Turkey aimed the S-400 missile system against F-16s, and this angered Washington

WASHINGTON, (BM) – American congressmen went into a rage over Turkey’s trials involving the Russian-made S-400 Triumph air defense system and American F-16 fighters, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing RD.

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Turkey’s decision to conduct training exercises using the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and American-made F-16 fighters purchased from Russia caused a sharp reaction in the US Congress.

This is reported by Defense News, citing its own sources. According to the newspaper, the American parliamentarians regarded this step of Ankara as a public “targeting” of the air defense system at the combat aircraft and announced a “threat” to other countries, which are armed with the aforementioned fighters.

Congressmen called these tests “provocation” and noted that the maneuvers took place the day after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to the White House.

The material also says that Ankara’s acquisition of Russian air defense systems caused the suspension of work on the modernization of F-16 fighters and jeopardized a deal between Turkey and Pakistan worth about $1.5 billion.

The agreement provided for the supply of 30 Turkish-made T129 attack helicopters to Islamabad with CTS800 engines manufactured under an American license. Recall that Turkey commented on the threats of the American authorities to impose sanctions for the purchase of the S-400, expressing the hope that Washington will act to strengthen the partnership, and not pursue a policy of restrictive measures against NATO allies.

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Earlier in Ankara it was reported that the United States had asked Turkey not to commission the S-400 complexes purchased from the Russian Federation.

Sources say Ankara has tested missile systems against stealth aircraft

In July this year media the Evening Courier and Fighter Jets World magazines said that Turkey has tested the delivered Russian S-400 Triumph on fifth-generation American fighters.

According the sources the test results did not disclosed, but judging by the lack of complaints, it can be assumed that the country is completely satisfied with the complexes.

We are talking about the Russian S-400 air defense systems deployed at the Myurt airbase. Triumphs were tested at least three times on American stealth. AviaPro news agency indicates that not only F-35 aircraft, but also more classified F-22s appeared in the detection range of systems.

Fifth generation fighters were sent to rotation in the Middle East through the Black Sea and directly Turkey. Their route ran approximately 170-200 kilometers from the Turkish Air Force Airbase Myurt. Therefore, the Turkish side had a great opportunity to test the complexes for aerodynamic purposes.

“The Russian Federation supplied Turkey with two batteries of the S-400 system from July to September. S-400s are currently based at Myrted Air Base, located near the Turkish capital. Tests are scheduled to continue until the end of the year” Fighter Jets World magazine informed.

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The Turkish department reported that Russian systems are being deployed and tested. It is likely that they are already ready for combat duty.

Using both the S-400 and the F-35 can reveal military secrets

If Turkey acquired the S-400 alongside the F-35, the technology that makes that aircraft lethal could potentially be compromised.

NATO states use a tactical data link that allows military aircraft and even ships and ground troops to share their tactical pictures in near-real time. This is called Link 16. NATO aircraft also use Identification Friend or Foe systems, known as IFF, to identify friendly aircraft in the sky.

An IFF and Link 16 interrogator would have to be integrated into the S-400 system to allow the Turkish F-35, with the transponder, to fly within lethal range of the S-400.

This opens up all Link 16 and IFF tactical data link equipment to be compromised, a former radar and weapons expert said on background.

“With the F-35 flying in close proximity to the S-400 system, over time, you could collect sensitive stealth characteristics of this F-35 and learn its detailed stealth capabilities,” the experts said.

It looks like Turkey will want to buy more Russian S-400 missile systems

As we reported on June 2 the negotiations between Russia and Turkey on the delivery of the second set of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft systems are in an advanced stage.

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“Negotiations are underway, this is a laborious process that requires a certain amount of time. But given the current restrictions in connection with the pandemic, it is not very grateful to predict the terms of concluding this contract,” the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev said then.

Shugaev noted that at the moment the parties are awaiting the final decision of Turkey.


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