “Greece hits a Turkish warship” and “Greek frigate, during a new challenge in the Aegean, hit a Turkish warship. The Turks once again violated the sovereign rights of Greece.”

Pentapostagma nots that At the moment when Turkey is provoking, the US once again turns a blind eye and indirectly sided with Erdogan.

“At the moment, only France, for its own reasons, of course, supports the Greeks. It would be interesting to see today what the outcome of the Dendia-Pompeo meeting will be and if Washington finally condemns Ankara” Pentapostagma also added.

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