China: Russian and US submarines are transforming global defense strategies

BEIJING, (BM) – The emergence of submarines off the coast of a potential enemy may become a new global containment strategy, learned according to a military expert of the Chinese newspaper Sina.

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The USS Seawolf-class nuclear submarine surfaced in Norwegian waters in the port city of Tromso. For the first time in five years, the submarine appeared near the Russian borders and the Barents Sea. The photographs were released by the US military on August 25.

The Siawulf was built at the end of the Cold War. This is the most powerful submarine in the American service. It was planned to build 29 nuclear submarines of this type, but its cost of three billion dollars was too high for the United States. Therefore, only three submarines have been sold.

The surfacing of the Seawolf near the Barents Sea could have provoked the Russian military. The water area is the main region of activity for ballistic nuclear submarines and attack submarines of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

American media commented that the previously classified nuclear submarine is now on the doorstep of a Russian naval base. The intentions of the United States are obvious – to put pressure on Moscow, writes the Chinese newspaper Sina.

Two days after the publication of American photographs of the Siawulf, the Russian nuclear submarine Omsk suddenly appeared in the waters of Norway off the coast of the United States. She was accidentally discovered in the waters near Alaska by American fishing boats that worked in the Bering Strait. They informed the Coast Guard.

The Pacific Fleet confirmed that the Omsk nuclear submarine took part in the Ocean Shield exercise. Together with the missile cruiser Varyag, the vessels practiced firing at sea targets. US Northern Command spokesman Bill Lewis said the exercise took place in international waters and the US military was tracking the movements of the Russian fleet.

Former Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Navy Viktor Kravchenko noted that the appearance of the Omsk nuclear submarine near Alaska is a response to the frequent appearance of US and NATO reconnaissance aircraft and ships near the borders of Russia. A kind of reminder that Russian troops are not asleep.

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The submarine “Omsk” is also called “the killer of aircraft carriers”, noted in Sina. It is equipped with 24 P-700 Granit missiles and nuclear warheads with a capacity of 500 thousand tons of TNT equivalent. The nuclear submarine was commissioned after four years of modernization from 2015 to 2019.

Military expert Sina is confident that the appearance of American and Russian submarines in each other’s sea will transform the strategies of countries. During the Cold War, the USSR and the United States relied on ground weapons. Now the main deterrent are submarines “on each other’s doorstep.” New ways of fighting began to take shape due to reaching the limit in other dimensions.

It is not excluded that nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles will be used next time. Such maneuvers will show a clear superiority in nuclear capabilities and submarine leadership, the Chinese military expert concluded.

Earlier, the American edition of Military Watch reported that the Russian unmanned underwater vehicle “Cephalopod” is capable of destroying US submarines. The development of the Russian Federation will also be used to escort and protect the fleet and offshore facilities.

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More about US Seawolf-class submarines

Initially, the development of this project was carried out in response to the creation of a submarine of the Shchuka-B class by Soviet military engineers. It is a revolutionary example of American design and the use of the latest technology in the construction of submarines. The submarine has been under development for 10 years. The first model was laid down in the fall of 1989, it was launched into the water in the summer of 1995.

This is one of the very first designs that was developed using computer technology. Initially, it was planned to release a series of 30 submarines, but after the collapse of the socialist state, the number was reduced to 12, and even fewer were released – only three ships. Today this model is the most modern in a number of its characteristics, besides, such a boat is more expensive than any similar product in the world.

When developing the project, special attention was paid to a significant reduction in the noise of the boat during movement at low speed. For this, the original jet-type engine was used, which was previously used on the British Trafalgar series submarines. Here, 8 torpedo tubes were installed at once, and the number of charges was increased to 50 units, and missiles and torpedoes are capable of hitting underwater, waterborne and ground targets at a considerable distance, it is possible to launch nuclear warheads, volley fire simultaneously from all mines.


  • The original design of the propeller blades and the engine provide low noise when driving at low speed;
  • It is allowed to release 8 torpedoes in one gulp at once;
  • The first submarine developed exclusively on a computer.


  • A very expensive submarine.

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