Russian air defense systems S-400 Triumph took up combat duty in Turkey

ANKARA, (BM) – Russian air defense systems S-400 “Triumph” took up combat duty in Turkey and can now be used directly for their intended purpose – to protect the country’s borders from any external air threats and missile attacks, learned citing Aviapro news agency.

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Such conclusions follow on the basis of the fact that the United States of America announced the imposition of sanctions against Turkey – the latter should have been imposed only if Ankara adopted Russian complexes for the country’s armament.

Information on this matter was announced by Congressman Adam Kinzinger, noting that the sanctions have already been actually introduced – only the formal consideration of this bill in the US Congress remains.

“Today, representatives of Adam Kinsinger, Abigail Spanberger and member of the House Foreign Representatives Rating Committee, Michael McCall, introduced a bill that would impose sanctions on the Turkish government for acquiring the S-400 air defense system from the Russian Federation” said the congressman’s website.

The bipartisan bill on countering arms export from Russia will define this acquisition by Turkey as a significant deal in accordance with section 231 of the Countering America’s Enemies through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

“The NATO Alliance is extremely important to the United States and our allies, but in order to maintain it in close partnership, our NATO members must abide by the principles, responsibilities and obligations of our alliance,” said Congressman Kinzinger.

“Turkey continues to make dubious decisions that do not reflect the leadership of the NATO country, and a year ago this week Turkey ignored warnings of NATO members about this arms deal with Russia and adopted its first batch of Russian-made S-400 missile defense system. We need to make it clear that their actions will not be tolerated and will have serious consequences. Our legislation will do this and position Turkey’s actions as a clearly punishable crime,” said also the congressman’s website.

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This is the first time that the United States has imposed sanctions on its military partners, however, experts believe that such US actions will not remain unanswered.

“An attempt by the United States to play against Erdogan will result in very serious problems for Washington, including the possible closure of Turkish airspace for US military aircraft, closing the passage through the Bosphorus, expelling the American military from the country, etc.” said some political and military experts

A representative of the US Congress announced the imposition of sanctions against Turkey for the acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems, noting that this was due to demonstrating to the world that Washington was determined to respond to any threats both by the United States and NATO partners.

Ankara has not officially announced the adoption of the Russian S-400 systems for the country’s armament, however, experts believe that this could have been done specifically in order to avoid possible measures by the United States of America.

“Turkey paid over a billion dollars for the Russian S-400s not to be stored in packaging. Obviously, this could simply not have been advertised,” the specialist notes.

Turkey was clearly awaiting the US decision and tried to make a desperate move

Turkey promises to protect the secret data of the Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from leakage as well as the data of the fifth-generation F-35 American fighter, the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Directorate Ismail Demir said in July 17.

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In response to US concerns about the S-400, Ismail Demir said: “Turkey will launch the S-400 alone to protect the F-35 program and its weapons systems.”

He also said that Turkey promises Russia to protect data from S-400 systems, the newspaper said. “Russia has expressed concern about the S-400 data, and Turkey promises to protect these systems.”

Despite US statements about Turkey’s withdrawal from the fifth-generation F-35 fighter program, Ankara continued to manufacture ordered components for the aircraft.

The decision is more political than a matter of technology

The official opinion that is spread in the media has its technological meaning, but is this the real reason. If Turkey acquired the S-400 alongside the F-35, the technology that makes that aircraft lethal could potentially be compromised. This opinion was expressed by hundreds of experts last year, including us.

NATO states use a tactical data link that allows military aircraft and even ships and ground troops to share their tactical pictures in near-real time. This is called Link 16. NATO aircraft also use Identification Friend or Foe systems, known as IFF, to identify friendly aircraft in the sky.

An IFF and Link 16 interrogator would have to be integrated into the S-400 system to allow the Turkish F-35, with the transponder, to fly within lethal range of the S-400.

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This opens up all Link 16 and IFF tactical data link equipment to be compromised, a former radar and weapons expert said on background.

“With the F-35 flying in close proximity to the S-400 system, over time, you could collect sensitive stealth characteristics of this F-35 and learn its detailed stealth capabilities,” the expert said.

In reality, however, this is a purely political decision taken by the United States over Turkey’s refusal to buy their Patriot air defense system from the Americans.

Turkish officials have repeatedly said that the United States wants too high a price for something that is no better than the Russian S-400 and cheaper.

These statements are supported by the statement of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who in May 2019 said in an interview with the Turkish agency Anadolu that decisions on the defense of a country are made by the country itself, and these decisions must be respected.

Turkey has repeatedly stated that it has no intention of trying to connect Russia’s S-400 air defense system to the NATO-standard communications link.

He even repeatedly suggested that the United States set up working groups between the two countries to avoid future misunderstandings. Mutual agreement on this topic was never reached.

The United States expelled Turkey from the program for a fifth-generation F-35 using a S-400 goat for this reason, explaining that frequent F-35 overflight around the systems would reveal the secrets of American technology.

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This sounds frivolous given that the Pentagon has located its largest air contingent in the Turkish Incirlik Air Base. A contingent that carries out its weekly missions in the region and the Middle East.

Simple, F-35s not to fly over Turkey is impossible.

Will US sanctions against Turkey help?

In fact, anything is possible. We know that the coronavirus epidemic around the world has hit the Turkish economy hard. It wasn’t long ago that Erdogan wanted (and still wants) financial help from the United States.

But the activation of the Russian S-400 from Ankara shows that America will address these two issues separately, and will not tie them together in a package, while maintaining its independence.

When it comes to money, things are not taken personally, so we do not see any beginnings for Trump not to grant credit assistance to Ankara.

At the same time, Turkey continues to negotiate the supply of a second batch of S-400s from Moscow, as well as co-production of the system. This is also a clear sign that Erdogan will not be afraid of sanctions, on the contrary – he will follow his strange path as a statesman.

In general – no one obeys resolutions and laws, just rolls some money.

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