State tests of Russian Kalashnikov submachine gun have been completed

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russian arms concern Kalashnikov announced in a special statement that the state tests of the Kalashnikov submachine gun have been completed successfully and the product is ready for series production, learned

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“The interdepartmental commission recognized the product as suitable for mass production and recommended to assign it the name“ 9 mm Kalashnikov PPK-20 submachine gun ”to perpetuate the memory of Viktor Mikhailovich Kalashnikov,” the concern said.

It was clarified there that when performing the ROC, the serially produced Vityaz-SN submachine gun was adopted as the base. At the development stage, the comments identified during the serial production of the product were taken into account, the design and composition of the product were also brought in line with the requirements of the tactical and technical task.

In the Kalashnikov submachine gun, the ergonomics and equipment attached to it were improved, the reliability of the product was increased, and a low-noise firing device was introduced into its composition.

The company noted that the PPK-20 includes a belt with a one-point and two-point fastening on a submachine gun. To carry magazines, fasteners, low-noise firing devices, an adapter, clips and a gun oiler, a bag made of material with a digital camouflage color is included in the composition. reminds: a group of designer Viktor Kalashnikov has developed a family of submachine guns “Bizon-2” (caliber 9×18), “Bizon-2−01” (9×19), “Bizon-2−03” [the prototype took part in state tests in the framework of the ROC “Baksanets”].

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In 2004, a group based on the Bizon-2-01 submachine gun developed the Vityaz-SN submachine gun equipped with a box magazine with a capacity of 30 rounds. In 2005, the submachine gun was adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and is currently in service with special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB and FSO.

A look into the future of the Kalashnikov concern

The development strategy, in addition to promising products, emphasizes the need for continuous modernization, increased efficiency, including managerial.

At the production level, the company adopted the concept of kaizen, which implies continuous improvement, mainly due to rationalization activities.

The most effective offers of employees, bringing considerable profit to the company, are encouraged by bonuses. The revenues of the concern allow increasing the costs of research and development: the concern has become one of the pioneers of introducing neural networks into real projects, and is also actively developing the direction of robotics.

In December 2016, the “Companion” robotic infantry support complex and the “Nerekhta” small-sized combat robot were tested.

The position of Kalashnikov sets a good example of successful industrial development. Under the wing of the state and a powerful corporation, the company can afford advanced development, equipment upgrades and transformations.

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Having made military products the “base” of its production, Kalashnikov is steadily increasing the volume of the civilian segment, gradually becoming one of the leaders in high-tech products.

Kalashnikovs are so good that the US has decided to start copying some of their weapons.

As Forbes reported on July 15, the United States intends to establish the production of Russian weapons and ammunition, developed back in the days of the Soviet Union.

Peck explained that the United States showed interest in this weapon because it could be used by its allies in the Middle East and Africa. For decades, it was Soviet weapons that fought in these territories, so moving to a new, more modern one presents certain difficulties.

For this reason, Washington wants to establish the production of Soviet weapons, which it wants to supply abroad.

The Army’s wish list is a staggering variety, as Michael Peck expressively puts it. It hit anti-tank guided missiles, and ground and air-based missiles, and ammunition for howitzers and mortars of various calibers, but in the first place are the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles.

The observer writes that the most durable legacy of the Soviet Union is, without a doubt, the colossal amount of various weapons that he supplied to his allies – third world countries.

The United States decided to organize production on its territory for several reasons. First, Soviet weapons are sold on the market, but buying them is not easy.

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Second – some countries in Europe prohibit its transit through its territory. Third, some suppliers of such weapons are politically unseemly for the United States.

However, Kalashnikov does not intend to limit itself to known markets

Last year, in an interview with the Russian newspapers Sputnik and the Kommersant, Kalashnikov interim General Director Vladimir Dmitriev revealed that mass production of the AK-308 assault rifle with NATO-standard ammunition should start in any moment.

According to his statement, the AK-308 has already completed the factory tests and now is about to undergo the preliminary ones, if they are successful, the manufacturer will be able to begin the mass production of the combat weapon.

The development of the AK-308 assault rifle is based on the AK-103 chambered for 7.62×51 mm rounds, which are NATO member countries’ standard rifle and machine-gun ammunition. The Kalashnikov Concern states that components and elements of the automatic rifle AK-12 are also involved.

Kalashnikov’s AK-308 assault rifle is reported to be certainly interesting as a combat weapon for its extremely rare caliber. The weapon’s manufacturer also expects it to have demand domestically as a civilian weapon, because this is one of the main calibres for hunting rifles.

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