US military airplane has entered Chinese airspace using cunning tactic

BEIJING, (BM) – Chinese military suggest that the US military reconnaissance aircraft E-8C has entered Chinese airspace, disguised as a passenger airliner, learned citing Sohu news agency and Global Times.

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Many experts believe that if such actions are proven and confirmed, it would pose a serious risk of conflict between the United States and China.

According to a source close to the Liberation Army, on the evening of August 5, a US Army E-8C reconnaissance plane made a reconnaissance approach to China. The aircraft was originally identified as a commercial / passenger aircraft by air traffic control radar located in southern Guangzhou.

At that time, the plane was flying at an altitude of over 9,000 meters and it could not be confirmed that it was a US military aircraft. According to the news published by the platform “Awareness Program for the Strategic Situation in the South China Sea” around 22:00 that night, the plane took off to a position about 109.77 kilometers from the main line of the territorial sea off the coast of Guangdong.

The report also states that the US military has a number of reconnaissance aircraft disguised as commercial aircraft. According to the Chinese military, when such a plane approaches the country’s borders, they are taking tactics to follow civilian planes as a cover.

The report does not describe the details of how the US reconnaissance plane flew the civil aircraft, nor does it indicate the distance at which the plane was identified as a military aircraft on the evening of August 5. Experts believe that if this behavior is true, it will obviously be extremely dangerous.

A pilot of civil aviation in China told local media that the government has already taken measures to eliminate the possibility of foreign aircraft using civil aviation as a cover.

According to him, in addition to the flight plan, type of aircraft, route and time, the Chinese authorities are already changing the way of coding and interaction with the transponder, so as not to allow civil aircraft to be used as a cover.

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Aviation Knowledge Editor-in-Chief Wang Yanan said that if the civil aviation plane approached Chinese airspace and entered the control zone, the civil aviation system would receive signals from the radar transponder as soon as it learned that the plane had entered in the monitored control area.

In addition, the international civil aviation route is like an open road. Passenger planes use this route. Military aircraft are not banned, but are not usually used because they will interfere with the flight of passenger aircraft.

What would happen if military planes mixed with passenger planes? Wang Yanan believes: “By changing the codes and how it interacts with aircraft transponders, radar signals from military aircraft, no matter which country they are from, including China, will not be relevant and the identity of the military aircraft will soon be identified.”

Therefore, Wang Yanan believes that China can recognize the true face of US military reconnaissance aircraft from a certain distance and that US military aircraft cannot achieve their goal. Wang Yanan also said the radar air control system identified in the reports was likely a civilian system.

Tian Shichen, vice president of Guoguan Think Tank and director of the International Center for Military Operations Research, told the Global Times that foreign warships and aircraft have the freedom of navigation and flight guaranteed by international law in the exclusive economic zone outside the territorial territories. leads above it.

“As long as possible reconnaissance planes and ships do not enter China’s territorial waters and airspace, it is difficult to speak of violating international law.” Tian Shichen also said.

But Wang Yanan believes that in this situation, whether it is a US reconnaissance plane deliberately disguised as a civilian plane or manipulating a radar transponder, subjectively, this increases the risk of the US military’s intelligence approach and will have serious consequences.

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For example, once the true identity of a military aircraft is screened, it is impossible to determine whether the enemy will fire. Another military expert told the Global Times that using this behavior could easily lead to misjudgment and the danger of answering the question “who flies.”

In addition, routes in the South China Sea are busy, and many international routes on the high seas have flown. If a US reconnaissance plane deliberately disguises itself as a passenger plane and enters the civil aviation route, or follows a particular passenger plane as a cover, it will increase the risk to the safety of the passenger plane.

Hu Bo, director of the South China Strategic Awareness Program, told the Global Times on August 12 that the US military’s move is to cover the range of US intelligence. If disguised as a passenger plane, the likelihood of being warned and intercepted by the People’s Liberation Army can be much less or at least confusing.

But “the mixing of military and passenger planes will involve the passenger plane in military friction and confrontation and will even cause accidents.”

As much as the reconnaissance tricks of American warplanes have been updated, they are essentially provocative. Tian Shichen believes that the overflight rights granted to international military aircraft by international law are to ensure normal flights. But US warships and planes are getting closer to China year by year, day by day, and take unreasonable risks. This is a hostile provocation that seriously threatens China’s national security.

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