Kurds blow up Turkish facilities: a new ‘front’ opened for Erdogan

ATHENS, (BM) – The Kurdish rebel organization “Children of Fire” published a photo and a statement stating that the Kurds turned to ashes in 10 large Turkish companies between August 21-24, causing incalculable damage to the country, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Pentapostagma.

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In these sabotages, as announced on a well-known social network, they emphasize that they destroyed 8 huge warehouses and 2 recycling plants that belonged to the Turkish regime of Erdogan [we may have family involvement] in the cities of Izmir, Ankara, Rades and Bursa. , with the action being natural and continuous.

While we have this whole scenario, the nationalist rhetoric of Ankara and personally of Erdogan is growing dramatically against Greece, while the Kurds, as things show, have opened a “second front” in the country.

According to Pentapostagma recent article, the statements of the commander of the Kurdish People’s Forces in Turkey, about the defeat of Ankara, which leads to chaos and crises everywhere, were true.

“Our citizens are being subjected to a Turkish fascist repression, while our freedom fighters are being widely attacked throughout Kurdistan, with the ultimate goal of their extermination”. Specific Turkish timetables for extermination have also been mentioned.

The result today is: for the Turks to achieve nothing, to be defeated and to have great losses. For this reason, chaos prevails in the Turkish fascist so-called parliamentary system of the AKP and MHP parties, and the crisis is worsening.

If they had succeeded in the slightest thing against us, they would not have experienced this crisis. But their defeat plunged them into deep chaos. “Today, the Turkish genocidal fascist regime can only survive through wars,” he said.

So these current nationalist crowns of Erdogan are probably a game of pressure against Greece, so that it is forced … in the wrong direction.

As is well known, the PKK has been “planting” nuclei in all Turkish cities for a long time, having selected people with impressive capabilities who can easily enter and disappear anywhere and who do not have a file that connects them with the organization. , while they have not committed any crime.

These nuclei were trained in intelligence matters, resistance against the authorities, escape, as well as sabotage, murder and bombings.

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But the Turkish president knows that if he does not urgently find an enemy, he will experience a huge uprising inside, but which is being experienced by Turkish society due to the actions and sabotage of the Kurds.

Also, the mention of the word Kurdistan alone causes terror and panic in the Islamic regime, since the Turks are afraid of two things in the year 2020,

  • a multinational attack by the west against their country and
  • the creation of the state of Kurdistan.

But they will experience both and this is more than obvious after their provocative attitude in our region all this time behaving as neo-Ottomans.


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