‘MSR’ – what does this abbreviation mean in the name of the rifle?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Seeing a strange three-letter abbreviation in the title, you, the reader, will probably frown: “Well, again, these marketers have come up with another trick to sell us a miracle weapon, devoid of the problems of its predecessors.”

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But no! This article is rather educational in nature, and therefore is intended to:

  • to clarify the terminology;
  • to partially highlight the political situation in the United States related to weapons of a certain type.

To begin with, let’s ask a question: what weapons topics are the most controversial in the Ukrainian media? Without a doubt, this is the so-called legalization of short-barreled rifled weapons. Why “so-called”?

Because the term “legalization” is wrong: no one is proposing to formalize any illegal designs. For this there is a month of voluntary surrender of weapons, which last year, by the way, was held in October.

The correct definition is civilian circulation of pistols and revolvers (or CCW). They seem to have sorted out the local realities. In Europe, everything is more or less quiet, except, perhaps, Switzerland (there is a special conversation about it). And what topics are worried about opponents of weapons overseas?

Also, I suppose, pistols / revolvers won’t let you eat? Not at all. For several decades now, the minds of American ordinary people have been carefully combed by the most reliable irritant – the great and terrible assault rifle, the culprit of all troubles and an integral attribute of an aggressive redneck traditionalist.

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Strange, isn’t it? In a country where you can even buy a tank, the subject of the most heated debate is precisely the “black rifle” …. And nevertheless. Therefore, based on the materials of the article “MODERN SPORTING RIFLE: INTRODUCTION”, once published on the website of the US National Shooting Association, we will try to look at the problem, as they say, from the inside.

What is MSR?

The Modern sporting rifle is a popular family of civilian rifles based on the AR-15 system and its analogues. This weapon is used by all categories of the shooting population in North America – hunters, athletes, “self-defenders” and simply amateurs of shooting. As far as rifles of this type are popular, however, they are negatively presented in the American media.

The reason for this bias is the many years of efforts by an influential part of politicians who dislike weapons in general, and semi-automatic carbines in particular. And since the most massive platform in the United States is precisely Stoner’s system, all the bumps from journalists of a certain orientation fall on it.

I must say that the self-loading principle of operation is not the prerogative of any particular class of weapon. The first semi-automatic models appeared at the end of the 19th century, and already in the first half of the 20th century, almost all small arms of the advanced armies – from pistols to anti-aircraft guns – did not require intervention after each shot. The civilian market was no exception, where, along with traditional manual reloading weapons, semi-automatic systems could also be purchased.

What is the fault of the AR platform-based rifles? Indeed, the United States is full of other systems, in fact more powerful and no less rapid-fire. One simple fact: they are too similar to their military progenitors and do not particularly resemble hunting models.

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And if so, it is with them that you can frighten. What if it works? This is the logic of the Hoplophobes. And it often works. Well, we will try to look at MSR class rifles through the eyes of supporters of the 2nd Amendment and provide some information about this wonderful weapon.

MSR Facts

  • The name AR is short for Armalite – the company that developed this system in the 50s of the XX century;
  • AR does not stand for Assault Rifle (“assault rifle”). The assault rifle is an automatic weapon used by the army.

Accordingly, the military classification system uses the “M” index, for example, as in the case of the M16 or its modern version of the M4;

  • AR decoding as Automatic Rifle is also incorrect. The possession of automatic weapons by US citizens was significantly limited in 1934 and since then the screws have only been tightened. The next wave came at the end of the 80s;
  • despite the obvious similarity with their military counterparts, carbines of this class are made strictly in accordance with the law and do not have the ability to conduct automatic fire;
  • no one sells such weapons “just like that”. Each buyer is subject to mandatory FBI verification;
  • Since the founding of America, civilian weapons have evolved along with military weapons. MSR class carbines are no exception;
  • as a result, these carbines are accurate and reliable at the same time.

This is a truly all-weather weapon;

  • one should not think that the AR system is made exclusively for military calibers 5.56×45 (.223Rem) or 7.62×51 (.308 Win). The civilian market offers a much greater variety of cartridges. Therefore, there are versions in .22lr, 6.8 SPC, .450 Bushmaster and many others, including pistol and even rifle 410th;
  • as a result, these carbines are used with equal success both in various types of hunts and competitions;
  • there are hunting carbines (non-AR type) of much more powerful calibers such as .30-06 Springfield or .300 Win Mag. However, no one criticizes them from the standpoint of belonging to an assault weapon, and we explained above why;
  • the popularity of “arches” is also promoted by their modularity, which allows you to assemble the system to fit your needs;
  • This system has been available to the American public since the 1960s;
  • and, finally, to date, only US civilians own more than 16 million “trunks” of this system.

Explanations of the edition

After reading it, it becomes clear that, despite certain shortcomings of Ukrainian weapons legislation, we can buy AR-systems rifles without any additional conditions. They are not on a special account and among journalists, which, you see, is encouraging.

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This is a common weapon for our media. By the way, what is the right way to say – “rifle” or “carbine”? We will analyze this point in a separate article.

Finally, we note that even taking into account only one Stoner system, the term Modern Sport Rifle is still too universal. After all, the range of offered AR carbines is so wide that it allows us to distinguish at least three categories: sports, service and hunting.

Hunting with “arches” is not yet accepted in our country – a similar situation was with pump-action shotguns twenty years ago. But the difference between sports and service models is perfectly demonstrated by the model 556 of the company “Ruger”, which as recently as last summer was subjected to the most inhuman experiments.

Before us are two twins who, however, received different upbringing: the relatively budgetary AR-556 Standard (it was he who was buried in the mentioned video) and AR-556 MPR (Multi-Purpose Rifle):

Despite the fact that both formally belong to the MSR class, the first carbine is clearly a service one, while the second is a sport one. The first one is self-sufficient and shoots “out of the box”, for the second one you need to purchase at least a sight.

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