When will the deep corruption in Emco be investigated, arms dealer Gebrev asks

SOFIA, (BM) – Another signal for continuing violations of the law and corruption committed by representatives of the executive and legislative branches was sent by EMCO EOOD to the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing FrogNews.

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The owner of the company, the arms dealer Emilian Gebrev, personally asked prosecutor №1 when the many facts and evidence that he and his company had provided for three years would be investigated.

The signal from “EMCO” is also directed to President Rumen Radev, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the director of the Anti-Corruption Fund Boyko Stankushev.

Here is what Emilian Gebrev’s letter to the prosecutor’s office says:

Over the past 3 (three) years, numerous publications and our official letters to the leadership of the prosecution and the executive have drawn attention to facts and circumstances, which, in our opinion and in the opinion of leading lawyers in Bulgaria and abroad, are gross violations of the laws of our country and deep corruption.

The signals, complaints, letters, as well as the independent investigations at home and abroad, most of which are public, and which are duly registered and documented, incl. in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, summarize the following problems:

1. The illegal, systematic actions by a group of persons related in various ways to the offshore company Viafot and its Bulgarian subsidiary (which in the meantime disappeared from the legal peace) against EMCO OOD and Dunarit AD, which are companies of the Strategic list of the Republic of Bulgaria. This group of persons includes both current and former senior civil servants, whose names are explicitly mentioned. Among the leaders are ministers, their subordinate heads of relevant state bodies and legal entities, as well as representatives of the judiciary. Among the actions of this essentially organized criminal group are:

  • Demonstrative non-fulfillment by employees of the Commercial Register of numerous court decisions ruling on the entry of the capital increase of Dunarit AD, as a result of pressure and impact on them;
  • pressure and influence on judges from the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) for annulment of decisions taken in favor of EMCO OOD and Dunarit AD;
  • pressure and influence on the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) to change the decisions taken;
  • the machinations with over 50 million debt of Dunarit AD, which after its repayment by bank transfer from the company literally “disappeared” from the State Consolidation Company (DCC).

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2. Brutal administrative pressure and arbitrariness against EMCO Ltd. by the Ministries of Interior and Economy, expressed in the following:

  • suspension of the implementation and attempts to revoke signed contracts in favor of other legal entities, which led to multimillion losses for both the state and EMCO Ltd. and to job losses;
  • extortion and pressure from officials against our partners;
  • falsification of documents by officials in the performance of their official duties;
  • pressure on subordinate structures and administrations to delay the issuance of certificates, permits and other documents related to the current work of the company;
  • continuous biased inspections at the factories, causing losses from frequent work stoppages;
  • administrative pressure and arbitrariness against factory and production managers;

3. Hybrid actions of SANS and the Specialized Justice against our investment activity. The last of many examples in this regard is the blocking of a multimillion-dollar translation of crystal clear origin. This investment in wages and production was stopped by an unprecedented and inexplicable decision of the Specialized Court, on the grounds of the “lack” of the evidence we had presented, which mysteriously “disappeared” behind the walls of the Court itself.

4. The deliberate procrastination of the murder attempt against me, my son and the director of the company. More than a year and a half after the resumption of the investigation, at my insistence, it continues to falter. Behind the ostentatious, half-hearted and declarative actions of the prosecutor’s office and the services surrounding the disclosure of some of the specific perpetrators, Russian citizens, lurks not only the fear of geopolitical consequences, but also the refusal to investigate possible Bulgarian instigators and helpers and take the next steps. who:

  • a request to the Russian authorities to question the accused and suspects on the basis of the bilateral Counter-Terrorism Agreement;
  • the formal request from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to provide technical assistance for the identification of the instrument of the crime.
  • an investigation, together with the Finnish authorities, into the causes of the disappearance of the poison samples examined by the VERIFIN Institute;
  • interrogation of additional witnesses, incl. Bulgarian citizens known to be involved in the case;
  • investigation of the coincidences of the names of persons and companies involved in the machinations of the offshore company Viafot (see item 1 above) for illegal acquisition of Dunarit AD, as well as in documentary falsifications about arms exports in the weeks and months around the terrorist attack against us in the spring of 2015, the so-called “Azerbaijani affair”.

For inexplicable reasons, for more than a year now, the prosecutor’s office has stubbornly continued to deny me access to the case materials, which I have a legal right to as a victim of the crime.

