Iran received new missiles for its S-300 air defense missile systems

TEHRAN, (BM) – The Iranian military began urgently deploying S-300 air defense systems received from Russia, learned citing several Russian media.

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Reporting this today, the publication suggests that anti-aircraft guided missiles transported by tractors, photos and videos that got into the media, could be delivered to Iranian territory literally this week from Russia across the Caspian Sea.

The author of the publication believes that their relocation occurs after a fire and explosion recently occurred at one of the secret Iranian enterprises. Many experts then expressed the opinion that this could well be the result of an attack by Israeli aircraft.

Currently, S-300 systems are the most long-range and modern weapons in the arsenal of Iranian air defense.

Explosion in a secret Iranian nuclear facility

A gas explosion occurred in a mountainous area near Tehran on june 28, thundered in the area east of the Iranian capital, where the secret underground rocket factory is located, the Associated Press.

Earlier, Iranian Deputy Defense Minister Dawood Abdi said that on the night of June 26, a container of gas exploded near the Parchin military base. He did not give details and did not state the reasons for the incident.

According to the news agency, the photographs taken from the Sentinel-2 satellite of the European Space Agency show that 20 km east of Tehran appeared a large area of ​​scorched earth, which was not there a week ago. The explosion occurred near the Kodzhir complex, on which, according to experts of the American Center for Strategic and International Studies, rocket production was established.

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The US Department of Defense Intelligence previously claimed that Iran has the largest underground arms production program in the Middle East.

The news agency also recalls that the Parchin military base near Tehran previously attracted the attention of the IAEA. It was assumed that Iran, about 20 years ago, conducted tests on the territory of the base of components that can be used in the production of nuclear weapons. The Iranian authorities, for their part, stated that they had never tried to create their own nuclear weapons.

Israel sabotaged Iran’s nuclear facility with an explosive device

A fire at a nuclear facility in Iran caused a sabotage from Israel using an explosive device, The New York Times wrote on July 5.

A Middle Eastern intelligence official who is aware of what happened said that Israel is responsible for the attack on the nuclear facility in Natanz. A powerful explosive device was used,” the article said.

Journalists did not provide more detailed information about the source of information. Additionally, the article reports that information about the operation of an explosive device at the facility was also confirmed by an unnamed soldier from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, an elite unit of the Iranian armed forces.

The newspaper said that it could not verify and confirm the allegations of sources about the involvement of Israel in the fire.

Recall, the fire occurred on July 2 in one of the buildings of the uranium enrichment complex in the city of Natanz. It is alleged that there is no radiation pollution of the environment.

On July 5, Israeli Defense Minister Beni Ganz announced that his state cannot be blamed for every incident in Iran. He referred to the complexity of nuclear power systems and the low qualifications of Iranian specialists.

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Iran continues to develop its own cruise missiles

The Iranian army successfully launched cruise missiles in the Gulf of Oman, reported on June 5 citing Iranian sources from the Ministry of Defence.

Officials explained that long-range missiles were used as part of the exercises. The measures are aimed at protecting against the surface targets of a potential enemy.

Iran added that cruise missiles eliminated a conditional target at a distance of 280 kilometers. Weapons launches took place both from the coast of the state and from a water body. Tests were conducted in the northern Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.

Iran supports Turkey in several military operations in Iraq last few weeks

The Iraqi media reported that “Iranian artillery bombed a number of border areas inside the Kurdistan region, today, Tuesday, coinciding with the bombing of Turkish aircraft in northern Iraq”, as we reported on June 17.

The Rudaw News network stated that “the Turkish Air Force and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards bombed the village of Anah, which belongs to the Haji Imran district,” stressing that the attack primarily focused on the border region, which is believed to have a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) presence.

The network explained that “the bombing started at nine in the morning,” adding that “drones were used in the bombing.”

For its part, the Kurdistan 24 channel reported that “reconnaissance planes flew over the area, and shortly after leaving the airspace, Iran launched a barrage of artillery shells at the border areas.”

They said that the artillery shelling focused on the areas bordering Iran, in northeastern Erbil.

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On Sunday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the launch of “Operation Eagle Claw” in northern Iraq.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense said their forces hit 81 targets during the start of the operation, but did not comment on the allegation that they struck a refugee camp in the Makhmour region.


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