Poland gave its positive assessment of the Russian tank destroyer Sprut-SDM1

WARSAW, (BM) – The Russian self-propelled anti-tank gun “Sprut-SDM1”, which India is thinking about buying, will effectively fight the military equipment of a potential enemy, writes the Polish edition of Defense24, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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“Octopus” due to its small weight, compact size and colossal firepower is able to demonstrate high efficiency as an alternative to the main tank of the country’s armed forces when used on rough mountainous terrain, says the author of the article in Defense24.

According to him, “Sprut-SDM1” is excellent for neutralizing the Chinese Type 15 tank, which the PLA uses to “work” in the mountains, RIA Novosti reports.

Sprut-SD is a Russian airborne self-propelled anti-tank gun. It is designed to combat tanks and other armored vehicles and enemy manpower as part of the airborne troops, marines and special forces. Sprut-SDM1 is a modernized version of the gun.

Indian army is interested in the Russian Sprut-SD light tank

As we reported on July 16, against the background of China’s deployment of Type 15 light tanks in the border areas of the Ministry of Defense of India, it received permission to urgently purchase similar equipment, since the heavy T-72 and T-90 at the disposal of New Delhi do not have the necessary mobility in the mountains.

The Indian army is looking for light tanks that can be quickly delivered to the right place by air – the land transport network in the border province of Ladakh leaves much to be desired.

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Indians have little choice – the Chinese Type 15 is not available to them, for obvious reasons. The United States has just begun to create a landing tank and things have not progressed further than the prototype … There remains the Russian anti-tank self-propelled gun “Sprut-SDM”, which, in terms of capabilities and range of tasks, fits the category of light tanks.

The advantage of the Octopus is that its 125-mm gun is unified in terms of ammunition with the T-72 and T-90 tank guns.

The acquisition of light tanks was part of the emergency procurement approved by the government amid the aggravation of the situation on the border with China.

It is also planned to purchase Israeli reconnaissance and strike drones, German Sig Sauer assault rifles, portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems, and a number of ammunition.

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