Buggy for the airborne forces: what will be the newest Russian armored vehicle

MOSCOW, (BM) – In Russia, on the basis of Strela [Arrow – ed.] armored vehicles, the newest high-speed buggy for the Airborne Forces units will be created, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing news agency Gazeta.ru.

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This novelty will increase the level of combat capability of Russian paratroopers. Gazeta.Ru talked with the general director of “Military-Industrial Company” LLC Alexander Krasovitsky about the upcoming car.

In an interview with the newspaper of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “Krasnaya Zvezda”, the commander of the Airborne Forces, Colonel-General Andrei Serdyukov, spoke about the development of a new high-speed buggy for the Airborne Forces based on the newest family of armored vehicles “Strela”.

According to him, the mobility characteristics of this model are unique. The maximum possible travel speed is 155 kilometers per hour. Currently, a whole family of such vehicles has been developed that can be used for various purposes, including for mounting weapons. The need to create such equipment was demonstrated in September last year during the Center-2019 exercise.

These new items will equip the Airborne Forces units with vehicles of a “new, light type”.

Alexander Krasovitsky, General Director of Military Industrial Company LLC, told Gazeta.Ru that on the basis of an in-depth analysis of trends in the development of military vehicles carried out by the company’s specialists, it was concluded that it was necessary to create modern, protected, multipurpose vehicles.

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In March-April 2020, an experimental prototype of an armored vehicle named “Strela” was developed and manufactured, which will be presented for the first time at the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2020”.

The light armored multipurpose vehicle Strela with a 4×4 wheel arrangement is designed to transport people and various cargoes with the required level of bulletproof (mine) protection, noted Alexander Krasovitsky.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the car can be used as a command vehicle, a vehicle and an operational service vehicle in special units of executive authorities or as a base for creating a family of cars, as well as mounting weapons and special equipment.

The carrying capacity of the machine is up to 1,000 kg.

A design feature of the Strela light multipurpose armored vehicle is the use of advanced units, assemblies and parts planned for mass production by the domestic automotive industry, the head of the Military Industrial Company emphasized.

At the same time, 100% are used domestic or localized in the territory of the Russian Federation components, Alexander Krasovitsky especially noted. The design of the “Strela” armored corps is maximally unified with other armored vehicles developed and manufactured by “VPK” LLC. For example, Strela doors and armored glasses are interchangeable with doors and bulletproof glasses of armored vehicles “VPK-Ural” and “Athlete”.

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The light armored multipurpose vehicle “Strela”, with a total weight of 4.7 tons, provides ballistic protection in class 2.

Mine protection of a light armored car ensures the preservation of the lives of the crew inside the vehicle when mines or explosive devices are detonated under the wheel with a capacity of up to 2 kg in TNT equivalent.

Suspension “Strela”: front – independent spring, rear – dependent, spring. The maximum angle of the climb / slope to be overcome is at least 31/20 degrees. The height of the vertical wall overcome by the vehicle, m – not less than 0.4.

A powerful diesel engine (working volume – 2.8 liters, 200 hp) in conjunction with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox provides high dynamic qualities of a light armored vehicle. At the request of the customer, a 6-speed automatic transmission can be installed.

On the highway, “Strela” is capable of accelerating to a maximum speed of 155 km / h. The fuel cruising range according to the control flow rate is up to 1,000 km. In the future, at the request of the customer, the machine can be equipped with an automatic transmission.

As the general director of the military-industrial complex noted, the small mass of the Strela armored car makes it possible to use such a protected vehicle for its rapid transfer to another direction or as part of tactical airborne assault forces on the external sling of military transport helicopters of the Mi-8 (Mi-17) type.

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“Today, there are simply no such armored vehicles in service with our army,” stressed Alexander Krasovitsky.

The interior of the car, depending on the modification and type of seats installed, can accommodate up to 8 people, including the driver.

The operational feature of light armored vehicles of the Strela family is that vehicles for maintenance and repair can use the developed service network of commercial light trucks. However, the simplicity of the machine design allows its maintenance and repair in military conditions.

As shown by preliminary tests of the prototype of the light armored vehicle “Strela” at the factory test site, the car has high dynamic characteristics, good smoothness and high cross-country ability.

As conceived by the designers, the Strela family of light armored vehicles includes a whole line of vehicles with various configurations of armored hulls and purposes. At the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2020”, “VPK” LLC for the first time presents another novelty from the “Strela” family – a protected amphibious vehicle.

“It should be noted that today there are no floating armored vehicles of this class in our country,” Aleksandr Krasovitskiy explained to Gazeta.Ru.

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According to the general director of “VPK”, all cars of the family are equipped with air conditioning systems in the cabin and automatic fire extinguishing systems in the engine compartment as standard. The modular design of the Strela armored vehicles has great potential for future development and modernization.

“The heads of a number of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation have already become interested in the Strela light armored car,” said Alexander Krasovitsky.


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