Pentagon prepares F-22 Raptor to fight and win against Russian Su-57 fighter

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The Pentagon is looking for a way to counter Russian Su-57 fighters. The US military hopes that F-22 aircraft with similar performance characteristics will cope with this task, learned citing The National Interest.

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US Air Force Lieutenant James Holmes believes that previous versions of the F-22 can be used in the so-called “red” squadrons, the pilots of which portray Russian and Chinese pilots.

According to, this will allow, according to the American command, free up more funds to create a sixth generation fighter. Work is already underway on prototypes, but the US general hopes to accelerate the modernization of the F-22.

To date, the aircraft have been upgraded to version 3.2B and can carry AIM-9X Block 1 missiles on board. At the same time, it is reported that Block 2 is already ready, with an electronic protective ignition device and an upgraded detonator. In addition, the fighters are armed with advanced medium-range missiles AIM-120D.

F-22 from the “red divisions” are equipped with basic missiles, do not have an upgraded stealth coating, but have similar maneuverability. To achieve external similarity, fighters will be painted in the same pixels as the Su-57.

The ‘Raptor’ remains in service until 2060 recalls that on April 26 the Pentagon announced the modernization of F-22 fighters, which should allow aircraft to remain in service until the 2060s, when they are finally replaced by sixth generation aircraft.

And if the F-16 and F-15 were upgraded several times, for example, they were equipped with JHMCS head-turning guidance technology, everything was much more complicated with the F-22.

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It is difficult to make any changes to the design of a low ESR glider, for example, to install more modern sensors. Complicated the task and the final closure of the production of F-22 in 2011.

According to The National Interest, the modernization will consist of two stages: first, the fighter will be updated with equipment, and then software.

Modernization programs are called Baseline 3.2B and Update 6. The F-22s are equipped with the latest air-to-air missiles, as well as improving the fighter’s communications system. The weapons system will integrate AIM-9X and AIM-120D. Also, pilots will receive helmets, like F-35 pilots with the aforementioned JHMCS technology.

In the future, the F-22 will receive an electro-optical module similar to the EOTS and DAS systems that are on the F-35. It will be extremely important to arm the F-22 with air-to-ground missiles so that it finally becomes multifunctional, but nothing is yet known about this.

Russian Su-57 lost the aerial battle with F-22 and F-35

In the near future, the US Air Force will reach a fundamentally new level, which will give them undeniable advantages over Russian and Chinese pilots.

Already, F-22 and F-35 fighters are technologically superior to Russian Su-35S and Chinese Flanker variants. As for the Su-57 and J-20, it is too early to talk about them, since these machines are not yet ready.

A real revolution in military aviation, according to the authors of an article in The National Interest, will be a group of drones that will be subordinate to the pilots. While these devices are in testing and periodically fall. But this is inevitable in flight tests of experimental equipment.

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The F-35 will be equipped with artificial intelligence and, based on the algorithms, the computer will take control of an army of drones. The keyword is autonomous. An UAV does not have to be constantly monitored from the ground, it will be an independent combat unit.

As an expert in the field of combat aviation Gregory Zacharias told in an interview with Scout Warrior, a drone can perform, for example, the role of a truck with weapons. When the F-35 runs out of rockets, it will simply take them from the UAV. Similarly, the problem with refueling can be solved.

The F-35 Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) computer system already implies a limited use of artificial intelligence. The computer provides estimates, systematizes information and even makes decisions.

At the moment, the human brain is much more efficient than artificial intelligence, but gradually the computer will be able to perform relatively simple tasks.

Already, US drones have taken on the role of “air executioners” and are killing terrorists and politicians who are disliked by Washington. It is enough to recall the liquidation of Iranian General Suleymani, because of which the war almost began.

The UAV’s work largely depends on the capabilities of the satellite constellation. According to C4isrnet, until 2026 the United States plans to launch 1,000 satellites.

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Unfortunately, Russia cannot boast of a powerful satellite constellation. Moreover, from time to time, the spacecraft depart from orbit or fall to Earth.

According to some media reports, Russia leases a broadband channel for managing key assets. And domestic drones have never flown outside the direct radio communication zone.

The flight of the “Hunter” together with the Su-57 looks effective, but when will it all work for real? It’s not clear yet.

F-22 Raptor design description

The aircraft is made according to the integrated circuit, it has a highly trapezoidal wing. Sweep of the leading edge of the wing – 42 degrees. Titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, composite and radar absorbing materials are widely used in the design of the airframe.

Composite materials not only allowed to reduce the level of radar visibility of the aircraft, but also significantly reduced its weight.

Vertical plumage – two-keel. The keels are widely spaced and have an outward inclination (28 degrees). Horizontal plumage – all-turning.

All joints formed at the junction of various parts and parts of the aircraft have a sawtooth shape, which reduces the reflection of electromagnetic waves.

Much attention was paid to the survivability of the machine, taking into account the survivability of the aircraft after falling high-explosive ordnance similar to those that are in service with the Russian Air Force.

The cockpit has a non-binding flashlight made of polycarbonate. It has a special coating that scatters radio waves.

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Strengths of the F-22 Raptor

The concept of using the aircraft can be described with the following motto: “Previously discovered – destroyed faster.”

A wonderful set of electronic equipment, especially a powerful and advanced radar, gives the fighter the opportunity to detect the enemy at long distances, and himself to go unnoticed.

The low radar visibility of the fighter makes the F-22 Raptor the first to detect an enemy aircraft and destroy it. In addition, modern fourth-generation aircraft before launching the rocket include afterburner to gain speed, the Raptor does not need to do this.

The F-22 Raptor has a significant practical ceiling, which is also an advantage in aerial combat.

In its maneuverability, the F-22 is superior to any fourth-generation aircraft. Excellent aerodynamic qualities of the aircraft, engines with a controlled thrust vector provide the fighter with excellent maneuverability and controllability in any flight mode.

Multifunctionality. The F-22 Raptor was originally designed as a fighter that should gain air supremacy. Therefore, it is not very well suited for striking ground targets.

Most of the standard American air-to-ground weapons simply do not fit in its internal compartments. You can mount the weapon on the external suspension, but in this case the fighter loses its main advantage: stealth.

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