Expert urged US to abandon missile defense in Europe to improve its relations with Russia

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Deploying an American missile defense system in Europe is senseless and counterproductive, and also entails an aggravation of relations between Moscow and Washington, Daniel Larison said on August 12 in an article by The American Conservative, learned

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Larison supported the authors of the open letter published last week, in which more than 100 experts and US officials spoke out for improving relations with Russia, especially in areas where there is a coincidence of interests between Moscow and Washington. In particular, nuclear arms control.

However, Larison notes, the authors of the letter overlooked such an important stumbling block as the deployment of the US missile defense system in Europe. This system is “as politically harmful as it is technically useless.”

“The missile defense system causes great concern in Russia, but does not contribute to ensuring the security of either Europe or the United States,” Larison said.

“It is a network of useless facilities that spend billions of dollars every year like down the drain,” he added.

In addition, Larison drew attention to the fact that NATO expansion is a source of constant friction between Russia and the United States. This desire to add new countries to the list of members of the alliance must also be abandoned, since such an expansion does not contribute to an increase in the bloc’s combat capability, but only gives it new obligations.

Recall that the authors of the open letter published in Politico, called on official Washington to also build its relations with Moscow on the experience of the Cold War, that is, to seek a balance between containment and detente.

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The conclusions of these experts did not find a response from the former US special envoy to the negotiations on Ukraine Kurt Volcker. On the contrary, he called for abandoning any attempts to improve relations with Russia as long as Moscow does not abandon its “aggressive behavior.”

Moratorium on NATO expansion

A moratorium on the inclusion of new members should introduce the North Atlantic alliance to improve Washington’s relations with Moscow also Daniel Larison said.

Discussing the need to correct the situation in the difficult relations between the United States and Russia, Larison supported the authors of the open letter, who advocated the resumption of diplomatic contacts between Washington and Moscow and, in general, their rapprochement on a number of issues important for both sides, such as nuclear arms control.

Larison drew attention to the fact that the authors of the letter did not touch upon one of the most important issues, which is one of the stumbling blocks in relations between the two countries – NATO expansion. According to him, the expansion of the North Atlantic alliance could be abandoned without prejudice to US security.

“Further expansion of NATO does not give the alliance anything but additional obligations and territory that it is unable to truly defend,” Larison said. “The alliance should impose a moratorium on the addition of any new members,” he added.

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