Experts noted that the maneuverability of Russian fighters is useless

BEIJING, (BM) – The military experts on the pages of the Chinese edition of Sohu decided to figure out what concept the Russian air forces use in developing their own fifth-generation fighter, learned

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The authors of the material note that the approach with which such technology is being developed is significantly different from that used by the United States when working on the F-22, meanwhile, they are sure that the widely publicized maneuverability of Russian flying equipment in modern air combat may be useless.

The difference between the American and Russian fighters, according to experts, at the moment lies in two fundamentally different approaches to aerial combat and an understanding of what it will be in the future.

Compared to American competitors, the Russian Air Force fighter jets usually have a higher thrust coefficient and, as a result, better maneuverability. “The Russians still consider mid-range or short-range air combat relevant, so their basic concept is to empower flight equipment with super-maneuverability,” the article states.

Meanwhile, experts are sure that in conditions when fighters possess similar technical capabilities in terms of electronic warfare and are armed approximately the same, maneuverability may indeed turn out to be a key indicator, but its role is still overestimated.

It is alleged that if Russian Su-57s are detected by enemy radars before the pilots understand this, even maneuverability will not help get away from the strike, the authors emphasize.

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Russian Su-57 fighter fulfills unmanned mode during the tests

The latest Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57 fulfills an unmanned mode during the tests, a source in the military-industrial complex told RIA Novosti, learned on May 16 this year.

“An unmanned mode is being developed on the basis of the T-50 flying laboratory. The pilot is in the cockpit during the flight, but only controls the performance of all functions,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

However, the Su-57’s secret weapon is not its maneuverability

Everyone says that the era of fifth-generation aircraft has come, but the confrontation of fighters of this generation can be observed infrequently. Currently, only a few countries can produce fifth-generation aircraft; only China, the United States and Russia have such capabilities.

The fact that the production of the F-22 has long been stopped, and he is a fairly old model, does not deprive him of the title of the world’s strongest fighter. F-35 may become one of the most successful fighter jets; at present, a considerable number of countries import it.

Despite the relatively recent appearance of the Su-57 and J-20, the potential of these fifth-generation fighters is unlimited, and the unambiguous US dominance has replaced the confrontation of three parties.

The first flight of the Su-57 took place a year earlier than that of the J-20, but it was never accepted for service. Just recently, when there was just a bit left before the transfer of its videoconferencing, to the disappointment of many, the plane suddenly crashed. It cannot be said that this model was rushed to test in real combat conditions, for example, in Syria.

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This was an excellent experience for the Su-57 and clearly defined its purpose: as soon as the fighter goes into service, he can immediately go to the battlefield. Recently, there was good news related to the Su-57: the fighter again showed everyone the “game of their muscles.”

It is reported that the Russian Aerospace Forces first posted a video showing the launch of an air-to-air missile with a Su-57. In the video, the fifth-generation fighter is shown from different angles in detail during taxiing, take-off, group flight and low-level flight, while performing various maneuvers and landing.

At all frames, you can see close-up equipment for refueling in the air. The video shows that one air-to-air missile is located outside the weapons compartment. With the help of the launcher, the missile extends through the sliding doors of the hatch out into the air stream.

The launch of a rocket from the internal compartment of the Su-57 was demonstrated for the first time, viewers could watch the right weapon compartment of the fighter. He also showed excellent practical combat capability of the Su-57.

No one expected that Russia would use the Su-57 along with deadly weapons, thus reinforcing an already powerful fighter. It is reported that in the arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces there will be a “killer” – a “more advanced” heavy attack drone. The development of an updated version of a heavy reconnaissance and strike drone has already begun.

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It will be equipped with artificial intelligence. It will be possible to remotely control it from a Su-57 fighter. The device will be able to lay a route without human intervention, bypassing the enemy’s air defense, find and attack the most important targets (headquarters, communication centers, missile launchers) and return unscathed to the base. You can imagine what kind of fear the Su-57 will bring along with such an assistant. Such a combination will be the strongest in the world!

The Su-57 poses a threat to the U.S. Air Force’s dominance, and along with a heavy strike drone, it can make the F-22 worry. Does the F-22 admit defeat? Obviously not. It is worth noting that the Su-57 is not yet ready for transfer to the Air Force.

About Su-57

Su-57 (formerly PAK FA, experimental name T-50) is a fifth-generation Russian fighter designed to destroy all types of air, ground and surface targets. First flew in 2010. The combination of high maneuverability with the ability to perform supersonic flight, as well as a modern complex of avionics and low visibility provide the Su-57 superiority over competitors.


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