Russia will conduct combat tests of its new anti-drone complex in Syria

MOSCOW, (BM) – The newest Russian system for combating unmanned aerial vehicles “Sapsan-Konvoy” of the “Avtomatika” concern will open up colossal export prospects for the Russian Federation, since we are talking about the implementation of a means of defense, which has no analogue in the world yet.

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This opinion was shared by a military expert, retired colonel Viktor Baranets, in an interview with the Ekonomika Segodnya newspaper, learned

The multifunctional complex “Sapsan-Konvoy” is designed to counter attack drones by detecting and jamming satellite systems channels.

At the Army 2020 forum, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, instructed to test it in Syria. That is, specifically in a real combat situation, and not in those close to combat conditions. Baranets has no doubts that in the SAR “Sapsan-Konvoy” will recommend itself from the best side.

Antidron” is interesting because it can detect even mini-drones – that is, UAVs, the size of which does not exceed 30 cm.

“The so-called” testing “of the best Russian weapons in Syria has become a tradition of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, which confirms the real capabilities of this or that technology. This is becoming the most important test for the armed forces,” Baranets said.

The emergence of the Sapsan-Konvoy mobile multifunctional complex is dictated by new modern conditions and tactics, which are being worked out by many military states.

It is assumed that it will be effective in the event of an attack by a swarm of drones. This is one of the most fashionable attack tactics today, which, in fact, became the impetus for the development of many types of new weapons.

Russia tested also laser weapon in Syria and shot down an Israeli drone

In June Russia sent its Peresvet combat laser system to Syria, which successfully passed the tests by shooting down a reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky above the south western part of Syria.

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“Beam weapons seem to have become the main character in science fiction. However, recently there was news that a Russian beam-beam weapon had shot down an Israeli drone. On May 27, Israeli military aircraft suddenly struck the Golan Heights in southwestern Syria. It turned out that on the same day, an Israeli reconnaissance drone went to the Syrian border for obserbation. The drone was shot down over Syrian territory without warning. The Israeli side suspected Russian weapons with beam particles”, Sina Military reported.

It should be clarified that at the end of May, information about flights of a large number of Israeli aircraft near the Syrian border did appear, while it was reported that, under unknown circumstances, the Israeli army reconnaissance UAV was actually lost.

Nevertheless, to date, there are no official statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense about testing the Peresvet combat laser system in Syria.

New Russian weapons have been tested in a combat situation in Syria for years

It is not uncommon for Russia to test its new weapons systems in Syria. it has long been clear that the civil war in Syria has grown into something more – a real battleground for the Russian arms industry.

As we reported last year Russia tested S-500 “Prometheus” missile defence system in Syria. According the sources, during the test it was found some technical problems, but they managed to eliminate. The producers did not report a specific location where the tests were conducted.

Application for test S-500 “Prometheus” in Syria has provoked a strong reaction abroad. It can be assumed that the test S-500 was carried out in Syria without “physical” missile launch – first tests of target detection performance.

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On July 6 we reported that the Russian Su-57s are in Syria and continue to be tested in real combat conditions. According to Russian sources the fifth-generation fighters could be located on the territory of the Khmeimim airbase constantly and keep be tested in a real combat situation against jihadists.

This is possible thanks to the arrangement of the Russian military airfield with the construction of hangars, and experts pay attention to the fact that we can talk about a dozen or so fifth-generation combat aircraft, since the number of erected shelters allows this to be successfully implemented.

“It is important to understand that all Su-57s built in Russia so far are pre-production. Without real testing in a combat situation, it makes no sense to establish the release of Su-57 fighters, and therefore it is logical to assume that these Russian aircraft can be in Syria not only for days, but also for weeks or even months, hiding from American reconnaissance spacecraft,” notes specialist.

It should be clarified that a few days earlier it became known that the Su-57 was again tested in a real combat situation, which, by the way, is possible only in Syria, but so far no confirmation has been received. recalls that on December last year the Russian Defence Minister announced that Su-57 fighter tested new types of missile and bomb weapons in Syria.

“In Syria, in combat, they tested the [helicopter] Mi-28NM, the pacifier Unmanned Aircraft in the strike version, and new types of missile and bomb weapons of the Su-57 fighter,” the Minister of Defense said, TASS reported then.

Shoigu also said that the Russian army tested 43 more new weapons in Syria. By March 316 samples of new weapons were tested, a total of 359 samples were tested in the country, the minister said, RIA Novosti reported.

At the end of December, it was reported that the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 successfully passed the second phase of testing in Syria.

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