Russia unveils first serial copies of two-seater MiG-35UB fighter jets

MOSCOW, (BM) – During the International Military and Technical Forum “Army-2020” in Moscow, for the first time serial copies of the two-seater MiG-35UB machines used by the Russian air and space forces were presented to the public, learned citing Defence24.

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They come from the first batch of 6 aircraft ordered by the Russian armed forces in 2018, after the completion of state tests.

In total, on the occasion of the Army-2020 forum, four MiG-35 machines landed at the airport near Moscow in Kubinka: prototypes of the one-seat MiG-35S and two-seat MiG-35UB versions used for testing in 2017 and two serial MiGi-35UB, which were delivered at the beginning of 2020 and it was their first public presentation.

In total, the 2018 order covers the delivery of just 6 series machines by 2023. This number indicates little interest in this type of aircraft, but at the same time supports their export due to the official entry into service.

It is possible that the Russian MiGi-35 will go to one of the aerobatic teams or will be used primarily for promotion and participation in air shows. Recently, information has emerged that Russia has started work on a new light multi-role aircraft, closer to the Gripen or F-16 concept. Machines that are cheap and easy to use and difficult to detect.

The MiG-35 is the next development version of the MiG-29M / M2 aircraft qualified by the manufacturer as a generation 4 ++ fighter. In its construction, the experience related to the creation of the MiG-29SMT and the development of the on-board MiG-29K was also used.

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The first public presentation of the MIG-35 took place at the Aero India 2007 aviation exhibition, as this project was originally developed for the Indian market.

The plane received a new digital avionics with fly-by-wire control and multi-functional screens, a new radar and a fire control system. The armament weighing up to 7 tons can be carried on 9 suspension points and covers a wide range of Russian missiles and guided bombs. The drive is provided by two modernized RD-33K engines, allowing the MiG-35 to reach a speed of Mach 2.25 and a range of 2,400 km.

US experts unexpectedly praised the MiG-35 and recommended India to buy it

A rather controversial article was published in the American Military Watch Magazine on July 14, in which the Russian 4++ fighter of the MiG-35 generation was not only praised, but also called the only combat aircraft that India should acquire in the near future.

In fact, the United States recognized the superiority of the Russian combat vehicle over the F-21, believing that if New Delhi really makes a deal with Russia to acquire MiG-35 fighters, then this will be the best choice in terms of quality and cost.

“After the confrontation between the Indian and Chinese military in the Galvan valley in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas in June 2020, India needs to seriously think about buying the Russian MiG-35” the article said.

“China has not yet deployed the latest fifth-generation J-20 combat vehicles at the Indian borders. Beijing limited itself to the transfer of J-16 fighters to the border, which are the modernization of the Su-30MKK, previously delivered by Russia. They surpass the MiG-29UPG and Su-30MKI in their performance characteristics and operational qualities, so the Indians were in a difficult position. Now India feels an urgent need for a new generation of aircraft, and the MiG-35 is well suited for this role. The MiG-35 is a 4++ generation fighter that will allow us to close the technological gap with China,” continues the author of the article.

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The Russian MiG-35 fighter is indeed a highly efficient combat vehicle, the acquisition of which India was thinking about, however, has not yet made a final decision.

What features make the MiG-35 more than a good aircraft?

Technical characteristics of the new MiG-35 stand out against the background of most other fighters. Its superiority is associated with thoughtful design and improved engines.

According to the external characteristics of the MiG-35 is quite typical. Its length is 17.32 m and its height reaches 4.44 m. The wing is extended by 12 m in scope and 42 m² in area. The normal take-off weight for the fighter was marked at 19,200 kg, while the maximum is limited to 24,500 kg. External payload can weigh up to 6500 kg, it is located at eight points of the suspension.

The maximum speed at the ground is 1400 km / h, but when climbing to a great height the aircraft will be able to accelerate to 2100 km / h. The practical ceiling is limited to 17,500 m. The flight range of the MiG-35 reaches 3,500 km if suspended tanks are installed on it. With a standard combat load, it will fly up to 1000 km. Duration is limited to 2.2 hours. TTX may vary, depending on the modifications that will be released in the future.

The MiG-35 received a glider from the Mig-29, which is not inferior in technical specifications to any Western counterpart. Structurally, the aircraft remained a light fighter, but its hull became reinforced, which allows it to be conditionally classified as a heavy vehicle.

