Russia developed a smooth-bore analogue of the American AR-15 assault rifle

MOSCOW, (BM) – Experts from Promtekhnologii, the manufacturer of ORSIS rifles, have developed a smooth-bore analogue of the American AR-15 assault rifle, learned citing TASS.

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As you know, this rifle is a member of the same family as the M16, an 5.56-mm automatic rifle adopted by the US Army in 1960- x The semi-automatic AR-15 is designed for the civilian market and the police.

“Previously, we have already created rifles of the AR-15 type under the NATO 5.56 cartridge for 45 millimeters and for the Soviet machine gun 7.62 for 39 millimeters. Now our designers adapted the well-known platform for a very interesting Russian smooth-bore cartridge .366 TKM,” ORSIS said.

The .366 TKM hunting cartridge (9.5 by 38 millimeters) was developed by Tekhkrim specialists: it is designed for smooth-bore weapons having a partially rifled barrel or barrel with a threaded nozzle. According to Russian law, such a product is a cartridge for smoothbore weapons.

For the new weapons complex, ORSIS applied the so-called Lancaster drill – a type of oval-screw drill of the barrel bore for smooth-bore weapons, in which it has only two wide rifling. Their edges gradually turn into fields: due to this, the trunk channel seems not round, but oval.

As stated in ORSIS, tests of the new weapons showed accuracy comparable to the accuracy of a rifled 7.62-mm rifle. It is important to say that for the acquisition of a new complex it will not be necessary to have a five-year experience in possession of smoothbore weapons, which sharply increases the commercial potential of the product.

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Today at the Moscow plant Promtekhnologii produce rifles under the notorious brand ORSIS. One of the most famous weapons systems of this brand is the T-5000 sniper rifle, which has a longitudinally sliding bolt. In 2017, as part of the Precision sniper complex, it was adopted by a number of law enforcement agencies, including the FSB, FSO and the Russian Guard.

Recall that in 2018 it became known about the adoption of the Kalashnikov AK-12 and Ak-15 Kalashnikov assault rifles and AEK-971 and AEK-973 assault rifles.

And last year, there was information that the Pentagon could choose the promising RM277 rifle, which uses 6.8-mm high-power cartridges, as the small arms of the future.

The original AR-15

AR-15 – American semi-automatic rifle chambered for 5.56 × 45 mm. Issued since 1963, goes on sale as a civilian weapon for self-defense, hunting, etc., is a regular police weapon.

History – It was developed by ArmaLite based on the AR-10 as a promising assault rifle for the US Army. Made using aluminum alloys and plastic. In 1959, due to financial difficulties, ArmaLite sold the construction rights to the Colt’s Manufacturing Company. In the early 1960s, the automatic version of the AR-15 was adopted by the U.S. Air Force under the M16 index, later the rifle was adopted by the Navy, and then the U.S. Army, since then the original factory index AR-15 was used for civilian and police modifications of the military rifle.

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Since 1963, the AR-15 trademark belongs to the Colt’s Manufacturing Company and refers exclusively to self-loading rifles. Variations of the AR-15 are also made by other manufacturers, but under other trademarks.

US Civilian Weapons -In the United States, a rifle is the most common civilian weapon, i.e. weapons authorized for sale to the public. According to data for 2016, about 10 million copies are in the hands of the population in the United States. The public organization of the owners of weapons “National Rifle Association of the United States” offers a comic decoding of the name AR-15: “American People’s Rifle” (English American Rifle – AR).

Light machine gun – The American arms company Ares Defense Systems developed in 1998 a family of light machine guns based on the AR-15 called the Ares-16 in versions with combined, tape and magazine ammunition under the standard 5.56 × 45 mm NATO cartridge.

It was created as an attempt to create a conversion kit for reworking standard M16 assault rifles into a version of a light machine gun with tape power (platoon support weapon, Squad Automatic Weapon in the American classification). The upper receiver of the machine gun is compatible with the lower receivers of the AR-15 family of machine guns. The weight of the weapon is 3.4 kg, which is half the weight of a similar FN Minimi.

The barrel bore is locked by a rotary bolt with 6 radial combat stops, which have a more robust construction compared to the standard shutters of AR-15 assault rifles. The gas vent and piston are located to the left of the barrel, and when the trunk is separated, they are disconnected with it. Trunks quick change, air cooling.

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The central element of the Ares-16 system is the receiver developed by Ares Defense Systems with a new bolt group and gas vent mechanism.

Weapon mechanisms are driven by gas venting with a short piston stroke. In the basic version, all weapons of the Ares-16 line shoot from a closed bolt, with automatic fire and single shots, however, alteration for firing from an open bolt is possible by installing the appropriate set of replacement parts for the trigger mechanism.

Derivatives – On the basis of the AR-15, weapon designs were developed that significantly differed from the original, mainly due to the absence of a shutter recoil damper and the presence of a folding butt, but retaining visual and constructive similarities with the prototype.

LR-300 – development of the company Z-M Weapons. In the receiver, the spring was moved to the gas outlet to the piston according to the SIG SG 550 type, the bolt frame was shortened, which allowed the butt to be folded sideways. Otherwise, there are no differences from other representatives of the AR-15 family. However, the production was unprofitable and was discontinued.

SIG MCX – development of the Swiss company SIG Sauer of the 2010s. There is no shutter recoil damper in the sample, allowing you to make a removable folding butt. The bolt frame is fundamentally redesigned, it is shortened and attached to two springs located on top of it. In automation there is a gas piston.

The cocking lever of the shutter is similar to the AR-15, the cartridge rammer is also preserved. The barrel is quick-detachable like the FN SCAR and freely suspended. Changing the trunk is possible in the field.

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Daewoo K2 – 1987 South Korean machine from S&T Daewoo. It does not have a shutter recoil damper, which allows you to make a butt folding in the side. The bolt group itself has a different design, it has half the length.

In automation there is a gas piston. The cocking lever is located on the right side of the receiver, like AK. There is no cartridge rammer.


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