Russians claim to have photon radar, which makes stealth technology useless

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russians claim to have technology that has developed a photon radar that turns fifth-generation fighters with stealth technology into useless fighter jets, he learned citing the Night Courier.

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In this case, experts say that if this radar is installed, which they believe will happen, the American F-35 and F-22 fighters will not have the necessary effectiveness against Russian weapons systems equipped with this photon radar.

“The United States likes to show off its modern stealth fighters, such as the F-35 and F-22, but in the foreseeable future they will be useless,” said engineers from the Russian concern Vega.

Engineers say they have succeeded in developing phase-active radar thanks to the principles of radiophonics. The prototype has already been tested and, according to a Moscow Komsomol member, is successful.

Active phased array antennas allow the production of radars that are smaller than those currently used by the military. With more modest sizes, their capabilities are much higher. The new technology, as the publication notes, will significantly reduce the size of on-board radars and allow their integration into the skin of the car body. This will increase the field of view of the radar.

Thus, the skills of the future radar to detect fighters equipped with stealth technology take away their main advantage – to be invisible to enemy radars, thus becoming lower-generation fighters.

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Earlier this year, Russia introduced another radar that detects stealth technology

The new Russian radar “Struna-1” will not leave a chance to the “invisible” aircraft of the United States and NATO, reported in January this year.

The Struna-1 radar trap developed by Russian engineers will make it possible to detect any stealth technology aircraft, which will make US Air Force fighters obsolete, journalists say.

The main technical feature of the Russian radar trap is that the signal transmitter and receiver are in different places, which makes it easy to detect “invisible aircraft”. In addition, the system can find low-flying objects, which could not do the development of previous generations.

Thus, a new radar trap will turn the latest US developments into “obsolete cars,” according to PolitRussia reporters. They cite American journalists, who, in turn, argue that Struna-1, together with other Russian complexes, poses a “significant threat to NATO aircraft.”

Earlier it became known that new types of weapons will be specially developed for Russian fifth-generation fighters Su-57.

Russia’s Rezonans-N radar also detects stealth fighters

The third Rezonans-N radar capable of spotting hypersonic missiles flying at a speed of 20 times the speed of sound and stealth aircraft is ready to assume combat duty on Russia’s Novaya Zemlya Arctic Archipelago, as we reported last year.

“The third Rezonans-N radar in the Arctic has been deployed on Novaya Zemlya. It is turned on and tuned in, has undergone all the trials, has been accepted by the military and is ready to go on combat alert within the Northern Fleet,” Rezonans Research Center CEO Ivan Nazarenko said in November last year.

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Until then, the Russian military has received four Rezonans-N radar stations while the fifth is at the final stage of its manufacture. Two radars are already on combat alert, the chief executive said.

The radar’s range makes it possible “to detect aircraft based on stealth technology and hypersonic targets flying at a speed of up to Mach 20,” he added.


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