Yes, the future of effective shooting is called SIG Sauer 716i long-range rifle

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – SIG Sauer introduced a new rifle in the TREAD line – a rifle on the AR-10 platform, SIG 716i TREAD with a direct gas exhaust system (DI – Direct Impingement) and, following the SIG M400 TREAD caliber 5.56 NATO, introduced a year earlier, expanded its presence in the low-cost niche rifles, but now in a more powerful caliber.

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“The TREAD brand has been recognized for offering competitively priced premium products that are designed, engineered, and manufactured with the same quality and innovation that consumers expect from any SIG SAUER product,” said Tom Taylor, marketing director, executive vice president and president of commercial sales, SIG Sauer.

SIG 716i TREAD – equipped with a 16” carbon steel barrel and a 1:10 rifling pitch, enlarged free-hanging aluminum forend with M-LOCK system, two-stage polished Matchlite Duo trigger, two-way controls, 6-position Magpul SL-K telescopic butt , low profile gas block, and is available in .308 Win caliber.

“The SIG 716i TREAD adds the power of the AR-10 platform to the TREAD series and is an excellent extension to the line. The rifle is lightweight and with premium features right out of the box, and customers can count on an affordable price that will be below $ 1,400 in retail sales in the US market, ” continued Taylor.

“For shooters who want to customize their rifle to their preferences, there is freedom to choose TREAD accessories that are available simultaneously with the SIG 716i TREAD”

The SIG SAUER 716i TREAD rifle is a lightweight forged aluminum top receiver with Nitride coating and Picatinny rail profile. Rifle with direct gas exhaust system and barrel made of carbon steel.

Bottom receiver with double-sided controls, free-hanging forend with M-LOK mounts. The trigger mechanism is a two-stage Matchlite Duo, the butt is adjustable six-position, the chamber is designed for 308 WIN cartridge.

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  • the barrel is made of carbon steel with a protective nitrided coating of black color, ending with a muzzle thread 5 / 8-24 closed flame arrester,
  • a free-hanging ventilated forend with a proprietary locking system, M-Lok fixing slots and a picatinny extension of the bar at 12 o’clock position,
  • proprietary gas outlet / block in stainless steel “micro-format” from the TREAD series,
  • two-element receiver (receiver) made of forged aluminum with “solid” black anodizing,
  • the lower receiver with the QD quick-release attachment points duplicated on both sides, the shutter-release button and the “flag” fuse, as well as the integrated trigger-guard with a curved shape and the extended edge of the “shaft” of the store,
  • the upper receiver with a two-sided cocking lever, a cartridge closer, a cartridge reflector and an integrated picatinny mounting plate at 12 o’clock position,
  • descent Matchlite Duo c two-stage (with a “warning”) stroke,
  • Magpul SL-K polymer telescopic stock with a straight comb, six positions, a removable socket for a QD swivel, an angular base and a locking lever duplicated on both sides,
  • thick elastic recoil pad with linear texturing,
  • convex pistol grip with comprehensive texturing and “sampling” of material for compression of the index finger,
  • detachable box magazine SR-25 type AR-10 made of polymer.

Rifle specification:
Caliber: .308Win
Barrel Length: 16 “(406 mm)
Barrel Material: Carbon Steel
Rifling Pitch: 1:10
USM: 2-stage Matchlite Duo
Total length: 940 mm
Total height: 203 mm
Total width: 64mm
Weight with magazine: 3.85 kg

At the end of 2018, SIG Sauer introduced the first model of the TREAD series – the SIG M400 TREAD rifle in 5.56 NATO caliber (details here).

The US military has already received new assault rifles and machine guns

Recall, that on July 2 the United States Army began updating its small arms to a new generation of the German company SIG Sauer as part of a program to replace all rifles and machine guns.

The United States upgraded its army’s small arms to a new generation of German SIG Sauer as part of a program to replace all rifles and machine guns. The production and supply of weapons occurred on time, despite the coronavirus infection.

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This program is the largest in the last 50 years. The received cartridges have an increased firing range and efficiency, as well as muzzle velocity.

Ergonomics and recoil of the new machine gun corresponds to the performance of the M-4 rifle. Weight is less than 7 kilograms. Thanks to the optimization of the muffler, the removal of powder gases significantly reduces the visibility of the shooter in infrared rays, and can also reduce their impact.

“The SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons system is the only submission entirely designed, engineered and manufactured by a single American company. We are proud to deliver this comprehensive solution to the U.S. Army, with new capabilities to enhance mission effectiveness for our soldiers on the battlefield,” began Ron Cohen, President & CEO SIG SAUER, Inc. “Our ammunition, machine gun, rifle, and suppressors far surpass the performance of the legacy weapons system in range and lethality, offer exponentially better maneuverability, and are significantly lighter in weight.”

SIG SAUER 6.8mm Hybrid Ammunition: designed to enhance mission effectiveness, this high-pressure, compact round combines a significant reduction in weight, with the ability to handle higher pressures resulting in increased velocity and greater penetration. Additionally, based on the cartridge design and the traditional manufacturing processes, the growth potential of the SIG 6.8mm ammunition is exponential.

SIG SAUER Lightweight Machine Gun (NGSW-AR): with an emphasis on significant reductions in soldier load and enhanced combat performance, SIG SAUER designed the NGSW-AR to be 40% lighter than current systems, and dramatically reduce felt recoil while maintaining traditional belt-fed operation to increase downrange capability. The MG 6.8mm machine gun features ambidextrous AR-style ergonomics, quick detach magazines, increased M1913 rail space, quick detach suppressor, and vastly improves upon the operation and function of the legacy M249.

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SIG SAUER Rifle (NGSW-R): a lightweight rifle built on the foundation of the SIG SAUER weapons in service with the premier fighting forces across the globe combined with the added firepower of the 6.8mm round. Features include a fully collapsible and folding stock, rear and side charging handle, free-floating reinforced M-LOK™ handguard, fully ambidextrous controls, and quick-detach suppressor.

SIG SAUER Next Generation Suppressors: designed to reduce harmful backflow and signature that feature low flash with a quick detach design.

“I am very proud that every component of the SIG SAUER Next Generation Squad Weapons system was manufactured at our SIG SAUER facilities in New Hampshire and Arkansas and is entirely American made. Our engineers have worked in concert to optimize the system, ensuring that every component is synchronized, and our soldiers are equipped for the demands of the modern battlefield,” added Cohen. “Additionally, I would be remiss if I did not recognize the hard work and dedication of the entire team who worked tirelessly in these unprecedented times, in the face of a pandemic, to deliver the SIG SAUER NGSW system to the U.S. Army.”

US Army received a new Heckler & Koch M110A1 sniper rifle

The first brigade of the third infantry division of the US Army received a new sniper (Marxman) self-loading rifle M110A1, which is produced by the German company Heckler & Koch, we reported on July 7.

The rifle uses cartridges of caliber 7.62 by 51 millimeters and is the American version of the German Heckler & Koch HK G28, made on the basis of an automatic rifle HK417.

The U.S. Army has adopted a new version of the G28 / HK417 in order to make infantry units even more effective when working at long distances. The new weapon will replace the M110 sniper rifle, which did not live up to its expectations.

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Re-equipment takes place on the eve of the planned commissioning of the promising complex NGSW (Next Generation Squad Weapons), using new cartridges of 6.8 mm caliber.

We are talking about a rifle and machine gun, which should replace the M4 carbine and light machine gun M249 in the US Army, respectively. It is assumed that new models of small arms will allow more efficient penetration of modern body armor.


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