Dogfight! A-545 vs. AK-12 – which Kalashnikov assault rifle is better?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The Russian arms market is constantly expanding due to the emergence of new and promising weapons models. So, the Degtyarev plant in Kovrov, by order of the military department, began mass production of a 5.45 mm A-545 assault rifle, which is intended to become a serious competitor to the AK-12 adopted for service at the end of 2018.

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Going deep into the history of the creation of the new A-545, you can see that the idea itself and the initial work on the creation of this model began in the mid-90s.

Even then, at the design stage of the machine, its distinctive feature was a unique design solution that allows implementing a balanced automation scheme. In the long run, this greatly increased the accuracy of the weapon.

Now the Kovrov designers, setting themselves the task of obtaining new small arms that are superior in efficiency to the AK-12 model, decided to return to the forgotten A-545 project and fully reveal its capabilities.

Thus, changing the appearance and ergonomics, but preserving the original design of the machine, at the Degtyarev plant they were able to get the universal A-545.

Compared with its closest competitor – the AK-12 project – the A-545 assault rifle really received many new innovative features, which explains the increased interest in this model. So, now you can adjust the length of the retractable butt, if you, for example, are firing in body armor.

For convenience, the fuse was installed just above the handle on both sides of the receiver, and now it has an intermediate position for firing bursts with a cut-off of two rounds.

Due to the fixed cover of the receiver, it was possible to significantly increase the rigidity of the structure, and also to fix the bar on top for installing optical and collimator sights, which ensures easier and faster aiming.

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In addition to new technological solutions for the convenience of handling the A-545 assault rifle, the designers managed to surpass the AK-12 in accuracy of fire and realize uninterrupted operation in any difficult terrain.

It is due to the balanced automation scheme, which is a key feature of the new product, that the A-545 has high accuracy and accuracy in firing. This is especially felt when shooting in short bursts, when the impulse is completely extinguished by the counterbalancer, and the weapon does not lead away, and the bullets literally fly along one trajectory exactly at the target.

A similar effect is not observed in Kalashnikov assault rifles: here the weapon and the arrow are affected by an impulse not only from the shot, but also from the moving parts of the bolt group, which increases the recoil and leads the barrel to the side.

Tests A-545 showed that the machine has high reliability. Test shooting was carried out in dusty areas, at low and high temperatures, in the aquatic environment.

The machine was even thrown onto the concrete floor, but in any situation he continued to perform his work without fail. Another significant difference between the A-545 and the AK-12 was the installed mechanical sight of the diopter type instead of the open one, which is usually used on a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Separately, it should be noted that the open scope of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is more suitable for close combat, in contrast to the diopter sight, with which it is more convenient to aim at distant targets. The A-545 sight requires more readiness from the shooter, but at the same time makes the shooting significantly more accurate.

The new A-545 proved to be excellent at firing from unstable positions. It is perfect for performing special tasks in the city and in buildings, where it is not always possible to obtain information about the location of a potential enemy.

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The Russian military department has already announced that the A-545 assault rifles will go into service with the Airborne Troops by the end of 2020. In connection with the introduction of a large number of weapons novelties into the troops, the Russian Ministry of Defense decided not to use the A-545 in mass rearmament, but to adapt it for special reconnaissance and combat units.

In the hands of the most trained specialists, this ergonomic, convenient and reliable machine will fully reveal all its outstanding abilities.

The AK-12 Assault Rifle Enters Service with the Airborne Troops of Russia

As we reported on April 19 this year the first batches of the latest Russian AK-12 assault rifles, 5.45 mm caliber, were handed over by the Ministry of Defence and entered service with the Russian Airborne Troops (Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska – VDV).

According to a source from the military-industrial complex in Russia quoted by TASS, the subdivisions of the Airborne Troops will be the first to receive the newest AK-12, which will replace the current weaponry AKS-74 and AK-74M.

In the words of the agency’s interlocutor, this measure is related to the need for troops to gain maximum experience with the assault rifle and to determine the tactical scenarios for its use. “From this point of view, giving the AK-12 first to the VDV servicemen is a logical move. The gathered experience will be widely applied to the supplies of other military forces and types of troops with the AK-12”, the source added.

He noted that the military troops would use the AK-12 with a set of additional equipment, including Russian-made laser targeting and G-30 grenade launchers.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation had entered into a contract with the Kalashnikov concern for the delivery of 150,000 assault rifles, 50,000 per year for three years, of the AK-12 and AK-15 models for the army, the first of them had to be ready in December 2018.

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Russia’s newest A-545 assault rifle goes into series production. reports on July 1 this year on the start of serial production of the A-545 assault rifle, citing a source in the military-industrial complex. “The contract with the Ministry of Defense has been signed, production is underway,” the source said.

As specified, a new model of small arms created for equipment “Warrior”. Earlier, the military department reported that the A-545 should go into service with the Airborne Forces by the end of 2020, along with lots of sniper rifles SV-98, SVDS and VSSM, AFM “Val” submachine guns and other small arms.

Recall that the adoption of new AK-12 and Ak-15 assault rifles, as well as AEK-971 and AEK-973, became known in January 2018. The first two, which are modernized versions of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, were chosen for the role of mass weapons, while special forces units will use the products of the Degtyarev plant.

Among the main advantages of the new version of Kalashnikov are simplicity and reliability. As for AEK, it also performs better when firing from an unstable position.

AEK-971 dates back to the 70s: weapons were developed for the Abakan contest of the Soviet Ministry of Defense. Then preference was given to the machine gun AN-94, which later received the designation “Abakan”. In the 90s, AEK-971 was modernized, which gave him a ticket to a new life. Subsequently, weapons were released in small batches.

AEK-971 was built according to the traditional layout scheme. Structurally, it largely repeats the Kalashnikov assault rifle: the weapon used a rotary shutter and reload automation based on a gas engine, which is driven by powder gases discharged through a gas pipe above the barrel. The A-545 modification uses 5.45 mm caliber cartridges, while the A-762 uses 7.62 mm caliber cartridges.

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