Germany buys new missiles and large batch of military equipment totalling €1B

BERLIN, (BM) – The budget committee of the German parliament approved the allocation of funding for the purchase of new missiles for the German Armed Forces MLRS-2 MLRS and the modernization of the Patriot air defense system, learned

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In addition, it approved the purchase of new tank spacers, radio reconnaissance aircraft and a surveillance system for drivers of BBM Boxer. The total cost of approved projects is about 1 billion euros.

So, about 278 million euros were allocated for the purchase of 1818 guided missiles GMLRS with a unit warhead, designed for those armed with MLRS MARS-2. These ammunition will allow with high accuracy to hit targets at a distance of 80 km in any weather conditions.

Delivery is scheduled to be completed in 2023. The ammunition is partially intended for the German contingent of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) of the NATO Rapid Response Force, which Germany will lead in 2023.

In addition, in 2023, 170 Patriot anti-aircraft guided missiles of the German Armed Forces will be modernized. The cost of this program is estimated at 213 million euros.

A video surveillance system to support the driver’s actions will be installed on the 405 BBB Boxer as part of a program worth about 69 million euros. Currently, the driver cannot see the right side of the BBM from his seat.

Thanks to the new video monitoring system, the driver will be able to fully control the situation and not endanger other road users, especially when driving on public roads.

The Bundeswehr also intends to acquire three Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft for 75 million euros. They will be installed integrated system of radio and electronic intelligence ISIS (Integrated Signal Intelligence System).

In early 2020, the Department of Defense decided to use the Global 6000 as a platform for the system. Work should be completed in 2025.

In addition, by the end of the decade it is planned to completely replace the Biber tank armored pavers, which are in service with the Bundeswehr’s Ground Forces engineers, made on the Leopard-1 MBT chassis.

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To this end, the German Armed Forces plan to order another 24 armored bridge-layers “Leguan” (LEGUAN) worth about 330 million euros. The procurement package will also include information technology components, navigation systems, training equipment and spare parts.

As TsAMTO [news agency – ed.] reported, in 2016, the first 7 new Leguan bridge pavers were ordered for the German Armed Forces on the Leopard-2 MBT chassis, which belong to the MLC 80 class (load of about 72 tons) and allow overcoming water obstacles or land obstacles up to a width of 24 m.

The bridge guidance operation is fully automated, carried out by one person who is protected by armor, and takes about 5 minutes.

The review process in the budget committee of the German parliament is mandatory for all defense procurement and development projects worth over 25 million euros.

The latest NH90 Sea Lion helicopter is finally in service, Berlin announced

As we reported on June 6 the German Navy resolved the difficulties that had arisen with the latest NH90 Sea Lion multi-purpose helicopter. Flight operations should begin on June 25th, according to the German Ministry of Defence.

German Navy Commander Vice Admiral Andreas Krause announced that the NH90 Sea Lion helicopter is finally in service. Soon they should begin its full operation.

Airbus Helicopters delivered the first NH90 Sea Lion to BAAINB, Germany, on October 24, 2019. Meanwhile, due to problems with technical documentation, the Navy could not start using the new machine, as this could turn into a security problem. Now difficulties of this kind, as far as one can judge, have been eliminated.

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In total, 18 NH90 Sea Lion helicopters were ordered for the German Navy: machine deliveries should be completed in 2022. In the Armed Forces, the helicopter will replace the old transport Sikorsky S-61 Sea King: the NH90 Sea Lion was chosen as its successor in March 2013, the corresponding contract was signed in 2015.

Recall, in December last year, the first of the previously ordered multi-purpose helicopters MN-139A was handed over to the US Strategic Forces.

The new generation European tank is on the way, the agreement was signed

Germany is involved of the creation of the new European battle tank. France and Germany have signed two agreements regarding the development of the main battle tank of the future under the MGCS (Main Ground Combat System) program. In the future, he should replace cars such as Leclerc and Leopard 2.

As we reported on May 1 the most powerful countries of the European Union – Germany and France – have taken another important step towards the creation of a fundamentally new battle tank. As it became known, they signed a framework agreement that defines the basic conditions, control mechanisms and organization of the Main Ground Combat System program.

In particular, it was agreed that future contracts require parity funding from the German and French parties.

In addition, European states signed the first implementation agreement – the basis for the research phase, in which they should determine the architecture of the MGCS system. The stage will last two years. After him, they will begin to develop a technology demonstrator that will allow for more detailed determination of the requirements for the new MBT.

Recall, a prototype of a promising light tank from General Dynamics for the US Army was recently introduced.

Bulgarian Military recalls that on January 4 Berlin and Paris took the decision to exclude Poland from the new European tank project.

“Warsaw would gladly take part in a joint project to build a new tank, but Germany and France prefer to carry out the project on their own,” writes Die Welt.

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“Poland is a heavy military load, defends NATO’s eastern flank. The European Union wants more defense cooperation. But for this you need to use the same weapons systems. If Poland concludes only bilateral agreements with the United States, uniting European armies will be even more difficult.” – the newspaper adds.

The publication quotes an anonymous interlocutor from Berlin political circles: “In conversations with German defense companies, including regarding political decisions, the needs of the Poles rarely play any role. This is a mistake.”

Die Welt also writes that Poland has found a military partner in South Korea. We are talking about the company Hyundai Rotem, which will offer Poland a model of the K2 tank.


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