If Russia supplies the S-400 to India, it will get involved in the conflict, China says

BEIJING, (BM) – China is outraged by Russia’s intention to supply India with powerful S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, media reported, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing Gazeta.ru.

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Beijing is concerned that this is taking place against the backdrop of a border conflict between China and India. In recent months, it has escalated, with the result that for the first time in 45 years, there have been fatalities in this dispute.

Moscow has promised India to deliver the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) as soon as possible, which the Indians can use in the zone of the Indian-Chinese conflict, according to the article of the Chinese publication Sina.

According to the author, China is concerned about this situation, which may upset the balance of power in the region and provoke border conflicts. The article argues that the current situation in the areas of conflict between India and China is very tense.

India has deployed its Akash anti-aircraft systems in the border zone, which can cause problems for the aircraft of “neighboring countries.” At the same time, the deployment of Russian air defense systems in the conflict zone can upset the balance of forces in the region and lead to many problems.

The author calls the S-400 the basis of the Russian air defense system and the most effective complex in the world. As indicated in the article, the S-400 “Triumph” is capable of operating using eight types of missiles with different launch ranges.

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The Russian air defense system is significantly superior to the Chinese systems “Hongqi-9” (“Red Banner-9”) with a range of 200 km, which, unlike the S-400, are not capable of operating at medium and short distances, the publication stressed.

In China, for this there is a missile system “Hongqi-16” of medium and short range, but the Russian S-400 can independently fight the enemy at all distances.

According to the newspaper, in terms of its characteristics, “Triumph” is much superior to similar systems made in China, both in range and in interception speed. For this reason, Beijing has allocated $ 3 billion for the purchase of six Russian S-400s.

But if Russia “at such a critical moment” supplies India with a large batch of S-400s, it will cause big problems, the article pointed out.

“The deployment of this type of weapons in the border zone will become a threat to many countries, to the extent that even Russia will be involved in regional conflicts,” the publication sums up.

The S-400 Triumph is a Russian long- and medium-range air defense system capable of destroying all modern aerospace attack weapons, including hypersonic ones.

New Delhi requested a fast delivery of the S-400 a month ago

As we reported on June 22, India asked Russia to speed up the delivery of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system [SAM) against the backdrop of worsening relations with China.

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The Government of India has begun to fill the gaps in the country’s defenses by stockpiling and completing procurement. The country is preparing for the worst-case scenario, including a war on two fronts, according to the Indian The Economic Times.

India is interested in accelerating the delivery of Russian S-400 Triumph. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will discuss such an opportunity during a three-day visit to Russia. An urgent need arose due to tensions on the Sino-Indian border.

Moscow has postponed the delivery of air defense systems worth $ 5.4 billion until December 2021 due to the proliferation of COVID-19. India paid for the purchase of the S-400 last year.

China, which has strong strategic cooperation with Russia, has already acquired an air defense system. This fact only adds to the problems for India. According to the sources of the Indian newspaper, the Armed Forces of the country were ordered to be prepared for any surprises.

India seeks to explore the distribution of supplies. An accelerated schedule can be developed taking into account the historical military relations between the two countries.

Another key issue for discussion with Russia is the reliability of supplies. The agenda of the Minister of Defense of India consists of two parts. The first is to speed up the procurement of spare parts for the Sukhoi and MiG aviation formations in the country.

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The second is to make sure that the changing political environment does not become an obstacle to supplies to India.

The Indian authorities discussed this issue in detail after the loss of 20 soldiers on the LAC with China. It was noted that in order to ensure the country’s readiness for defense, it is necessary to establish contact with Russia.

The S-400 is not enough! The conflict with China increased India’s desire for Russian weapons

Indian Ministry of Defense plans to conclude a contract with the Russian Federation for the supply of spare parts for military equipment and new weapons in the amount of $ 800 million. This information was received on July 7.

India plans to purchase in Russia spare parts for Su-30MKI fighters, Kilo class submarines and T-90 tanks, which are in service with the Indian Army. It is also planned to purchase missiles and ammunition for Russian-made military equipment.

It is planned to acquire a large batch of combat aircraft and upgrade existing ones. 21 new MiG-21 aircraft will be purchased in Russia and 59 available for a total of approximately $ 1 billion will be upgraded.

In addition, the Indian state-owned company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited will be ordered to manufacture 12 Su30MKI fighters in the amount of $ 1.53 billion.

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The Sino-Indian confrontation on the border

The Sino-Indian confrontation on the border has been gaining momentum lately. In mid-June, it was reported that clashes between the military of both countries led to casualties for the first time in 45 years. At the same time, it is impossible to reduce the degree of tension, despite the active negotiation process.

The conflict is taking place in the highland region of Aksaychin, located on the border of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, Pakistan and India. This territory is under the control of China, but India disputes this situation and includes this region in the union territory of Ladakh.

The stumbling block for the parties is the issue of ownership of the mountainous territories in the north of Kashmir and part of the Indian state of Archunachal Pradesh. This dispute became the cause of the border war in 1962, as a result of which a line of de facto control appeared in Aksaychin. Then India lost part of its lands in the Himalayas.

And although the parties entered into a settlement agreement, the claims still exist: China is still trying to gain control over 3.5 thousand square meters. km in the Indian Archunachal Pradesh, and India accuses Beijing of illegal occupation of more than 43 thousand square meters. km in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Various skirmishes between Chinese and Indian border guards on the disputed land occur regularly. However, in May they became especially intense due to the buildup of the contingent, first by Beijing, and then by New Delhi.

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During the clashes between the military on June 15-16, the dead appeared. The Indian side officially confirmed the deaths of three of its soldiers, while the Chinese did not provide any information. The Indian agency ANI, citing sources, wrote that as a result of the clash, India lost at least 20 military personnel, and the Chinese side – 43 people killed and seriously wounded.


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