Russia’s heavily armed attack drones will enter service in 2021

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russia should receive long-range multipurpose attack drones in 2021, learned citing sources from the Russian ministry of Defence and local Naked Science magazine.

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The role of unmanned aircraft is constantly increasing: this is understood throughout the world. Russia is still lagging behind the leading Western countries in this direction, but the Defense Ministry intends to build up its potential next year by adopting long-range strike UAVs.

According to Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Lieutenant-General Sergei Dronov, such devices will be able to use guided munitions and hit enemy targets in strategic depth. Dronov noted that the effectiveness of the use of shock UAVs was confirmed by the operation in Syria.

Thanks to the adoption of new drones, it is possible to reduce the loss of flight personnel, Dronov added. At the same time, one of the options for using UAVs in the future involves their control from the side of manned combat vehicles. We also note that, according to the deputy commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces, by the end of the year, the military should receive the first fifth-generation fighter, the Su-57.

Recall that now Russia is actively developing the heavy attack UAV S-70. Recently, it is increasingly being considered in conjunction with a fifth generation fighter.

Russia has long been testing its developments in this area

On October 25 last year, a senior official in the Russian ground forces announced that the latest Kungas robot had successfully passed tests in the country. It is reported that until 2025 a unit consisting entirely of robots and capable of performing combat missions will be formed in the Russian troops.

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This is not the first time that people in the country talk about “smart” unmanned weapons and military equipment. Recently, the Russian military department shared information about the “beacon” robot, which is able to adapt to complex terrain and perform combat missions in the city. Earlier, at the Army-2019 international military-technical forum, Russia demonstrated the unseen invisible combat aircraft Okhotnik-B, the Korsar reconnaissance remotely piloted aircraft, and other weapons and military equipment.

US is familiar with the Russian drone Okhotnik and has long warned about it

As we reported in January this year the United States linked the first flight of the heavy Russian UAV Okhotnik (Hunter) with Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate and Shorter Range Missiles.

According to The National Interest magazine, Russia even before the termination of the treaty used banned 9M729 missiles, and the stealth drone should be a hint to the United States that the Russian airborne forces are also able to break through enemy air defenses and launch a bombing bomb.

It is assumed that the “Hunter” can carry nuclear weapons – it can be both high-precision bombs, such as B-61-12, and cruise missiles.

According to Russian news agency the Russian hunter S-70 heavy unmanned aerial vehicle “Okhotnik” carried out a secret mission, the purpose of which was to test American air defense systems for a possibility of a breakthrough.

It should be clarified that previously there was no evidence that the Russian drone could be used for delivering nuclear strikes, however, the drone could very well be used for such missions, especially considering the fact that it was developed specifically as a means of covert delivery of ammunition to the enemy rear.

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Neither the US nor the Russian source reports when and where the secret intelligence mission took place, but we point out that so far the Russian strike drone has officially had two fields – both of them was test fields.


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