In an attempt to intercept the B-52 bomber, Russians violated Danish airspace

WARSAW, (BM) – In recent days, there have been two aggressive interceptions of US B-52 strategic bombers operating over Europe, learned citing Defence24. At the same time, NATO planes intercepted Russian machines taking part in maneuvers over the Baltic, the Arctic and the Pacific.

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Russian Su-27 fighters took off from the base in the Kaliningrad Oblast and followed the American B-52 stratofortica, which was flying over the Baltic Sea. The Russian fighter caught up with the American aircraft in the territory of a country belonging to the North Atlantic Alliance [Denmark] near Bornholm – the North Atlantic Alliance Air Command said in a statement. It also added that it was a serious violation of international law.

In response to the entry of a Russian combat aircraft into Danish airspace, the Danish F-16s were picked up, but the Russian planes turned back and retreated before they were intercepted. The entire incident took place on August 28.

NATO emphasizes that the entry of armed aircraft into the space of a sovereign state is a serious violation of the law. The Russians, however, do not feel guilty and claim that their planes intercepted outside Denmark, in the neutral space east of Denmark.

This is just one of a series of similar incidents that have occurred in recent days. Around this time, there was an “unprofessional” interception of another B-52 in the Black Sea. There, the Russian fighter approached a strategic bomber, which, like the others, was making a flight of “solidarity” with its allies (as part of this action, American bombers appeared over all 30 NATO countries).

The Russian plane accompanied the B-52 for a while and then passed on an afterburner in front of the American machine at the same altitude, causing turbulence and interfering with maneuvering. The dangerous approach was filmed by the crew of the “stratofortecs”.

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As reported by NATO, such aggressive actions involving Russian fighters have not taken place for years and represent a “new level” in Russian operations of this type. This is not entirely true, because even this year there were even a series of aggressive interceptions of American P8 Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea. Another aggressive behavior by the Russians recently was the ramming of the American MRAP by a Russian armored personnel carrier in Syria.

Mutual interceptions take place in various regions of the world. Also on August 28, the NORAD (North America Aerospace Defense Command) announced the interception of three pairs of Russian Tu-142 naval patrol planes over the North Pole. This was done by the F-22A Raptor from the Alaskan Elmendorf-Richardson Base with the support of KC-135 air refueling aircraft.

The incident was to take place on the night of August 27-28. The Russian planes were to approach about 90 km off the coast of Alaska, although they did not breach either US or Canadian airspace.

In total, airplanes of NATO countries in various places around the world also intercepted and escorted other Russian planes over the waters over which they participated in the Ocean Shield 2020 exercises, conducted simultaneously over the Baltic, Arctic and Pacific Oceans.

According to the Russian side, these are 8 maritime patrol aircraft (with the ZOP function) Tu-142, 4 sea patrol (ZOP) Il-38, two Su-24M bombers, two strategic Tu-95MS bombers and an air refueling plane Il- 78.

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