Russia showed a flight prototype of a large cycling aircraft capable of carrying troops

MOSCOW, (BM) – During the Army-2020 exhibition, Russian developers presented a cyclolette flight demonstrator that can be used for landing operations. The full-size car should appear in the mid-20s, learned

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In the future, the Russian army may receive a unique aircraft – a large cyclolet that can be used to transport troops. Within the framework of the Army-2020 forum, the Advanced Research Fund (FPI) presented a flying prototype of a promising vehicle.

It has four cylindrical propellers with blades inside. An unmanned demonstrator weighing 60 kilograms is already undergoing flight tests. “The task is to finalize the automatic control system by the end of the year. We plan to supply it with a hybrid power plant, which will allow it to fly for more than 60 minutes,” said Grigory Makeich, the head of the FPI project.

According to plans, acceptance tests will take place in February next year. On them, the device should show the advantage of the selected layout and the declared performance characteristics. After that, Russian engineers intend to start developing a large cycloopter that can carry up to six people. If the development is successful, such a device can be used in amphibious operations, including from the decks of the ships of the Navy.

Recall that the first flight of the demonstrator of the Russian cycling became known in July: then the performance of the carrier circuit was confirmed.

The concept of the cycling is far from new: the first such apparatus was built by engineer Evgeny Sverchkov in 1909. Flying samples were created many decades later. Among the advantages of such devices are compactness and low noise level. Thanks to the cyclical movers, they boast good maneuverability.

But for all its advantages, the cyclolet concept is not without its drawbacks. Such devices are structurally very complex, in addition, the lateral arrangement of the propellers makes it difficult for passengers to board and disembark.

Another area in which Russian aircraft manufacturers are actively working today is the development of a high-speed helicopter. As a reminder, tests of a new version of the Mi-28N strike, equipped with innovative rotor blades, started in August. Even earlier, it became known about the creation of technologies that, presumably, will increase the speed of Russian combat helicopters to 400 kilometers per hour.

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