US provides India with satellite imagery and is pushing for a war with China

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MOSCOW, (BM) – On June 29, Indian sources said that India is likely to receive the first six French strike aircraft by July 27. By this time, the combat potential of the Indian Air Force will increase significantly. Today, disputes continue in India, and, according to experts, she is in distress.

However, in Modi’s understanding, the insoluble dilemma can be an important opportunity to help yourself realize the dream of a great power. As the Indian army continues to be drawn into a prolonged confrontation with China, the Indian allies promise to provide it with much-needed weapons and ammunition.

It is known that next month France promised to supply additional attack aircraft, and, according to sources, the Indian Air Force will increase significantly in late July.

In addition to significant support from France, the United States will provide India with high-precision guided artillery and satellite imagery, and Russia will deliver $ 1 billion worth of weapons and ammunition ahead of schedule.

In addition, Israeli air defense systems in service will be delivered on a tight schedule. At the beginning of June, during a teleconference between Indian Defense Minister Singh and French Defense Minister Parley, he stated that “although an epidemic is raging in France, this will not affect India’s strike combat aircraft. They will be delivered not only on schedule, but also plus two additional aircraft. “

This statement of France inspires great confidence in the Indian army that the arrival of combat aircraft will increase the overall operational potential of the Indian Air Force.

Accurate information indicates that six strike aircraft, which arrive in India before July 27, will be deployed at Ambala airbase. Which is considered one of the most strategically important bases of the Indian Air Force, which is sufficient evidence of the importance that the Indian side attaches to this group of military aircraft.

Currently, the Indian Air Force has completed the training of military aircraft, as well as the preparation of the necessary infrastructure and the training of pilots. There are two squadrons of Jaguar fighters and a MiG-21 squadron at Ambala airbase. The Indian armed forces deployed Ambala airbase 100 km from the border and 300-400 km from disputed Kashmir.

However, a significant increase in the air force is not enough. At present, the situation seems to be tense, and it is obvious that India intends to increase its strength. Israel, which actively participated in the Kargil war, is expected to help India deploy its much-needed air defense systems along the border.

Although there is no exact information about what kind of assistance India will receive from Israel. One unnamed official stated that air defense systems can be obtained from the equipment available to the Israel Defense Forces.

At the insistence of the Indian side, Russia pledged within several weeks to supply India with weapons worth $ 1 billion, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, weapons and ammunition.

The United States provided India with important intelligence and satellite imagery, which helped Indian forces clearly understand the border situation. In this regard, the United States of America went on the occasion of India, which ordered the United States additional Escalibur shells.

This weapon was once considered the trump card of the United States Army with a firing range of over 40 km and an accuracy of 10 meters. For countries neighboring India, this poses a serious threat.

What happened?

On the night of June 15-16, clashes between the Indian and Chinese military occurred in the area of ​​the Galvan River in the Union territory of Ladakh. According to Indian army sources cited by local media, no firearms were used – sticks and stones were used. At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed, 76 wounded, sources in the Indian army also claim that about 45 Chinese soldiers were killed and wounded.

The situation in Ladakh escalated after clashes took place in early May with the participation of about 250 Chinese and Indian soldiers. More than 100 people were injured on both sides. Subsequently, India and China said they were making efforts to maintain stability.

Gathering of military forces

China began to deploy a large military group to the border with India, which, in particular, including many tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and other armored vehicles.

On published footage is visible countless infantry fighting vehicles waiting to be dispatched on railway platforms, Type-96 tanks on tractors, as well as the arrival of units at the deployment site.

At the same time, a large convoy of Indian military trucks was also deployed towards the disputed region.


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