Russian Navy ships could be armed with guided artillery missiles

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russian ships equipped with A-190-01 installations may receive guided projectiles in the foreseeable future, learned

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The planned creation of guided artillery missiles for the A-190-01 installation was announced by the head of the Central Research Institute “Burevestnik” [Petrel -ed.] Georgy Zakamennykh. This will increase the combat effectiveness of the complex.

The universal 100-mm shipborne installation A190 “Universal” began to be developed in the 90s. It can be installed on ships with a displacement of more than 500 tons. Now the unit is serially produced in two versions: A190E with a standard turret and A190-01 – with a turret made using stealth technology.

Acceptance tests of the first serial modified A190-01 installation were completed in 2012. As part of them, the complex demonstrated full compliance with the requirements set by the Ministry of Defense.

It is worth saying that the idea of ​​equipping ships with guided missiles is far from new. Previously, they were decided to be used for the US Navy Zumwalt destroyers. However, in the future, they refused to purchase shells due to the fact that the cost of one such product turned out to be comparable to the price of a cruise missile.

100-mm shipborne artillery mount A190 “Universal”

The 100-mm universal naval gun mount A190 “Universal” was created by the designers of the Nizhny Novgorod Central Research Institute Burevestnik (chief designer A. P. Rogov).

Installation А190 “Universal” is a single-barrel automatic turret-type cannon for equipping ships with a displacement of 500 tons.

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At the command of the operator from the fire control module, the automatic setting of the AU is provided on duty or combat readiness, the choice of the desired type of ammunition, its supply, guidance and firing of a shot. Thanks to this, the A190 shipborne artillery mount has a minimum reaction time and a high rate of fire.

The presence of an electronic automatic control and monitoring system greatly simplifies the preparation of the A190 shipborne artillery installation for combat use and firing, provides constant diagnostics and transmission of information about the state of the mechanisms and allows operators to train without activating the main artillery mechanisms.

The A190 shipborne artillery mount uses unitary loading shots with high-explosive fragmentation (with a shock fuse) and anti-aircraft (with a remote fuse) shells.

The A190 shipborne artillery mount has an automated combat operation mode using the main and reserve control methods in the conditions of the enemy’s use of all types and types of interference.

The reaction time when repelling an attack of air attack means is 2-5 seconds. The A190 shipborne artillery mount has minimal dead zones when firing at various targets and the ability to quickly transfer fire when repelling multiple targets.

The 100-mm shipborne artillery mount A190 is serially produced in two versions, externally differing in shield closure. А190Э – standard tower, А190-01 – tower made using Stealth technology.

The basic model A190E has been improved by introducing a projectile initial velocity meter, operational control equipment for the coordination of the barrel bore axis with the antenna post axis, the reverse of the ammunition supply conveyor and the turret made using the Stealth technology.

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The high survivability, reliability and combat effectiveness of the ship’s gun mount make it possible to operate it in various climatic conditions and at any time of the year or day. The developers have fully implemented the requirements for minimizing the weight and size characteristics of the artillery complex and its radar signature.

The high modernization capabilities of the A190-01, the long period of operation of the installation and the commensurability of the service life of the artillery complex on the carriers with the turnaround times of the carriers themselves, safety and ease of operation are also relevant.

A190 installations are already equipped with ships of several projects of the Russian Navy (projects 11356, 20380, 20385, 21630, 22356, 22500, etc.) and the Indian naval forces.

USS Zumwalt destroyers could be equipped with hypersonic missiles

As we reported two weeks ago, the US House of Representatives Committee on the Armed Forces is proposing to equip the Zumwalt-class destroyers of the Navy with new hypersonic weapons. Previously, such an idea had already been worked out, but then it was not considered one of the priority options for modernizing the ship.

We will remind, now the American Navy is aimed at obtaining a new hypersonic complex, developed as part of the Prompt Global Strike (PGS) initiative. Its tests were carried out back in 2017.

Submarines of the Ohio and Virginia type can act as carriers of the new missile. According to previously reported data, the PGS will be a hypersonic warhead launched by a ballistic missile.

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Equipping the Zumwalt with hypersonic missiles can give this type of destroyer new life. Today, ships are often called “problematic” due to numerous technical flaws, high prices, as well as the rejection of the original concept of weapons, involving, in particular, the use of a railgun.


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