Turkey announced readiness to shoot down any UAE fighter jet

ANKARA, (BM) – The Turkish authorities have promised to shoot down any aircraft from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that approach its borders, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing News.ru.

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The corresponding statement was circulated unofficially, but became an important sign of a possible unintentional clash in the Eastern Mediterranean, where the first stage of a joint military initiative of Greece, Cyprus, France and Italy with the participation of equipment from the UAE came to an end. However, NEWS.ru’s interlocutors in the Greek diplomatic corps are skeptical about the risks of escalation.

The fact that Ankara is ready to open fire on UAE planes, said a Turkish source of the Arab publication Al-Quds Al-Arabi. According to him, the country’s armed forces (AF) “will not hesitate to shoot down any Emirate aircraft that approaches Turkish waters or the operational zone in which the research vessel Oruc Reis operates – near Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

The Turkish rules for the use of military force, as follows from the statements of the source Al-Quds Al-Arabi, allow to shoot down the aircraft violating the airspace of the republic.

The interlocutor of the publication said that the Emirates are trying to fulfill a role that is disproportionate to their real size. He warned that Abu Dhabi is playing with fire in the Mediterranean: if the red lines of Ankara cross from its side, a very sharp reaction can be expected.

The comment of an unnamed Turkish official came in response to the teachings of “Eunomia” (the name of the ancient goddess of legality), in which the forces of Greece, Cyprus, France and Italy take part. It was reported that F-16 fighters arrived in Crete from the Emirates as part of the maneuvers.

The exercise began after the Turkish authorities sent Oruc Reis, accompanied by a group of warships for seismic exploration on the Greek offshore shelf – near the island of Kastelorizo. The participants in the military maneuvers agreed to strengthen the presence of their armed forces in the Eastern Mediterranean through the Quadripartite Cooperation Initiative (QUAD).

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As stated in a statement by the Greek Ministry of National Defense, the first activity of this initiative “will be the collection of air and naval assets, as well as personnel from four countries in the sea area south of Cyprus on August 26-28 and cooperation in carrying out the planned activities.”

The NEWS.ru interlocutor in the Greek diplomatic corps, however, said that the situation is still under control and there is no need to expect a serious conflict in the region. According to him, the statements of Turkish officials are common rhetoric.

Nevertheless, one cannot fail to notice that the Greek Armed Forces and its tactical allies these days are constantly maneuvering dangerously close to Turkey and its forces. On the eve, when six F-16 fighters of the Greek Air Force flew from Crete towards the Republic of Cyprus and approached the area about which Turkey had issued an international notification NAVTEX, the Turkish command was forced to raise its F-16 fighters in order to oust the Greek aviation from this zone.

Ankara issued a new NAVTEX notice on August 29 to Mediterranean ship captains that its army will conduct military exercises in the Mediterranean before September 11, in response to its regional rivals.

This concentration of ships in the region has not been observed since the mid-1990s. Whatever the real intentions of the states involved in the Mediterranean dispute, the over-saturation of the Eastern Mediterranean with military forces cannot but create the risk of an unintentional military clash, especially in the context of intense militaristic rhetoric.

Turkey has not yet forgiven the UAE for the bombed military base in Libya

Yes, that is a fact, and Turkey has not yet forgiven the United Arab Emirates for interfering in Libya.

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As we reported in July this year, at the Libyan air base al-Watiya, located 140 kilometers from Tripoli, were destroyed three Turkish anti-aircraft missile systems MIM-23 Hawk and electronic warfare and radar systems of Ukrainian production.

The facility is in the occupation of the forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) of Libya. According to media reports, the Mirage 2000-9 fighter of the United Arab Emirates Air Force fighter attack, which took off from Egypt, presumably from the Sidi-Barani air base.

The representative of the operation “Volcano of Wrath” of the Libyan GNA Abdulmalik al-Medeni confirmed that French-made fighters are in service with the UAE Air Force. Mirage 2000-9 are equipped with air-to-ground missiles.

Then, a local source pointed out that “unknown aircraft bombed sites near the al-Watiya military base in the western part of the country with a continued flight over the western mountains.”

“The residents of the city of Al-Rajban and its environs have heard the sound of explosions and flights flying near the al-Watiya military base” the source also noted.

Parallel to this event, Field Marshal of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar went to the capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi.

On Twitter published a map of the movement of his plane. There is no point in saying that the attack was made by aircraft from the LNA fleet.

Libyan training aircraft L-39 of the time of Czechoslovakia are not related to the events that occurred from July 4 to 5. Their technical characteristics would not allow for point impacts at night, being outside the Turkish radars.

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According to an expert from the UAE, Abdulkhalik Abdullah, with his strike Abu Dhabi “taught a lesson” to Ankara, which is illegally in the Libyan capital and supports GNA troops. He wrote about this in social networks, but soon deleted his post.


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