US is trying to prevent India from buying S-400 and Su-35 from Russia

WASHINGTON, (BM) – As we have been writing in recent months, India is on the verge of making large purchases of weapons equipment from Russia, and in particular we are talking about the Russian S-400 air defense systems and the 4 ++ generation Su-57 fighter.

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According to the latest information and an official statement from US Assistant Secretary of State R. Clarke Cooper, the United States is trying to influence and prevent India from making these purchases, and in particular to rethink possible future military-technical cooperation with Moscow, learned

According to Cooper, India should not jeopardize its future cooperation with the United States in this and other areas, because a possible partnership with Russia and the acquisition of certain Russian weapons technology will be a tool to “complicate” relations between New Delhi and Washington.

According to the American representative, the United States specifically insists on rethinking the purchase of S-400 and Su-35, and not on all Russian weapons. “The S-400 would be a challenge, as would the purchase of Su-35 fighters”, Cooper said.

However, Washington is trying to soften the tone in which it addresses India by saying that they are fully aware of the long-standing partnership between India and Russia, and that their goal is not to destroy or damage the already built Indian defense. But at the same time recommend that New Delhi begin to gradually separate from Russian arms dependence.

“Looking at this from the perspective of future modernization, ensuring the maturity of the defense potential, we are having a frank conversation in the capitals about what is possible and what is capable of threatening modernization,” Washington said.

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According to US officials, India would like to take advantage of good relations between the two countries and buy from Washington similar US systems, such as THAAD, Patriot or even F-35.

The United States is currently making the same move as it did against Turkey, which has already acquired Russian S-400 air defense systems and is in talks to buy more.

Military analysts on our site have noted that such actions by the US administration are quite strange, given that India has already bought the air defense systems in question and they are currently being developed.

“With such waiting, Washington seems to be deliberately seeking to impose sanctions, as this sale, its signing and delivery, has been known for at least three years,” they [analysts] commented.

Unlike Turkey, however, India does not have Western technologies that would be threatened by the purchase of the S-400.

In recent years, India has indeed developed strong cooperation with Russia in various fields – joint production of T-90 tanks, joint production of Su-30MK, joint production of the BrahMos hypersonic missile, joint production of Kalashnikov assault rifles.

The United States clearly wants to be allowed into this market. This makes sense, because it has become clear that India will spend significantly more money in the coming years on military needs.

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But the United States is still late. Just days ago, the Indian government announced a decision to close its country to some foreign arms purchases and focus on local production. However, this will clearly not affect relations with Russia, seeing in which military areas the two countries work together.

And this is a problem for the United States. Therefore, it makes sense for Washington to seek deliberate sanctions on India, following the maxim that there must be a profit at all costs.


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