Why the girls from Israeli army do not take part in battles?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – After several spectacular victories over the Arab states, the Israel Defense Forces or the IDF are considered by many to be almost the best in the world. This statement is supported by the fact that she fights constantly and practically without interruption.

Unlike many other states, where women, although they serve, but only of their own free will or in administrative positions, in this country the armed forces are recruited by conscription, which is also obligatory for women. But few people know that they never took and are not taking real part in hostilities.


Since the founding of the State of Israel, women were subject to conscription and actively participated in the hostilities of the first Arab-Israeli war due to the general small number of the army and its poor organization. But then this opportunity was taken away from them and they began to accept the fair sex only for technical and administrative positions.

They had at their disposal all types of rear services that the army needed so much. They could be cadres, work as cooks, serve in military prisons, intelligence, be responsible for the education and physical training of soldiers, be instructors in handling weapons, engage in communications, monitor security cameras, and the like.

All of these much-needed activities for the military do not require a person to be like Rambo and do not involve a direct collision with the enemy at all. Although this happened – as a result of a surprise attack, women sometimes found themselves in combat situations. So that they can defend themselves if necessary, each of them still undergoes basic military training.

But much has changed in the new millennium. Israeli feminists, who are fighting not only for rights, but also for responsibilities, have sued the IDF many times demanding that they be allowed to serve in “male” positions and participate in military operations.

As a result, women were allowed to serve in tank crews and be aviation pilots. In addition, special infantry units “Caracal” and “Lions of the Jordan Valley” were created, in which only a third of the soldiers were men, and all the rest were girls.

Of course, their role is greatly exaggerated both by the foreign media and by the own Israeli press. Such mixed parts are more used as showcases for gender equality. They are deployed on peaceful borders with Jordan and Egypt, deliberately do not go into battle and have lower training standards. For example, the soldiers of “Caracal” are allowed to carry fewer spare stores with them than in the rest of the army.

As for the “cohesion” of these units, so to speak, despite the fact that bed relationships between soldiers are prohibited, they are still widely practiced. In the end, young people of 18-20 years old, doing the same job in a hot desert, get into the army. The guys and girls themselves, of course, are very pleased, but this certainly does not add discipline.

As I said, the IDF is constantly at war. It has many experienced officers, a kind of “dogs of war”. And these guys are just sharply opposed to the increasing role of women in the army, their admission to combat units and the adoption of military equipment in crews. They give the following reasons.

For example, whether a woman is an infantryman or a tanker, anatomy will make her less effective than the weakest male soldier. She will carry less ammunition, get tired faster, get more injuries – pure physiology! And, say, repairing torn tracks will become a truly insurmountable obstacle. In this case, even a strong man will get tired like a dog, and a woman will simply be unable to do it.

In addition, women are usually taught less military theory than men. The woman will still know how to start or fire a tank, but she will not have any idea about the interaction of units on the battlefield, which is the main advantage of the Jews over the Arabs.


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