The decision to use more rigid materials is associated with the need to be able to use the MiG-35 on an aircraft-carrying cruiser. For this, some details were also changed so that the aircraft could land on a shortened runway of an aircraft carrier and then take off. Now 190 meters is enough for him. Such indicators for classic fighters are extremely rare. He can land not only on an aircraft carrier, but also on a damaged strip of the airfield. The latter is assisted by a reinforced chassis.

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The design of the MiG-35 airframe makes the full use of stealth technologies impossible. Therefore, the inventors used special radio-absorbing elements in its coating in order to minimize the risk of aircraft detection by enemy radars.

It is fully adapted for use in severe weather conditions and can be placed outside hangars at air temperatures from -45 to + 50 ° C. Moreover, it is permissible to operate the aircraft at airfields located at elevations of up to 3.5 km above sea level.

MiG aircraft is equipped with a large number of special equipment that simplifies its operation and gives an advantage in the conduct of hostilities. Avionics with the MiG-29 before installation on the MiG-35 has been completely updated, and it was supplemented with some elements that are available only on fifth-generation fighters.

The aircraft uses improved radar “Beetle” (can be presented in two variations). Both of them are responsible for the possibility of fighting in bad weather conditions, the detection of the enemy and the creation of radio interference to enemy radar systems. The pilot can detect the presence of other fighters at a distance of up to 200 km. Special installations also allow high-resolution mapping of the area.

MiG-35 can detect and track up to 30 targets simultaneously. In this case, you can visit and strike at once on four ground targets or six aircraft. And when launching enemy air-to-air missiles, the airborne equipment will give a warning at a distance of up to 30 km, and when attacking from the ground, the radius increases to 50 km.

In front of the pilot are three color displays, an indicator on the windshield and a helmet-mounted target designation system. They help to get all the necessary information and to properly navigate in critical situations.

The aircraft is equipped with additional equipment for collecting flight information, including video recordings. They are transferred to the control center to improve performance and identify errors.

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The power plant of the fighter consists of two improved RD-33MK engines, whose power is 12% higher than the base version. Afterburner traction of each is 9000 kgf, and standard – 5400 kgf. Both are equipped with electronic systems and a smokeless combustion chamber. They have a high resource and good reliability, so they can work at least 4000 hours.

MiG-35 engines have a nozzle with a thrust vector that allows the pilot to use vertical take-off. To do this, it is enough to minimum accelerate and rise into the air, after which it will be possible to begin a sharp rise. In the event of a breakdown, the engines can be replaced in the field, spending no more than an hour.

High maneuverability indicators abroad have long been considered useless. New rocketry forces to fight at great distances, which is why aerobatics becomes irrelevant. Therefore, foreign aviation companies emphasize the creation of increased stealth, advanced radar systems and powerful missiles of various classes. All of this found their own counteraction forces, which made the close combat real again. Now the maneuverability of fighters has become one of the most important factors in the development of new aviation, and aerobatics skills are honed by all cadets.

In Russia, attention has always been given to maneuvering. Therefore, Russian aircraft can be considered the best by this criterion.

But the MiG-35 stands out even against their background, as it can demonstrate excellent aerobatics. This helps to evade enemy attacks, disrupt missile guidance, make opponents mistaken, avoid battle even under difficult conditions, and trick oneself out of shelling with a subsequent retaliatory attack.

The aircraft received such an advantage thanks to engines with a deflected thrust vector and a well-thought-out design.

Weapon control on the MiG-35 is carried out using the HOTAS system, which increases the convenience of pointing and carrying out attacks. The aircraft is equipped with a large number of weapons. For close combat, the automatic gun GS-30-1 with an increased rate of fire is used. It uses 30 mm caliber cartridges. Ammunition includes 100 units. And the increased wing area, allowed to raise the number of hanging weapons from six to eight pieces.

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The basic configuration involves the installation of medium-range missiles designed to destroy air targets. They have homing heads that allow you to follow the selected enemy machine. Melee missiles are sometimes used. Also, weapons can be replaced by unguided weapons or bombs weighing up to 500 kg

Some of the available missiles have television, laser and radar homing heads. The range of their launch is up to 300 km. Bombs can be free-fall, adjustable, or fall into the category of aviation mines.

The MiG-35 has a glass cabin. It has many equipment, including LCD monitors and wide-angle indicators. The basic version provides only one place, but the MiG-35D model is designed for two people.


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