India plans to purchase a large batch of Russian weapons totalling $800M, US said

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Indian Ministry of Defense plans to conclude a contract with the Russian Federation for the supply of spare parts for military equipment and new weapons in the amount of $ 800 million, learned according Defense News source from in the Indian Ministry of Defense.

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India plans to purchase in Russia spare parts for Su-30MKI fighters, Kilo class submarines and T-90 tanks, which are in service with the Indian Army. It is also planned to purchase missiles and ammunition for Russian-made military equipment.

Recall, the Indian Defense Procurement Council approved the allocation of 5.55 billion US dollars for the purchase of weapons. The main suppliers are the United States, Israel and Russia.

It is planned to acquire a large batch of combat aircraft and upgrade existing ones. 21 new MiG-21 aircraft will be purchased in Russia and 59 available for a total of approximately $ 1 billion will be upgraded.

In addition, the Indian state-owned company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited will be ordered to manufacture 12 Su30MKI fighters in the amount of $ 1.53 billion.

The Defense Procurement Council made this decision after the incident on June 15 at the Indian-Chinese border, when about 20 Indian troops died and the number of Chinese soldiers not confirmed by the Chinese authorities as a result of a border clash in the Galvan Valley.

The Americans impose sanctions for the purchase of Russian tanks T-14 Armata

American politicians decided to prevent the sale of the truly unbeatable Russian T-14 Armat tank to key Russian partners by imposing sanctions against countries purchasing this Russian combat vehicle.

Thus, Russia may lose the largest contract in the history of the supply of armored vehicles, in particular, the possibility of selling T-14 Armat tanks to India was previously considered.

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The head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugaev announced that the American side is introducing more and more sanctions against Russian weapons, which makes it impossible for Russia to supply modern weapons to other countries, as was done with Su-35 fighters and anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 – Russia was simply deprived of buyers.

“We are facing unprecedented efforts by Washington and its allies to isolate Moscow. More and more sanctions are being introduced, which reinforces the rejection by many international players of such dishonest methods of competition – they don’t want to sacrifice their own security for the sake of someone’s narrowly focused interests,” said Dmitry Shugaev in an interview with the Serbian edition of Voice of Evidence.

It should be clarified that Washington imposes sanctions on almost any weapon that surpasses its American counterparts or threatens the United States, which obviously indicates the fact that Russia is superior to American weapons in terms of efficiency and reliability, in which case the T-14 Armata does not is an exception.

India is also looking for other arms suppliers

American-made Predator-B reconnaissance and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Predator-B (MQ-9 Reaper) intend to acquire the armed forces of India, as we reported yesterday [July 6 – ed.]

India informed the American side of its interest. The publication notes the relevance of the purchase against the backdrop of a confrontation with China, which is armed with an attack drone Wing Loong II.

The United States offered India to buy 30 $ Sea Guardian UAVs, which are unarmed MQ-9 Reaper analogues intended for the navy, for $ 4 billion. However, Indian military experts believe: if you buy such an expensive weapon, then in a full-fledged strike version.

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According to the publication, the United States may be afraid to supply MQ-9 Reaper drones, due to the possible leakage of technology to Russia, another key supplier of weapons to India.

Indian-made MALE Rustom drones are under development and will not carry shock weapons. However, a number of tests were unsuccessful. The Defense Research and Development Organization of India (DRDO) plans to release a prototype of the MALE Rustom drone by the end of 2020.

American arms lobby ‘woke up’ in India to sell the idea of possible F-35 purchase

The American arms lobby has awakened in India. How else? The tension between China and Pakistan, which adjoins it [or vice versa, something is constantly happening there, and you cannot understand in this triangle, “who first started”] against India, is growing. India has traditionally been friends with Russia in terms of arms.

In India, media started talking that the country would not buy Su-57 from Russia at all. And what was this car given to them? Yes, apparently, because after all, the Su-30 and MiG-29 will not be “canceled” already? But the Su-57 is really still in question.

That plane that is, India does not want to take – crude. He doesn’t want to produce together, because he doesn’t want to share technology. Su-57 “second wave” is likely to be a decent car, but here’s the price. The same media forecast it at 150-200 million dollars for the device.

What to do? “Right” Indian media say that India will abandon Russian cars in favor of the American F-35. Indeed, India will not refuse from the “fifth generation”. Lobby, of course, it fulfills money.

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But there is an example already on the planet. And not so far and long ago the action took place. Turkey bought the S-400 and was immediately broken off with the F-35. The placement of S-400 on combat duty in Syria disrupted the calm life of F-35 pilots in Israel, and also led to the cessation of flights from NATO bases in Greece.

They are afraid that the radars will be declassified and see the whole background of their “fifth generation”, “invisible” to anyone. And then suddenly the Yankees will sell. Why?

And the price is a loose concept. It is from unofficial sources – this time. Have you already canceled interstate loans? These are two. In Turkey, we also deliver air defense systems on credit and build Akkuyu NPPs on credit. And then we will clamp down on a long-term and profitable partner both discounts and loans?

So, the obstacles here are not in India at all, who are trying to invent and activate “interested” people in India. Here, rather, a “test of strength” of the Russian-Chinese “friendship forever” will occur.

Well, the Chinese media and lobby are worth listening and looking at.

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