Russia’s Iskander complex will launch a massive missile attack, Moscow said

MOSCOW, (BM) – Exercises with a massive missile strike by Iskander complexes and Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) will be held this week in the Astrakhan region, the generals and officers of the central military command will take part in the training camp, learned citing the the Russian Defense Ministry statement on Tuesday.

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“At the training ground in the Astrakhan region, exercises will be conducted with units of missile forces and artillery to deliver a massive missile strike with the Iskander complex, as well as rockets from multiple launch rocket systems of the Tornado-S MLRS,” the statement said.

The exercises will be held as part of an operational special meeting, where the experience of using and operating modern artillery weapons is studied.

“Generals and officers of the central bodies of military command, chiefs of missile forces and artillery of military districts and formations, commanders of missile and rocket artillery formations, chiefs of training centers, and also take part in the training camp under the leadership of the Chief of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Mikhail Matveyevsky. specialists from the leading research organizations of the Ministry of Defense, the management and professorial staff of the Mikhailovskaya Military Artillery Academy,” the military department said.

Last year same time the missile formations of Russia’s Baltic Fleet have held drills in the Kaliningrad Region for eliminating a notional enemy’s subversive groups and stealthily deploying Iskander tactical missile systems.

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“The missile units practiced eliminating a notional enemy’s subversive groups, overcoming contaminated terrain, various roadblocks and obstacles. The Baltic Fleet’s missile crews accomplished a wide range of assigned missions, including the stealth deployment of Iskander tactical missile systems on the terrain,” the Fleet’s press office said then in a statement.

Then, the missile personnel’s deployment was conducted with the support of Mi-24 attack helicopters and Su-30SM multirole fighter jets of the Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation, which carried out air reconnaissance and countered the notional enemy’s air attacks. Overall, the drills involved about 100 personnel and around 20 items of military hardware, the statement says.

Russian Iskander tactical missile systems already conducted missile attacks this year.

Russian operational-tactical missile systems (OTRK) Iskander conducted on March 9 training, during which they worked on the application and repulsion of missile attacks.

“Within the framework of the planned camp gathering of the missile units of the army corps, the Iskander operational-tactical missile systems were trained to launch conventional missile attacks,” Interfax quoted Martov as saying.

Martov said that after starting the equipment for the launching sites, the missile systems attacked the imitations of the enemy’s defended objects, command posts and airfields.

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In addition, during the training, actions were worked out in conditions of radiation and chemical contamination of the area.

In total, more than 100 military personnel and about 20 units of military and special equipment took part in the exercises.

The latest NATO fighters are deadly for Russian Iskander ballistic missile system

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, member countries of the alliance will purchase fifth-generation fighters, new air defense [missile defense] and missile defense [ABM] systems, including Patriot batteries [Patriot] and SAMP / T, and other advanced weapons.

According military experts the F-35 fighters are capable of destroying the Iskander’s calculations even at basing points or at identified combat positions. Here, the probability of destruction for these OTRK by fifth-generation aircraft, if they are not covered by air defense forces and masked, is almost 100%.

Already, F-35, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, is in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. Their total number is almost 90 units, that is, NATO has already concentrated three regiments of the world’s most modern attack fighter-bombers. In the coming years, the UK plans to bring its F-35 fleet to 138 units.

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In the coming years, more than 30 fighter-bombers should be procured under contract by Belgium. Until 2024, 32 F-35A Lightning II fighters according to the agreement signed in January this year.

From a military point of view, NATO’s emphasis on developing its own strike aircraft is justified. Why defend yourself if you can attack? At the same time, missile weapons are also planned for use“, military expert Vladimir Popov told NG.

The Russian General Staff is still concerned about the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance and the United States in creating the American missile defense system in Europe. NATO is building up its missile defense infrastructure in Poland and Romania. “Tomahawk cruise missiles aimed at Russia can be deployed on missile defense launchers.”

More about Iskander

On March 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about how the Iskander complexes were created. “Young people came from the institute and a few years later made the Iskander, one of our modern weapons that we are proud of, the best in the world. Young guys came and did “Relight”. These are just examples from the defense industry. But they did it, ”the head of state said.

The Iskanders are designed to destroy targets such as missile systems, multiple launch rocket systems and long-range artillery, airplanes and helicopters at airfields, command posts and communication centers. The missile range of the modernized Iskander-M complex is up to 500 km, the OTRK can use both ballistic and cruise missiles.

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