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Here is what else is said in the statement of the arms dealer and businessman Gebrev to the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria:

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

as mentioned above, based on the facts and circumstances listed above, we have submitted official documents to the authorities – letters, complaints, requests, incl. to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We do not have an answer to any of these dozens of documents, nor do we know that any action has been taken. In case they are missing we can provide copies.

To the above we would add that in recent weeks new names, facts and circumstances have appeared in the public space. They already give a more complete look to the picture of the participation of government officials, employees, prosecutors and special services in the campaigns against EMCO Ltd., Dunarit AD and against us personally. The contours of a well-organized community of interests and dependencies, corresponding to the characteristics of an organized criminal group, are already clearly visible.

The names of the participants in this criminal group are known. Some of them have already become public, following the Anti-Corruption Fund’s investigation into the case known as the “8 Dwarves”.

We hope that the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as other responsible state bodies, will finally enter into the role of defenders of the law, the interests of citizens, the economy and society and refute the widespread impression of the exact opposite.

The former owner of Dunarit and Avionams also talks about corruption among Bulgaria’s political elite

In the middle of May this year we interviewed the former owner of Corpbank in Bulgaria and the defense companies Dunarit and Avionams, respectively.

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Tzvetan Vassilev has repeatedly spoken about the corrupt practices among the Bulgarian elite and how these two companies turn from winners into losers, thanks to someone’s greed.

Here is what he said then:

The tendency to nationalize that we have noticed lately definitely shows nostalgia for the formula of the Multigroup (of the Communist State Security known as Darzhavna sigurnost), when numerous of its structures stood both at the entrance and the exit of the operating state-owned companies.

I have no doubt that this gang, with Peevski’s face, does not want to develop and manage, but to drain. That is why state ownership is very convenient for them. I am not convinced that they “sincerely” want to nationalize Dunarit. The idea of nationalization is very convenient for their populist propaganda. I know for sure, however, that the motive is very simple — they do not want to allow E. Gebrev to pay BGN 60 million in the bankruptcy estate of Corpbank.

To thwart this, they turned the SCC into an illegal factoring company, which paid Corpbank about 2 times less, but Peevski, through Viafot and DP Investment, was generously rewarded by the trustees with assets of over BGN 150 million. Naturally, both Borissov and the Prosecutor’s Office are silent. Maybe because Dobrin Ivanov defends not only Peevski’s interests.

And how successfully state-owned companies are “managed” can be judged by the condition of the state-owned Avionams, which the state “valued” at a price 3 times less than the price at which it sold it in 2009. Only for the minority stake, the state received EUR 10 million in 2012.

At the time when Avionams was “owned by Tzvetan Vassilev’s offshore company”, as they present the story, the company received all NATO and Vertoleti Rossii (Russian Helicopters) licenses to repair MI17 helicopters, despite the intrigues created by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense. In addition, Avionams won a contract to repair 36 machines worth more than $ 180 million, with an estimated management profit of more than $ 30 million.

According to the information that has reached me, at the moment, Avionams is not fulfilling its obligations under the contract due to lack of funding, and at the same time it is not able to pay its debts to the state. However, there is probably a “professional” company between the Russian suppliers and Avionams, which collects the profit guaranteed by us and the management of Avionams from the contract, which we reached after 5 years of dedicated efforts and dozens of trips and negotiations in Moscow, Washington and Brussels by me and the management.

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In this interview, Tzvetan Vassilev described in detail what the Dunarit company was at the time of its acquisition and, accordingly, how it has developed over the years:

When it was privatized back in 2004, Dunarit was, in fact, a bankrupt company with an annual production and sales volume of BGN 1-2 million and debt of over BGN 30 million. With patience and professionalism, within 10 years, Dunarit became one of the most financially stable companies in the industry sector and a desirable partner for a number of international companies such as Alliant Techsystems, General Dynamics, etc.

Of course, this would not have been possible without adapting the production process to the modern requirements for quality and product diversification of the markets, the investments in machinery and enhancement of the production capacity (over 40 million BGN for the period), including in the only chamber in a Bulgarian plant for the destruction of fuses, investment in new products, including joint projects with leading companies such as IMI, etc.

After 2009-2010, due to the revival and the serious increase in the demand for Dunarit’s products in certain markets, its financial condition improved drastically. At the time of the organized bankruptcy of Corpbank, Dunarit performed between BGN 60 and 80 million annual orders exclusively for export. In the period 2014-2018, the annual volumes exceeded BGN 100 million, regardless of the hostile environment surrounding the company.


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