AR-15? No, the ‘unusual’ Kel-Tec RDB assault rifle is much better for special operations

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Of modern arms manufacturers, in which everything, it would seem, like a carbon copy, Kel-Tec, no doubt, manages to stand out, releasing “something like that“.

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Now, it would seem – what could be “sort of” in the next bullpup under .223? However, when you first look at the “survival” option from the RDB line, the question really comes to mind: “How can I shoot this?”

Combining a futuristic look typical of bullpups with ergonomics, in fact a hunting semi-pistol bed, is, of course, an amateur thing … And at the same time it’s just an “amateur”: thanks to this design, the rifle does not fit the definition of an “assault weapon”, from which some states of lawmakers jerks a nervous tick, although it shoots with the same cartridge and in the same way as RDB17, in which there is a handle.

Another feature that is not typical for bullpups in general is much more pleasant here: they finally entered the adjustment of the butt length, which is made by a separate U-shaped part, moving in four grooves relative to the receiver cover.

RDB Survival is the smallest and lightest rifle in the series: with a barrel length of 410 mm, the total length with the butt advanced forward is 663 mm, weight – 2.67 kg. The second feature of the model is the presence, in addition to the standard bar for sights, folding flies and rear sight. True, it is extremely primitive, adjustable only in height, and even with the width of the fly, which begins to interfere already at 50 meters.

The mechanics of the rifle are based on an adjustable gas engine with a long stroke of a gas piston. The larva of the bolt is rotary, mating directly with the stem of the barrel and thereby unloading the polymer receiver, the ejection of spent cartridges is down, the ejection window is located behind the store.

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Due to the large roll back of the shutter, he himself had to be made atypically short and increase the power of the gas engine to give the shutter a sufficient boost – heh, Mikhail Timofeevich would have approved.

The shutter cocking handle is folding, according to Heckler-Kochowski mounted above the forearm. However, since the bullpup and the bar for sights (given the frank primitiveness of the regular “mechanics” are not useless) are installed directly above it, the handle can interfere with some sights.

The ejection of the shells down and the loading handle, which is rearranged on either side, do not hint at the rifle’s “round-handedness”: indeed, the rest of the controls are also designed for firing from any shoulder.

The slide delay is displayed on both sides, the magazine latch is pulled by a flag on the left side, and is pressed like a button on the right, the transverse fuse slide behind the trigger can be turned over.

Of course, the RDB Survival is not among the high-precision rifles, especially when using regular sighting rifles – but, in the end, the compact “shot” for these purposes was not even thought of.

The AR-15 dominates but is not dominant in features

The RDB also differs from the AR-15 rifles internally. Unlike the latter, which use the direct impingement gas system, the RDB uses a piston system to drive the bolt and cycle the weapon. The result is a cleaner chamber in the RDB and a cooler running weapon less prone to overheating.

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The RDB also takes magazines manufactured in accordance with NATO standardization agreements. As a result, it can take any standard 20 and 30 round 5.56 ammunition magazine used by NATO member armies, including both steel and plastic magazines.

Other features make the Kel-Tec rifle stand out. The 17.3 inch barrel features a 1 in 7-inch barrel rifling twist, identical to most AR-15s. This rifling stabilizes the bullet in flight, particularly standard and slightly heavier 5.56-millimeter bullets.

Kel-Tec describes it as designed for M193-type ammunition, or 55 grain bullets, but it would also do well with heavier 62 or 77 grain bullets. The gas system can also be adjusted to retain more or less gas, and can be adjusted by hand or with a shell casing if the weapon is hot.

The extensive use of polymers and aluminum reduce overall weight to just 6.7 pounds, making it competitive with the AR-15. The RDB features a monolithic Picatinny rail running along the top of the weapon, as well as a similar rail forward of the trigger well.

This allows the weapon to be equipped with different types of optics and aiming devices, from magnified rifle scopes to red dot sights, lights, lasers, and bipods.

