Russian Spetsnaz Alpha versus US Delta Force: Who is ‘cooler’ and why?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Today we want to compare two elite special forces – the Russian special forces “Alpha” and the US special forces “Delta”.

I would like to note right away that each of the special forces is elite, which means that the supply of weapons, equipment and special equipment both in Russia and in the United States will be maximum, that is, the fighters will get what they need. At the same time, it is still worth noting that in Russia weapons are still mainly of domestic production, and in the United States they buy the most effective weapons, regardless of where they are produced.

The Russian Alpha Detachment is considered the elite of the Special Forces. It is difficult to get there, but many dream about it, because there is a completely different salary and bonuses. The main task of “Alpha” is anti-terrorist activity, and in the territory of the Russian Federation, as a rule. Russian “Alpha” is engaged in the prevention of various terrorist attacks, as well as the search and neutralization of terrorists.

As for the special forces “Delta” from the United States, their kind of activity is seriously different – they work all over the world, as a rule, in hot spots of the planet. It turns out that the American special forces have more experience, whatever one may say.

In addition, special forces “Delta” have more narrow specialists in various military sciences, the average fighter of the “Delta” detachment is able to handle a large variety of weapons. I do not see a particular problem in this, any professional military man in a short time will master an unfamiliar machine gun or pistol, but constant practice and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each particular weapon is extremely useful.

But as for the requirements for the physical training of fighters, in Russia they are much tougher than in the United States. Requirements for special forces are approximately the same in different countries, but the standards of the Russian “Alpha” are much stricter. Take the same race – in the United States, a 3.2 km must be run in 16 minutes, and in Russia a commando from the Alpha unit must run 3 km in 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

As for the rest of the standards, they are also 30-50 percent more difficult in Russia. It turns out that physically stronger Russian fighters of the “Alpha” group, they will also be more enduring.

Also, Russian fighters devote a lot of time to hand-to-hand combat, in the USA they do not particularly focus on hand-to-hand combat. It is for this reason that almost all hand-to-hand fights between Russian and American special forces fighters, no matter whether during exercises or in an accidental skirmish in hot spots, usually end with the victory of Russian fighters.

Although, if you understand, then there is not enough sense in practicing hand-to-hand combat in modern combat operations. It is in the films that the military constantly fight hand-to-hand, but in fact, it rarely even comes to firing pistols, battles take place at longer distances.

For a long time, the Americans have not been poking around where a potential adversary may be without bombing this sector before. This also applies to the special forces “Delta”.

In principle, this is correct, both with regard to training and the procedure for conducting combat operations. There is no point in studying what is unlikely to be useful, and risking yourself, poking into every enemy lair, because specialists still need to be found and trained, why risk them in vain?

At the same time, the “Delta” detachment in many hot spots has established itself as an extremely cruel and unprincipled unit. The Russian special forces “Alpha” were not famous for such feats.

Who is cooler, Russian “Alpha” or “Delta” from the USA? Emotions aside, it turns out that as professionals in military affairs, “Delta” is definitely cooler. If the fighters of “Alpha” have to fight with “Delta” hand-to-hand, then the Russians will definitely win.


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