Su-57 fighter has a ‘hidden trump card up its sleeve’ and the Americans discovered it

WASHINGTON, (BM) – United States military analysts have concluded that Russia in the aircraft industry may receive support from a rather unexpected partner, learned

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To date, there is only one fifth generation fighter in service in Russia – the Su-57. Western experts love to question its stealth performance, but that’s their business.

But so far few people know that Russia has another trump card. This is a less well-known light invisible aircraft, which the military calls Mikoyan’s LMFS.

The authors of the article in The National Interest note that it will not come to serial production soon, but it is assumed that this fighter, in addition to its small size, will still have the advantages of other Russian aircraft. It also has potential for development that can be realized with the help of an unexpected ally.

Despite the difficult communication between Russia and Turkey, the main partnerships between these countries are developing precisely in the military sphere, especially when it comes to air defense systems.

Turkey did not even hesitate to challenge NATO, an organization of which it is a member, by purchasing the S-400 complex from Russia. It is one of the best systems in its class, capable of simultaneously tracking multiple targets, and at a great distance.

As a result, Turkey not only did not sell the American F-35, but also very quickly removed the spare parts for it from production, which had previously been deployed in this country. Fears that the technical data of the aircraft could be transferred to Russia turned out to be stronger than the possible economic benefits.

The journalists of the United States focused on the fact that the Turkish side has been trying for a long time to create its own stealth fighter, but so far it has not been possible to design an appropriate engine.

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And Russia is just one of the world leaders in the production of power units for aircraft, which it even exports to other countries. Analysts have come to the conclusion that relations between Russia and Turkey have already come to the point of starting joint work on the LMFS project.

Earlier, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Military Space Forces, Lieutenant General Dronov, said that in 2021, UAVs of long range and duration of stay in the air will enter service with the Aerospace Forces. Multipurpose attack drones can destroy an object with precision ammunition. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by their use in Syria.

Today, short and medium-range drones are in service, equipping the army with them will significantly reduce casualties among the military.

Preparations are under way for the assembly line of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter

The Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant is organizing a production line for the assembly of fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation reported on August 12.

“At present, preparations are under way for the assembly line of the fifth-generation Su-57 multifunctional aviation complex,” the UAC said in a statement to Interfax on Wednesday.

It notes that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu examined the production shops as part of a trip to the plant.

“At the Sukhoi plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, modernization and technical re-equipment of production has been carried out, which allows us to successfully and on time fulfill the state defense order,” Ilya Tarasenko, General Director of Sukhoi Company PJSC, told the minister.

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According to the report, the new contract for the supply of Su-35 fighters will ensure the loading and preserve jobs for more than 10 thousand people.

What happens to the Su-57?

Many people would like to answer this question, especially the Russians. In the last two years, when the project entered its final stage, the media, including us, disseminated all kinds of information – from comments coming from the kitchen, to special assessments by international analysts.

However, what we have noticed in recent months is the hesitation in the Russians. We are accustomed to accepting their pride and praise for Russian weapons. Therefore, Russia’s divided views on the Su-57 may turn out to be a fact at some point.

First, a few months ago, the Su-57 performed two successful test flights – one with the Okhotnik drone, and the second – the unmanned mode of the aircraft itself. This gave rise to talk of a scarecrow in the air.

On the other hand, the crashed Su-57 gave a number of Russian experts a reason to speak not so kindly about it.

“Among the main problems inherent in the new machine, experts single out, firstly, the use of new control systems. <…> The second possible problem is related to the tail. On the Su-57, it is represented by all-turning trapezoidal stabilizers, includes keels with small air intakes that allow cooling aircraft equipment <…> In addition to the listed problems that could lead to the crash of the car, the Su-57 has other obvious disadvantages. For example, many experts talk about problems with electronics, which is due, first of all, to the lack of domestic high-tech industries in Russia in Russia,” some military experts said in January this year.

After all, the news is that the Su-57 has passed standard state tests, which included real combat participation. It took place in Syria and it is no secret. What the Russians will present to us with their new plane remains to be seen.

However, if they fail – they are left with the best of the best – Su-35.

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