Secret base of the Chinese nuclear fleet was captured in a fresh satellite image

BEIJING, (BM) – The classified base of nuclear submarines of the PRC Navy on the island of Hainan was captured in a fresh satellite image, learned citing Popular Mechanics.

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Atomic submarines are based at the base of the People’s Liberation Army of China under the name Yulin. It is located on the northern edge of the South China Sea – on the Hainan Island, and is one of the most important strategic sites in the region. It is there that the PRC’s submarine fleet is based, equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles.

The satellite image captures the moment one of the submarines entered the system of underwater caves of the secret base. What kind of submarine the Americans managed to photograph is not known for certain, but presumably we are talking about the Chinese submarine “Shan” of project 093. The rest of the Yulin base docks were empty at the time of the shooting.

Secret base of the Chinese nuclear fleet was captured in a fresh satellite image
Photo credit: PM

Probably, the submarines that were supposed to be there are currently either involved in military exercises conducted by the People’s Liberation Army of China, or are hidden in underwater caves. Chinese industrial corporation Bohai Shipbuilding is building a giant nuclear submarine factory in Huludao, Liaoning province.

The plant will be so large that it will be possible to simultaneously place four nuclear submarines on its premises at once – out of sight of journalists, military intelligence officers, foreign satellites and other spies. The submarine plant in Liaoning province with a total area of ​​40 thousand square meters will consist of two parallel assembly lines.

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The enterprise will become the largest in the world, and it is planned to produce fourth-generation nuclear-powered multipurpose submarines of the 095 type. According to the limited information that has leaked through the veil of secrecy, the submarines will receive 16 vertical launchers for HY-4 anti-ship cruise missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers.

China will double its military nuclear capabilities, and that worries Washington

The buildup of nuclear weapons stockpiles in Russia and China is a serious concern in the United States, so the American side intends to take steps aimed at protecting national interests.

This statement was made in an interview with CBS News by the US representative to the Conference on Disarmament, Robert Wood, on January 20 this year.

According to him, the American side is modernizing the existing weapons, but does not increase the number of equipment. Today, the States are facing increasing threats from Moscow and Beijing, and the Americans will not turn a blind eye to this, the source said. In particular, he drew attention to the danger posed by China.

Wood noted that the PRC was freed from any arms control since the earlier agreements between Washington and Moscow did not include Beijing. If in the near future China does not join such agreements, then over the next 10 years, nuclear stocks in this country may double.

In this regard, the American side will insist that China sit at the negotiating table on this issue, Wood concluded. The other day, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the Alliance’s decision to strengthen missile and air defense systems due to Russia’s activity in the nuclear missile sphere.

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Prior to this, American experts called the Russian nuclear submarine “Khabarovsk” project 09851 the most secret submarine of the Russian Navy. Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the conditions for the use of nuclear weapons.

China’s military budget in 2020 will grow by 6.6% to $178.8 billion

China’s military budget in 2020 will grow by 6.6% and reach 1.27 trillion yuan ($ 178.8 billion), follows from the country’s 2020 draft budget published on May 22 this year.

“National defense spending will amount to 1.268 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.6% (compared to last year – ed.),” The document said, submitted for consideration by the country’s legislative assembly, whose annual session opened on Friday in Beijing.

China annually increases defense spending; at present, China’s military budget is the second largest in the world after the United States. According to the budget for 2019, military spending grew by 7.5% and should have amounted to 177.6 billion dollars.

This trend causes concern and criticism from other states, however, the Chinese authorities say that the country’s military spending is appropriate and they will maintain moderate and stable growth in accordance with the country’s economic development.

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