Russian T-14 Armata tank could be transformed into nuclear weapon, US said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The possibility of arming the Armata tank with atomic shells was discussed on July 9 in an article by The National Interest, learned citing the magazine.

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“Since Armata is designed to equip a 152 mm gun, we can soon see the return of a nuclear tank to the battlefield,” wrote Charlie Gao, an expert on defense and national security.

According to the publication, the Armata tank has the potential to build up firepower through the use of nuclear shells. A new modification of the tank can get a 152-mm gun, and with it the ability to use shells with a nuclear warhead of low power.

It is emphasized that the predecessor of the Armata tank, Object 195, the Black Eagle, had a theoretical possibility of using tactical nuclear shells.

It should be noted that according to open sources, the platform of the T-14 Armata tank was developed taking into account the possibility of installing a 152 mm gun. In Russia, two 152-mm tank guns were developed: the LP-83 and the more modern 2A83.

Since the beginning of the 1980s, three types of tanks with a 152 mm gun have been developed: Object 292, Object 477 Hammer, Object 195 Black Eagle. Tanks were not mass-produced.

The main disadvantages of the 152-mm guns compared with the 125-mm ones in service are the significantly larger weight of the guns, the larger projectile size and, as a result, the reduction of the tank’s ammunition load.

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Nuclear ammunition for the 152-mm guns was developed and adopted in 1981 under the index 3BV3. Ammunition power reached 2.5 kilotons of TNT.

Russian Armata tank was tested in unmanned mode

As we quoted a RIA Novosti source on July 4 the third-generation Russian Armata tank during preliminary tests worked out the operating mode without a crew.

Back in 2016, the former head of the main armored directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Alexander Shevchenko, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that an unmanned robotic version of the latest T-14 Armata tank will be created in 2018.

According to him, the uniqueness of the new vehicles lies in the presence of an open digital architecture, which created the “reinforced concrete basis for the robotics of armored vehicles.”

At the Army-2018 forum, the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the purchase of 132 combat vehicles T-14 and T-15 from the Uralvagonzavod on the Armata platform. As previously reported by Deputy Minister of Defense Alexei Krivoruchko, the entire contract will be completed before the end of 2021.

Armata was tested in the Syrian battle conditions

In Syria, Russia tested the latest Russian tank on the Armata platform, said Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on April 20 this year.

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According to him, such a test will allow to take into account all the specifics of work in combat conditions.

“In Syria, as you know, it is precisely this kind of test, so we took into account all the nuances so that in the final look, which will be delivered to Syria, all these moments are reflected,” he said on the television channel Russia 1.

Manturov reminded that “Armata” has no analogues in the world, weapons are constantly being tested and upgraded. Moscow has already received preliminary applications for the export of this tank, however, it will be possible to send it abroad only after the start of serial deliveries to the troops and the receipt of an export appearance passport.

“The Ministry of Defense has ordered additional technical solutions in order to reach serial delivery next year as part of the contract that was signed,” he added.

Russia is ready to export the T-14 tank

Russia is ready to offer the latest T-14 Armata tank for export, said Dmitry Shugaev, head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS), in an interview with the Serbian online resource Glas Pryavnosti, as we reported on July 6.

“Russian manufacturers are ready to offer potential buyers air defense systems, such as the S-300 and S-400, and modern aircraft and helicopters. We are preparing for sales a light MiG-35 fighter, we are promoting the most modern T-14 Armata tank”, TASS said.

At the same time, according to Shugaev, US attempts to isolate Russia and unfair competition cause rejection among partners.

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“Over the past few years, we have been faced with unprecedented attempts by the United States and its allies to isolate our country in the international arena. More and more restrictive measures are being introduced; all this has long gone beyond the boundaries of competition. All this causes allergies today among an increasing number of partners who do not want to sacrifice the interests of their national security in the name of someone’s benefit,” he said.

However, despite such attempts by the States, many prefer Russian military equipment. Confirmation of this is the supply of S-400 to Turkey in 2019, the signing and implementation of contracts for the supply of air defense systems and frigates to India, as well as a contract totaling more than $ 1 billion with African countries.

The head of the FSMTC emphasizes that these facts confirm the unacceptability of pressure on sovereign states in matters of ensuring national security.

“Russia does not put forward political conditions in the implementation of military-technical cooperation, does not impose its political values ​​on partners. Moreover, we act strictly within the framework of the law and our international obligations. In this sense, we are a comfortable and reliable partner,” said Shugaev.

He added that countries using Russian military equipment note its high reliability and survivability in any climatic conditions and good maintainability. The effectiveness of Russian weapons is confirmed by successful use in real combat conditions.

Recall, the Armata tank took part in the Victory Parade on Red Square on June 24.

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In February, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov reported that state tests of the tank on the Armata platform are planned to be completed this year, he said. In early July, it became known that during the testing of the promising Russian tank T-14 Armata, an unmanned regime was being worked out.

The first Armata tank customer could be Indian Government. Rumors or truth are India’s desire to buy it.

On June 26 we reported that India is considering buying Russian tanks on the basis of the Armata platform.

“The product is being prepared for export. India showed interest in him,” said the interlocutor of Zvezda newspaper. According to him, experts decide what of the equipment of the latest tank can be exported and what not.

The fact that India is considering the purchase of Armata tanks is also mentioned in the military-analytical publications of the country. Note that such publications in the Indian media do not appear for the first time. So, in 2018, Indian Defense News reported that India plans to purchase 1,770 modern tanks to replace the obsolete T-72 and T-14. Armata is a candidate for this deal.

It was previously reported that serial deliveries of promising T-14 tanks on the Armata platform to Russian troops will begin in 2021.


T-14 Armata is a unique tank of the third post-war generation. It was designed to conduct combat in a direct collision with the enemy, to support the offensive of motorized rifle units, fortifications, manpower of the opponent, located in shelters and in open areas.

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At the beginning of the year, a new “gun-ammunition” was developed for “Armata”, which provides the T-14 with firepower that significantly exceeds the performance of modern Russian and foreign tanks.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the purchase of 132 T-14 and T-15 combat vehicles on the Armata platform. The agreements are planned to be implemented by the end of next year. Now the state tests of the tank pass the final stage.


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