Top 5 weakest armies in Europe 2020

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The list is based on the 2020 Global Firepower ranking. The rating or index of strength is calculated on the basis of dozens of parameters characterizing the combat effectiveness of the armed forces of a particular country

#5 – Moldova

Top 5 weakest armies in Europe 2020
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Rating: 2.12, position in the world rating – 112 out of 138;

Number: 5100 people and 60 thousand of the reserve.

Moldova is not a member of any military blocs – this provision is enshrined in the country’s constitution. Its own military is rather modest: 5,100 men with an annual budget of 30 million evergreens.

The army is represented by ground and air forces.

At the same time, only 800 people are involved in the Air Force, and they consist of 6 Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications and 3 transport and 3 training aircraft. There are no combat aircraft, but there are 3 S-125 air defense systems. The ground forces have at their disposal a small amount of artillery and light armored vehicles. There are no tanks.

#4 – Estonia

Estonia Enhances Its Air Defence Capability
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Rating: 2.59, position in the world ranking – 119 out of 138;

Number: 6400 people and 60 thousand of the reserve.

Unlike neutral Moldova, Estonia has been a NATO member since 2004. The Estonian Armed Forces are represented by land, air and naval forces.

There are no heavy armored vehicles. The ground forces have a number of armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and armored vehicles with a total number of less than 150 units. In addition, there are about 100 units of artillery: towed and self-propelled.

The Air Force is represented by two transport aircraft and four light multipurpose helicopters. The navy consists of 3 minesweepers and 1 control ship.

#3 – Montenegro

Montenegro Will Send Soldiers to Join KFOR in November
Photo credit: KFOR

Rating: 2:99, position in the world ranking – 123 out of 138;

Number: 2,260 people, half of which are officers.

Since 2017 Montenegro is a NATO member.

The ground forces do not have heavy armored vehicles. But there are about a hundred units of infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles. The artillery is represented by a single battery of towed guns.

The Navy is represented by 2 frigates and 2 missile boats. There is no combat aviation.

#2 – North Macedonia

Top 5 weakest armies in Europe 2020
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Rating: 3.18, position in the world ranking – 127 out of 138;

Number: 8000 people.

Most recently, on March 27, 2020, she became a NATO member. There are no tanks on the move. The ground forces have at their disposal less than 100 artillery units and about 50 light armored vehicles, mostly Soviet ones.

There is no efficient combat aviation either. The Navy is represented by two Coast Guard patrol boats.

#1 – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Top 5 weakest armies in Europe 2020
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Rating: 3.85, position in the world ranking – 133 out of 138;

Number: 10,000 people.

Since 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken a course towards joining NATO, but so far it is only a partner of the Alliance.

In addition, since 2010, a large-scale military reform has been carried out in the country, during which they are trying to transfer weapons and training of military personnel to NATO standards.

It was because of this reform, during the rearmament, that they managed to get rid of the old Soviet weapons, but they did not buy new ones; in ten years, Bosnia and Herzegovina moved down a good 20 positions in the ranking of armies and became the weakest army in Europe.

The ground forces have about 30 units of light armored vehicles and 50 units of artillery. There is no combat aviation. The Navy is also missing.


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