Military armored vehicles in Russia will be controlled through VR technology

MOSCOW, (BM) – In 2020, the High-Precision Complexes holding will demonstrate a new control system for armored vehicles at the Army military-technical forum, which will be held in the Moscow region. The development is based on virtual reality technologies, learned

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“High-precision complexes” represent the concept of “transparent armor” – a complex for supervising terrain and aiming “Parallax”. This system actually turns the combat vehicle into a robot that can be controlled remotely using virtual reality glasses.

“Through glasses, the operator sees the most realistic picture of the battlefield, by turning his head he can control the tower, and with the help of a small-sized joystick, fire. At the same time, the operator himself remains invulnerable,” Vladimir Artyakov, Deputy Director General of Rostec State Corporation, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

We will remind that earlier the Russian army has already introduced a number of technologies based on virtual reality, which are used to train military personnel. At the Ryazan Radio Plant, virtual reality simulators are being developed for the Russian Armed Forces, which will allow combining the real and virtual world for training soldiers.

In addition, the virtual reality kits developed by the Russian company DEUS are designed for training paratroopers and will allow soldiers to train in parachute jumps directly without jumping.

In addition to a helmet that visualizes a jump, the simulator includes fasteners and a seat that simulate a parachute, and fans create an imitation of air resistance and free fall with air currents.

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However, Russia will also use VR for its drones

As we reported earlier this year latest Russian reconnaissance and strike UAVs will be equipped with VR helmets that synchronize the movements of the operator’s head and UAV cameras.

This will solve the problem of insufficient situational awareness of operators operating combat drones, sources in the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex also said.

The created helmet will allow tracking the position of the operator’s head, the direction of his gaze and synchronizing them with the movement of the drone’s cameras. In addition, VR-technology will make it possible to combine the image obtained from the optics of the drone with information about ground and air targets, as well as flight parameters.

According to Dmitry Kornev, editor-in-chief of the Military Russia portal, such innovations will seriously improve the working conditions of UAV operators.

The expert explained that now the picture is displayed on monitors, there may be several. Observing and navigating the terrain in such a situation is not so simple. Now the operator with the help of turning the head or even a slight eye movement will be able to see what is happening to the right or left of the drone.

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In turn, Honored Test Pilot Colonel Igor Malikov noted that the distortion of the pilot’s perception of his position in space is a serious problem in aviation. And in the preparation of pilots will have to make a lot of efforts to solve it.

He added that the pilots of the American F-35 fighter are equipped with VR helmets, this allows them to see what is imperceptible from the cockpit. However, they have problems with the development of this equipment. Many pilots, judging by the reports, have not yet coped with the situation.


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