Hamas begins a war against Israel on Erdogan’s orders, the Greeks say

ARHENS, (BM) – Hamas launched a war against Israel on Erdogan’s orders, as the Turkish president and the leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization were meeting in Istanbul at the same time, a Greek media Pentapostagma reported, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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The President of Turkey RN Erdogan met yesterday with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh at the last mansion of the Ottoman Sultan Vahdin in Istanbul.

The meeting was also attended by the Turkish intelligence chief MIT Hakan Fidan, Erdogan’s chief aide Sefer Turan, Kalin’s spokesman and Palestinian Saleh al-Aruri.

The topic of discussion is probably the provocation of chaos in Israel with the help of Hamas. As a result, Israeli air defense sirens sounded in the Gaza Strip cities of Sderot and Ibim yesterday morning, sending Israel’s Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council to shelter.

Also Saturday, 35 missiles were fired from incendiary balloons fired at Israel by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The attacks were confirmed by the Israeli Fire and Rescue Service and involved incendiary balloons.

On Friday, Israeli air defense sirens were also heard in several Israeli cities near the Gaza border, and the Israeli military said it had activated its Iron Dome missile defense system, which shot down a rocket.

On Saturday morning, Lebanon’s Al Akhbar newspaper reported that Gaza terrorist organizations had sent a message to Israel through a third party, warning that if the killings of Hamas officials resumed, Palestinian terrorist groups would see it as a harsh declaration of war and start a war. large-scale confrontation against Israel.

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The AKP is launching another proxy war of Turkish President Erdogan, who wants to take control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque after Hagia Sophia, in order to present himself as the absolute leader of the Muslim world.

Hamas operatives are reportedly planning attacks against Israelis in the country and abroad, while allegations of plotting to assassinate the former mayor of Jerusalem and current MK Likir party leader Nir Barkat have been reported. The US Secretary of State M. Pompeo is also going to Israel for talks with Netanyahu and we expect developments on many fronts.

However, the outbreak of war in the region will once again bring the Mediterranean to the brink of a generalized war that only Turkey, which is essentially disbanded, wants and no one else.

In the midst of all this, the Jerusalem Post, which echoes the views of Netanyahu, warns Erdogan that for Israel Turkey is the number one enemy in the Middle East and that the alliance of Greece, UAE, Cyprus, Israel will achieves its goal and will “squeeze” Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean.

MIT and Turkish embassy spy in Greece

A new revelation was made as we reported today [August 23 – ed.] by the well-known Turkish dissident journalist, with secret documents confirming once again the expanded illegal intelligence gathering and intrusive espionage activities in Greece by the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı or MIT), as well as by the Turkish and its consulates.

The documents reveal the “hostile” actions of representatives of the Turkish government in the territory of a NATO ally, such as Greece, which continue unabated, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s relentless pursuit of national security is damaging to Greece.

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The first document is dated March 26, 2019, and refers to MIT with code IV listing 568 people identified through intelligence gathering efforts. MIT’s “goals” are said to have been linked to the Gulen movement.

According to the document, MIT monitored the movements of Turkish asylum seekers while they were in Greece. 288 were identified as former government officials, most of whom had worked in public schools in Turkey before being illegally fired without administrative judicial inquiry.

The document listed 31 former Turkish police officers, 23 soldiers and four diplomats who worked at the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

According to Bozkurt, the current Turkish bureaucracy is full of Islamists, nationalists and neo-nationalists. He states that the document of the Turkish government reveals the existence of a secret report on Greece submitted by MIT.

The order for further police action against the Turkish asylum seekers identified by MIT was distributed in dozens of Turkish provinces with a secret message.

Apparently the Turkish Government feared that Greece might take advantage of the knowledge of all these asylum seekers and learn critical information about the Turkish state.

Hasan Yiğit, deputy head of the counter-terrorism department at the Directorate General of Security (Emniyet) in Ankara, was concerned about the leak and the possible impact of the scandalous activity on Greek territory by MIT agents looking for Turks.

Yiğit warned police units that information should be handled on a service-by-service basis, and should not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

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A three-page report by the Turkish Embassy now lists 47 Turkish nationals who managed to escape illegal detention in Turkey on artificial charges.

Two days later, the deputy head of the Ankara Police Department responded to the General Directorate of Security, saying that an investigation had been launched into four people whose birth records were in Ankara province.

Similar checks were started for others based on birth registrations in other provinces. On January 17, 2020, Alp Aslan, Deputy Chief of Ankara Provincial Police, informed the 16th Ankara High Criminal Court about a person listed in the Turkish Embassy’s information file as a fugitive from Greece.

Another document sets out how the Turkish government uses Turkish diplomats and consular officials working in Greece as undercover agents to spy on and gather information in the territory of the host state in gross violation of the relevant Vienna Conventions.

The immunities and privileges of diplomats and consular staff are governed by international conventions.

Diplomats enjoying the privileges and immunities described in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations have a duty to respect the laws and regulations of the host State and to refrain from interfering in their internal affairs, as described in detail in Article 41.

Greece serves as an important destination for Turkish dissidents and opponents of the Erdogan regime, including the Gulenists, as it has land and sea borders with Turkey. The Turkish intelligence services, which are already conducting intelligence gathering operations using individuals from minority Muslim groups in Greece, who have apparently intensified their activities on Greek soil.

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Bozkurt’s secret documents show that Turkey is monitoring all critics of Sultan Erdogan even after they managed to cross into Greece and seek asylum under international human rights conventions.


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