Turkish company Roketsan is testing drone-guided missiles [video]

ANKARA, (BM) – The Turkish company Roketsan conducted a successful test of the new TRLG-230 missile, which was aimed at the reflected laser beam, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Defence24.

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The target was indicated by the Bayraktar TB2 tactical unmanned aerial vehicle, which is currently used by the Turkish armed forces. The missile can be used in M270 launchers or the Kaplan system developed by Roketsan, capable of firing rockets from 122 mm to 610 mm Bora ballistic missiles.

The Turkish Kaplan system, also referred to as CMRS (Turkish Cok Maksatlı Roket Sistemi – Multipurpose Missile System) is based on a universal launcher, which is adapted to the use of rockets of different caliber and application. A similar concept was used in the Israeli IMI Lynx system, which was also offered in Poland in the Homar program.

The Turkish CMRS launcher can use 122 mm, 230 mm and 300 mm rockets as well as 610 mm Bora ballistic missiles. This means that it is suitable for both Russian (BM-21 and BM-30) and Western (MLRS / HIMARS) ammunition, but most of all a wide range of Turkish missiles, both in unguided and guided versions.

In July 2020, Roketsan announced the completion and implementation of the TRG-230 missiles, a precise version of the 230 mm TR-230 missile guided using GPS / INS navigation. The accuracy of these missiles with a range of 70 km is CEP 10 m.

The high-explosive warhead with a mass of 50 kg can be detonated at a given height or after hitting the target. The CMRS / Kaplan launcher takes two launch containers, 6 missiles each, similar to the unguided version.

On August 30, Roketsan released recordings and information on the test of a new version of the 230 mm caliber missile designated as TRLG-230, in which the ability to guide the rocket to the reflected laser beam was added to the GPS / INS navigation system. During the test, the target was highlighted by the Bayraktar TB2 tactical drone. Machines of this type are, among others on the equipment of the armed forces of Turkey and Ukraine.

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The use of the laser module allows the missile artillery system to hit mobile targets at a maximum range of 70 km, which significantly increases the operational capabilities. During the test, a land launch and a target at sea were used, as this is one of the main applications of this application that Ankara thinks about.

Turkey is also counting on the interest of foreign customers, especially Azebejjan, which is already a recipient of Turkish weapons and is considering the purchase of the Bayraktar TRB2 system.

Turkey tested second prototype of Akinci attack drone with a new engine

The second prototype of the Turkish attack drone Akinci made its first flight, as we reported on August 16 citing a corresponding video posted on Twitter by Baykar.

The caption to the video says that the drone was in the air for 1 hour 2 minutes. The tests took place on August 13 in the area of ​​Chorlu airport. Defense Express recalls that Akinci is equipped with two AI-450T turboshaft engines developed by the Ukrainian company Ivchenko-Progress.

In July, the information and consulting agency published a video of the first test by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the Bayraktar TV2 strike and reconnaissance drone.

In the same month, Turkish Ambassador to Ukraine Yagmur Ahmet Guldere said the countries were discussing joint development and production of Bayraktar TB2.

Akinci is developed by the Turkish company Baykar. The wingspan of the drone is 20 meters, the length is 12.3 meters. The maximum take-off weight is 5500 kilograms. Payload – 1350 kilograms. The maximum flight altitude is 12 kilometers, the operating altitude is 9 kilometers. The flight duration is over 24 hours. The Turkish Armed Forces should receive Akinci in 2021.

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