Russia’s Kh-32 anti-ship missile cannot be intercepted by US air defense

BEIJING, (BM) – The United States will not be able to intercept the Russian Kh-32 anti-ship missile with its air defense systems, Chinese analysts at Sohu say, learned

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Russia spares no effort to develop weapons to better counter the US Navy. After the creation of such weapons as the Zircon, Moscow began to modernize the existing shells, Sohu said.

According to the Global Times, on August 12, Russian military developers announced improvements to the Kh-32 cruise missiles. They want to arm Su-30 bombers. The modernized model of the aircraft is equipped with the N011M “Bars” radar system. Also, the Su-30SM can update the computer “stuffing” that was used to launch the Kh-32 on Tu-22M3 bombers.

Russia has been working on hypersonic weapons since 2017. The Kh-32 anti-ship missile has become one of the trump cards of the Russian Air Force. It was based on the Kh-22, but the engine of the old model was significantly improved and the weight of the warhead was reduced. Thanks to this, the noise immunity and the flight radius have increased. The Kh-32 has become difficult to intercept.

Cruise missiles can strike warships from a low altitude; accordingly, the enemy’s air defense system is unable to neutralize them. The Kh-32, like its predecessors, after launch quickly rises into the stratosphere and makes a horizontal cruise flight at an altitude of 40 kilometers. When approaching the target, the cruise missile dives at a steep angle and breaks through enemy air defense systems, attacking from below.

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Despite the fact that high-altitude missiles are easily detected by radars on warships, the Russian army specifically targeted the US air defense vulnerability. Currently, the US Navy has medium and long-range anti-aircraft missiles of the SM-2, SM-3 series. The first has a maximum firing height of about 25 kilometers, and the second – a minimum – about 70. In this interval, the US Navy cannot strike, it is at it that the Russian armament is aimed.

The Kh-32 missile can reach a maximum speed of Mach five and is part of the range of hypersonic weapons. Air defense systems have very little time to counter them, so it is difficult to intercept. Reducing the weight of the warhead from 900 to 500 kilograms made it possible to expand the flight range to thousands of kilometers.

The new American anti-ship missile AGM-158C LRASM, which the United States is fought with, lags behind with its flight radius. She has it – 940 kilometers. Moreover, the highly maneuverable Su-30 bombers at such a great distance will be impossible to intercept, said Sohu analyst.

Previously, Russia relied on the Tu-22M3 to equip the Kh-32. It was already a good combination. The installation of cruise missiles on the Su-30 will have a greater effect to further increase firepower.

The Russian military already has experience in installing heavy missile weapons on MiG-31 interceptors. To convert the Su-30SM into a new anti-ship aircraft with the Kh-32, the technical difficulties should be minor. The result will be quite impressive.

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In the future, Russia will also be able to sell its portfolio of Kh-32 missiles and new Su-30SM to countries that need advanced anti-ship capabilities but lack sufficient funding. For example, Vietnam and India can become customers.

Earlier, The National Interest named another trump card of Russia in the field of aircraft construction. It was the LMFS Mikoyan light multifunctional aircraft with stealth technology.


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