In the world of semi-automatic rifles, the AR-15 dominates but is not dominant in features. The Kel-Tec RDB is a worthy alternative to the AR platform, especially for left-handers and those who just want something different.

While the bullpup pattern may not be for everyone, the Kel-Tec remains one of the best thought-out of the type on today’s market.

The US military was armed with a unique MCX Spear lightweight assault rifle

As we reported on July 3 the United States Army began updating its small arms to a new generation of the German company SIG Sauer as part of a program to replace all rifles and machine guns.

This program is the largest in the last 50 years. The received cartridges have an increased firing range and efficiency, as well as muzzle velocity.

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Thanks to this program, the US military acquired a unique lightweight assault rifle SIG Sauer NGSW-R MCX Spear rifle.

What the lightweight assault rifle SIG Sauer NGSW-R MCX Spear rifle really is?

The MCX Spear assault rifle / assault rifle was developed by the US division of the international company SIG Sauer under the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon Weapon Rifle / NGSW-R program.

The NGSW program is another highly ambitious U.S. military project designed to provide U.S. soldiers with weapons capable of hitting enemy infantry in modern personal protective equipment (body armor) at increased ranges compared to modern systems, such as a 5.56mm M4 assault rifle.

At the early stages of the program, the military’s wishes to break through “any modern body armor” at distances up to 600 meters were voiced, but it is difficult to believe in the implementation of such a requirement.

Complete tactical and technical requirements for the NGSW program at the end of 2019 were not published. It is known that a new weapon should have a caliber of 6.8 mm and use bullets weighing about 9 grams, with an initial velocity of a bullet from a relatively short machine gun barrel at a level of 3000 ft / s, or 915 m / s.

This requirement means very high working pressures in the barrel of the weapon, which means an increased load on the locking assembly and enhanced barrel heating.

Also, the new cartridge, regardless of design, will have a recoil momentum even greater than that of the standard 7.62×51 NATO cartridge, which forces all program participants to use various schemes to reduce perceived recoil in their weapons.

Also, with such a cartridge, silencers of the sound of the shot are necessary, otherwise a powerful muzzle flash and a shock wave will extremely negatively affect both the shooter and his comrades, especially when shooting in confined spaces.

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Since the customer installed only the caliber and type of bullet within the project, each of the participants is free to develop and offer cartridges of any design. SIG Sauer is offering a 6.8×51 cartridge with a traditional cartridge shape in a hybrid design for the NGSW competition.

The walls of the sleeve are made of thin brass, the bottom of the sleeve is made of steel or another lighter metal, for example, aluminum or titanium. This design provides a reduction in the mass of the empty sleeve by about 20-30% compared to a traditional fully brass sleeve.

The SIG Sauer NGSW-R MCX Spear submachine gun, as its name implies, is developed on the basis of the SIG MCX modular platform. It uses traditional gas exhaust automation with an upper gas piston with a short stroke.

The gas unit has a two-position gas regulator. The barrel is locked by a rotary shutter. The return gate springs are located above the bolt group, in the upper part of the receiver.

Judging by the company’s patent applications, the SIG Sauer NGSW submachine gun has a movable barrel group with an elongated shank, inside which the shutter frame with the shutter moves. The receiver group has a special rollback buffer in the lower back part, designed to reduce the peak return felt by the shooter.

A special silencer for the sound of a shot is installed on the muzzle of the barrel, also playing the role of a flame arrester and a muzzle brake. The layout and ergonomics of the weapon as a whole is similar to the standard weapon of the US Army – the M4 carbine.

The original solution on the prototypes of the SIG Sauer MCX Spear submachine gun is a “double” cocking handle – in addition to the T-shaped handle in the back of the receiver, traditional for American submachine guns on the AR-15 / M16 platform, the SIG Sauer NGSW-R submachine gun has an additional folding handle on the left side of the receiver.

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When firing, this handle remains stationary. The weapon is equipped with a side-folding butt, power is supplied by cartridges from detachable plastic stores with a capacity of 20 rounds. Sights of all types are mounted on an integrated Picatinny rail on the receiver cover and forend.


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