To stop Russia’s threat to Europe, the US must sell M1 Abrams tanks to Poland

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MOSCOW, (BM) – The American edition of The National Interest stated that the American authorities should consider selling their tanks to Poland in order to contain Russia.

The author of the material, Dan Gure, suggested that “the Polish armed forces will have to fight Russia without the main battle tanks.” The article notes that Poland is located next to Russia, which makes it “an important factor in NATO’s defense plans.”

“It is vitally important for the security and peace of Europe that the Polish military is as strong as possible. Although Warsaw has already done a lot to replace old Soviet-era equipment with modern Western systems, it can and should do even more,” the author of The National Interest is convinced.

He also believes that the US, which is already helping Poland, could do “more.” “One of the steps that should be considered by both countries is to assess the prospects for a deal to sell M-1 Abrams tanks to Poland,” Gure writes.

He recalled that the American authorities decided to increase the number of their military contingent in Poland, which underlines the importance of the country for NATO.

“For several years now, the US Army has been maintaining an armored brigade combat group in Poland on a rotational basis. In 2019, an agreement was signed to expand the US military presence in Poland,” the American journalist noted, adding that at the same time the parties decided to create infrastructure to support a full-fledged armored division.

Earlier, there were reports that US President Donald Trump intends to transfer part of the troops from Germany to Poland. Thus, Trump wants to “punish” the German authorities for non-compliance with obligations to NATO. Experts note that the transfer of additional US military contingent may create tension in relations between Russia and NATO.

But Dan Gure doesn’t talk about it in his material. He only underlines the extent to which Poland has carried out an “impressive program to modernize its troops”. “Her fifteen-year plan provides for the purchase of new weapons worth $ 133 billion,” the journalist emphasizes.

He draws attention, in particular, to the fact that modern military equipment is supplied to Poland mainly by American allies. The weapons purchased from the United States include “F-16 fighters, Patriot air defense batteries and the highly mobile multiple launch rocket system (HIMARS).

“Most recently, the countries signed an agreement under which the Polish Air Force will receive 32 F-35 fighters,” recalled the journalist The National Interest.

At the same time, Gure is confident that Poland’s weak point is “its fleet of main battle tanks”, which needs to be replaced. “Over the past decade, the Polish army has managed to purchase 250 used Leopard tanks, which require upgrading to higher standards. Besides, Leopards are no longer produced,” the author of the material noted.

He believes that Poland has practically no choice, and modernization is “extremely important.” Polish specialists are not allowed to create a new battle tank, Leopards are no longer produced, so Poland is left with its “obsolete Soviet-era tanks,” Gure writes.

“Fortunately, there is an alternative. The US could provide Poland with the M-1 Abrams tanks. “Abrams” of the American army will now be on constant duty in the country,” he said. In his opinion, the purchase of these American tanks will allow Poland to “improve interaction with the US army.”

Among other “pluses” the author of the American publication calls participation in joint production with the United States, “gaining access to production technology and expanding transatlantic cooperation.”

“The Polish version of the Abrams M-1Pl can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the Polish army on the basis of the tank industry of this country, making appropriate adjustments,” Gure assured. But first, the components will be produced “at a tank plant in Lima, Ohio, and sent to Poland for assembly.”

This, according to the journalist, has advantages for the United States. In particular, it will be possible to preserve jobs for residents of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Warsaw, Gure is sure, needs to “think about purchasing the M-1 Abrams variant because” the growing Russian military threat is forcing Poland to complete the modernization of its main battle tank fleet.

Since Poland has no “viable alternatives,” the Abrams are a good option, if not the only one. “In addition to the benefits for the Polish army, this step will support tank industrial bases in both countries. President Trump should invite the re-elected President of Poland to assess the prospects for such a deal,” concluded Gure.


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